How does riding make you feel?

In Wow..

I love riding through Alterac Valley on a Talbuk.

I also like riding my Bike.  but the  gait and rhythm of a Talbuk  I guess produces a glee in me. I feel tall, and powerful, proud, nobel,  majestic even, they feel like the right kind of mount for a  Night Elf. I feel like an Azerothian Hero.

I was so relieved to lose my Kitty native Night Elf mounts.  They are pretty, but I feel like I am on a moving seesaw, and Eleks run like ballerinas on tippy toes, on a bear I feel like I’m going to fall off because it’s lumbering all over the place, and the camel looks and feels like a false sense of urgency especially when it looks  like its about to trip over its own feet.

The bike,  it’s a image,   an attitude,  even a status symbol because wealth goes into making one.  I feel like a bad ass rebel, I am noisy,  and you can hear the Vroom as  I ride past.  I can see why Hoons like their noisy cars and their ” Look at mes” It also partially sates my own personal desire to own a motorcycle, and I get to ride vicariously through my avatar

But a Talbuk doesn’t have to be a status symbol, or  a brave front,   it’s  just perfect as  is.

2 Responses to “How does riding make you feel?”

  1. 1 Shawndra March 19, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    I agree on the talbuk being one of the best mounts, but I have to throw in for my raptor. I love the bounce in his steps, and when they hit epic riding speed, I feel like my character must hold on for dear life.

    On my main, Delgada, I also love my Brewfest ram. When you set them to walk, they seem so dignified, they almost strut.

  2. 2 Shiva March 20, 2011 at 2:59 am

    The rarer it is, the better!

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