Alliance to the Bone

I have flirted with Horde side a few times. They seem to be the most abandoned of my alts though, they don’t have the support system meaning the toons with complementary professions and the gold my alliance do, it makes and easier to walk away from.

When a friend moved to Jubie’thos Horde side PVP server for raiding,  I dug out a horde hunter that had made it to her 40’s on there ,  and had already gone through 2 motivational surges throughout my Wow playing history,   the first one was when RL friends started a BE female only guild for which I rolled her for, and her first revival when one of my raiding guilds decided to play alts on Jubie  horde side for a short period,  so for what I thought would be a minor revival,   I logged in and brushed off the dust; deleted the bag full of arrows and spent the little gold she had on a better riding skill and some glyphs, and then I kept playing.

I got to look around the server, and was surprised to see how many people were on during my peak hours.  I’ve now spent a fair bit of time on US servers with high Aussie populations, and their Aussie peak are nothing like a real Aussie peak on a real oceanic server.

I hung out until a level 25 guild invited me and I am in a random guild that invites rabble like myself randomly just because we are tagless.

She is 67 now, but I want her to 85 just so I can have at least one 85 horde side. but I am having some allegiance issues, firstly Jubie’thos is a PVP realm, and those pesky Alliance try to kill me when I am questing,  and then secondly there are the  BG’s I throw myself into to mix up my leveling.

My first reaction to seeing a higher score on the BG board next to the Alliance symbol,  is ‘yipee’ we are winning.  Except I know I shouldn’t be getting exciting over Alliance winning while I am playing Horde.

I also feel guilty killing Alliance races.

I’ve spent so many years killing horde that their faces are a blur – I don’t pick out their races, or notice their hair.  All I see is a red tag about their head that makes them fair game,  but now,  killing Alliance brings a small attack of conscience Instead of oh,  I killed a enemy,  it’s awee I killed a little Gnome… or Aweee the poor furry faced worgen, and dwarves – I see a red headed dwarf female and I think,  how can I shoot something that looks like ‘me’ ( my level 85 hunter being red headed dwarven female)  or the other more often  me,  a NE shadow priest, or the other not so much me’s

You  see it’s become even harder since I finally got my 100k kills on my Priest,   I guess that technically now makes me a life time sworn enemy of the Horde.  I wear my badge of Hk’s as my title,  and I was thinking; FINALLY (  considering I always seem to end up baby sitting something because no ones else does  – rather than zerging like all those other people with mass amounts of Hk’s do. )

4 Responses to “Alliance to the Bone”

  1. 1 theerivs June 27, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    This is why it’s hard for me to play Alliance right now, cause I’m horde to the core. I still check in horde side now and then and rock…my dirty little secret…an orc warlock.

    Wow it’s like I just admitted I wore female clothing, yes I play a dirty dirty warlock….I am ashamed.

  2. 2 Inno June 28, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    The built n support system is what keeps me loyal to the alliance. 11 85s are hard to abandon and turning them all to a different faction is an expensive proposition.

  3. 3 Gnomeaggedon July 7, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Ha.. I dug out my old Tauren Druid… what a weird experience running AV at 79… and winning.. I felt a little guilty… dirty.

    Back on Gnome and the world seems normal

  4. 4 Anonymous December 10, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    I am a Horde player but I do have a couple of Alliance toons that I play on just to break things up a bit. But Alliance or Horde my Class is the warrior.

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