Give me your guildless…..

My scrub  Dwarf hunter alt is guilded again.  She was left on Dath’remar ( my original home realm) and I had planned on bringing her over  to my mains realm,   maybe,  one day,  or faction transferring her because I don’t have a  85 horde toon, so it didn’t matter that she wasn’t guilded.

Doing the occasional BG, or Tol barad daily got her random invites to guilds  – sometimes they asked first,  sometimes they would just send the invite.   You don’t see as many unguilded toons now a days, as unguilded people are a commodity,  they can help your guild level by doing daily’s, or questing  and they get perks  from being in one.

When a level 25 guild invited me,  without an interview,  or an app and with no immediate plans of transferring, do you think I declined,  no way!

For a level 85 with a Neutral rep I get at the very least,

Bartering ( Vendor price reduced by 10%)

Bountiful Bags ( Increase in quantity of minerals from mining, skinning, herbing and Deing)

For Great Justice ( Jp point increase by 10%)

Hasty Hearth ( reduce cool down on hearth by 15 min)

Have group will travel ( mass summons)

Honorable Mention ( increase of Honor points by 10%)

Mass resurrection

Mount up ( speed increase by 10%)

Mr popularity ( rep gain increase by 10%)

Reinforce( repairs reduced by20%)

The quick and the Dead

Working Overtime ( Increase in chance in learning trade skill)

They are all  decent perks. Sweet!

So in probably the 3rd case in the most recent weeks of putting my foot in my mouth ( it’s a disease I tell you,  I can’t help it) I quizzed an officer aka an Elder – as to what was their philosophy in inviting randoms like me. Apparently it was only a recent change, or decision of the GM, to open up the doors, but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious gain for the guild,  they already got to 25.  I’m assuming officers are the original members as they are the only ones that can invite, but they couldn’t give me an explanation as to why the open door policy.

I have been online for a few mass guild purges of inactive toons so they could fit more in,

Guild chat ( so far)  is more often a cesspool of immaturity – but I don’t expect delicate  conversion, especially during school holis/long weekends.

I may have also ‘put my foot in it’ by asking about what they are doing about organizing stuff. Of course they would be interested in doing semi premades,  or even rated BG’s if they just had someone willing to organize it……..

But most the members are riff raff : 900 odd people, no regular raid group, bg group, ecte ct.. ( can I say that without being too insulting considering I count my scrubness as at least Raff, if not semi riff, mostly raff)  and guild chat has become less annoying with a /ignore

Is  there a need for a guild like this, a rag tag group where even trolls and obnoxious kids are welcome?   Playing on your own gets a little lonely, this alt is like  my last bastion on a realm that I considered my home realm.  It was where I did all my growing up. I have the best memories here, even if no one knows me anymore, and for the little I will play here,  I like being somewhere I get access to perks,  and maybe even some people who you, know,  do stuff occasionally.

Would more people stay  in the game if everyone was welcomed open armed somewhere?  Guilds are a big learning place,   and may,   as some of the younger people have learned,   ” If you don’t stop talking about your Pen*s I will put you on ignore ”  be a place where you learn things like social norms,  and acceptable behavior in game.

Or perhaps,  this open door policy is just a  fundraiser.   Warcraft Realms says there are 500 odd active players 244 odd level 85’s and 144  85’s having logged on this month ,  then consider the people questing, wanting to use the Perks for leveling alts.  25 people ad hoc looting would not  make you a lot of money..  but  500 odd..

I guess we see.

I am suspicious of this altruism,  I mean who just opens up the door to a level 25 guild? But the perks are pretty good so I’ll stay unless I decide to transfer.

5 Responses to “Give me your guildless…..”

  1. 1 Anon April 25, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    It could be they want more gold coming into the gbank from the perk. Passive income for the guild.

  2. 2 Nefernet April 27, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    I actually gave an invite to a stranger a month ago, into our very closed guild. He/she (I haven’t even asked) asked me about some glyphs while I was doing my business in the AH, and as I play on a French server, i was a little surprised to get a question in English.

    I asked why the English and he told me he was Canadian, didn’t know much French but found it fun to roll an alt on a French server. He was unguilded and knew no one here, we spoke for a while, and in the end, I made his glyphs for free, gave him some gold, and sent him a guild invite at “friends and family” rank.

    We have a very strict policy about inviting socials so it was quite exceptional. I explained the guildies he couldn’t speak French and wouldn’t bother anyone. He now has guild perks to help him levelling, says hello, fish for our achievement for the fish feast when he can (a very tough one for a 10-man guild), he’s not bothered by anyone, in the guild or outside, our tag is known and respected on the server.

    He won nice level 20 guild perks and company, while levelling his alt, sometimes grouping with various alts of the guild for dungeons. He’s not always there but it’s fine, no one ask him anything. In return, we got a quiet guildie who sometimes make us laugh when someone try to speak English with him on the guild chat and fails pathetically.

    All that to say, just take advantage of it for the moment. You’re talking about an alt, you can pug outside the guild if needed, you don’t really care about why they are inviting people.

  3. 3 Shiva April 27, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    I’d invite you =p

  4. 4 gevlon April 29, 2011 at 10:22 am

    There are many guild like this. They are a natural phenomenon, not a result of planning.

    Once upon a time there were many-many lolguild. They were started by 2-3 friends (RL or ingame) and invited people to “have fun with”. In WotLK their size was limited by drama. Someone started talking about his penis, others called him disgusting, he or the others left and went to an equal lolguild.

    With guild perks, some of these guilds became larger than others. It was merely product of random effects. As soon as guild X was larger than guild Y, members of Y left and went to X as it’s “cooler”. The members of X did not leave at the first drama as losing the perks would cost them. Soon only a few large guilds remained. While they have 500+ members, they are still the same un-organized lolguild as before without real hierarchy, plans or reason. They are the new trade chat.

  5. 5 Synnoeva May 5, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Mister Annon up there ^^ had same same thought as me. 900 odd members all contributing a few pieces of silver will create a fairly significant cashflow. Have a look at the guild bank money log and see what they’re doing with it. Could be that the others just have guild repairs turned on and no other rank does. Could be that the officers and GL are saving for a Vial each, or Hog etc.

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