Self imposed Blogging filters

Eeek!  Another post.

I promise I am not stopping blogging, just the things I start writing end up fitting into one of the below category’s – I guess sort of like a ‘writers block’ in that it’s a little voice telling you it’s crap, and so thus it becomes a blogging filter that kicks in before you hit publish.


You probably don’t really want to know everything, and I don’t want to tell everything. It’s not that kind of blog. ” Dear Diary..  A lady at work had me drinking Chlorophyll ( yes the green plant stuff) You mix it with water and it tastes a little weird, I am not professing to any benefit from it,  but it turns my tounge green.

Dear Diary I am devouring books at an alarming and expensive rate – I keep getting involved with the wrong sort of books.  They are all series of which I HAVE to read the next book in.


It’s a whine. About someone, something,  and screaming at brick walls gets exhausting. I don’t want to view the game like that,  I would rather focus on more positive things,  because well,  negative people just make you feel like crap, and it becomes infectious.  and then you end up feeling negative, and  I love this game. I don’t want to over do it like I did sambuca shots that one time, and can’t stand the smell of sambuca anymore.  ( oversharing..  sorry!)


I am doing/was doing a fair bit of this.   I am still not raiding,  and most of the people I was playing with for a while was lots of Pvp, but some of them are raiding now, and the Time zone difference increase with daylight savings means that my US friends aren’t around as often so I wasn’t even doing much of that. There are only so many new things I can write about pvp,   I had planned on recording in a decent Pvp playing session the wonderful things we say to each other,  I got two examples quite easily, but most often unless its someone trying to talk strats – its best to ignore chat, and this is sad, and I think how long a collection of little snippets like this I could make makes me even sadder.


I missed the boat on a couple of  topics of discussion, there’s been enough said on it,  or I don’t know enough about it to really comment on it, and I don’t want to just have my 2 cents because my opinion may not be that different and I am not adding anything to the discussion.


If I can’t find it at least mildly entertaining how do I expect someone who reads me to


I have Altitis.  See what having free time does for you.  You start taking Warlock family portraits

You end up in yet another Alts guild  of random people on a random server where people don’t even bother talking in guild chat and it just becomes a chat of achievements and stupid “Grats” macro’s as people just leech off the guild perks ( I am..

But yes,  this post made it past all those self-imposed ‘blogging filters’

Because I shall reveal the real purpose of this post.

I brought the Winged companion. Yes I paid US 25 for a pixel vanity mount. Only because I saw one in a BG, and thought ” I want one. Must have”  and my poor impulse control won the battle of wills ( and it was payday.. )

I felt this was important to share,  because I probably have been negative towards the sparkle pony, and to then go out and buy a shadow pony,  well that is kind of hypocritical, and I made you read through this entire post to get to a very important piece of information.

I have become corrupted by pixel purchased mounts…  nooooooooooo



4 Responses to “Self imposed Blogging filters”

  1. 1 Klepsacovic June 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    If bloggers were too afraid of irrelevance we’d never say anything. I demand irrelevant opinions!

  2. 2 Shiva June 3, 2011 at 12:46 am

    I demand more oversharing.

    I demand rather than not posting negative you start posting positive! You know what they say, two wrongs don’t make a right. So not posting because it’s negative does not make it right.

    Besides, isn’t it your job as a blogger to sometimes play Devil’s Advocate? foster discussion, opinion, share thoughts and facts?

    Also, even without raiding, there’s a good bit of PVE you can do.

    Check this blog out:

  3. 3 Coreus June 3, 2011 at 3:22 am

    I blog the same way. I think I probably have more text across various draft documents than I do in my blog.

  4. 4 anexxia June 6, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Yeah for pony! I had planned to get one, but then my Alliance shadow priest rustled up the Gs for the Vial of the Sands, so I figured I could sit out on it for now.

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