Leveling together

Some of my alts are failed relationships, left on servers I was driven to due to shutdowns or random motivational drives.  Including wanting to see people RP, or even the bloggers guild  Single Abstract noun.  My intentions were there,  just not the drive.

Some alts are  from failed relationships “Hey lets level together to get to know each other.”   Of course they are on some obscure server because your mains are on different realms and to be ‘fair’  or to add extra ‘fun’ and a ‘challenge’  you roll on a completely new realm ( however that means that  when it doesn’t work out you are  left abandoned in Strangtlethorn vale on a strange realm  crying into your crappy level cloak ” I didn’t really want to be your pocket healer anyway”  ( ok that was a slight exaggeration )

But there have been alts with friends, starting zones worked through for kicks. My I want to be a gnome priest phase ( for a day) the I want yet another baby tank so I can tank lobie instances again. My early toons I rolled on the server of my RL friends until I found what what exactly went on, on a pvp realm. ( things have changed a little)

But when leveling together, be it with friend or potential future foe, first there is a discussion on what class and  role you both shall pick.   The tank/healer combo is cute but one time I rolled a hybrid with the idea of being dps – ” I need heals..  I need heals..” So I reluctantly but away my lightening bolt and  used my healing surge and became the unwilling pocket healer while he got to have all the smash and slash fun.  It will last longer if your both having fun.

My first Warrior Tank that I rolled with a friend  I HAD to be the Tank – that was the point.  My friend went heals, and we had a lot of fun until time zone differences meant I couldn’t play my new exciting project as much as I liked,  and I rolled a 2nd warrior tank. ( I was a terrible friend)

But because of that I think it’s important to have a side project you can focus on, otherwise if you are having too much fun on a new class and you want to see what amazing new ability your going to get next you may do something like roll another tank and forget that sometimes the best bit about leveling together isn’t the dinging.

Once you have your class and races sorted ( usually easier if you pick the same race /close enough to run to race. Then begins the  profession negotiation.

This is made a little harder now because Mining and herbing gives you xp,  but skinning doesn’t.  A gathering profession can be quite profitable if your going around questing anyway, but it also means you get more xp then your leveling partner,  and you might not ding together.

People also have different questing styles.  Some people will read the quest text,  and pay attention to the story line ( not me –  I skim the important bits) and others  ( me) are already racing to the next bit, the consequences is that because of  your  impatience you miss out on funny bits, and important story explanations,  or worse    you start the next part of the quest chain and end up activating an event ( because you didn’t read the quest telling you it would happen)  I didn’t realise I did this so much until I played with someone who did take the time to read, and enjoy the story line.

I have hoped I have slowed down a little.   I do have a tendency to go all speedy Gonzalez  in a quest area.    It’s why I suddenly ‘grew’ a level 63 Worgen on Frostmourne.  I explained  my speed as  ‘efficient leveling practices’ but  the reality is I speed through stuff – did what would give me the most xp – questing with Bg’s, Dungeons, Mining, herbing, and Archeology.  It meant I left zones halfway through  and bg’s where we were getting farmed with 20 min left to go.   I didn’t pay as much attention  as I could have.

So leveling together is a little bit of a negotiation, and am glad to say I have probably been a lot more aware of what I’m doing  through the Undead starting areas so far.

8 Responses to “Leveling together”

  1. 1 theerivs June 1, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    There was a time when Blizz would give you a day of playtime if your server had a problem for a long period of time, thus I got alts on alot of the older servers.

    Other then that I don’t start up to many alts, but I paid more in server transfers then probably my sub fees for one year.

  2. 3 Shiva June 1, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    Was making a post so hard?

    P.S. Undead suck.

  3. 4 Fert June 5, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    For the longest time I had only one toon, my main Shadow Priest. Since Cata I have been developing a stable of alts.

    First was my Gobo DK, he hit 85 without ever grouping with anyone, just gathering and questing, but gathering is what he was made for, he is a Miner/Herb for life. I recently got a Priority Helper addon(clcldk) and found out I was hitting all of the wrong buttons, my dps quadrupled in a matter of minutes.

    Now I am working on my Gobo Mage, Currently Herb/Miner gathering a shoppinglist of mats for powerleveling Alch/Jeweler at 85. All I ever do with her is LFD or gather. Tried to do quests also, but found that the LFD was making me outlevel content faster than I could make a dent in the quests in an area, and my gathering was suffering because of it. At level 64 my gathering is finnally catching up to my level.

    Next is a BE Pally, probably BS/Inscription.

    I always level with someone http://wow.joystiq.com/2009/07/08/15-minutes-of-fame-the-two-shall-be-as-one/

  4. 5 Chatmay June 21, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    I used to always level with someone else- but like you I have a huge amount of unfinished toons for that reason. Lately I have not had anyone to level with, so a lot of my toons are collecting dust. I just can’t bear to keep doing the Cata zones alone.

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