Only in it for the Perks

My Horde hunter on Jubie is now 71 – she’s in a random level 25 guild that with somewhat reasonably pleasant guild officers,  and level 25 guild perks. I am not complaining.

The GM did try and organise a AQ run,  but a sever restart kind of halted those plans.  There is the occasional banter in guild chat, and when people achieve something of note usually they get congratulated without being spammy,  all and all it’s a somewhat pleasant place to level.  If/when I get to 85 I’ll have the choice to participate in things a little more, but it’s not necessarily the guild to be in where everyone knows your name and says hi and bye, and that’s ok.

We have 861 members.  When I logged off at midnight there was 36 people online

I got a little snarky in G chat with some level 85 who asked

” All my gear is broken I need to repair can someone please turn on guild repairs”

Once, twice, six times, ten times..

“Man do some dailys” someone said

” But everything is broken.  I have to have guild repairs”  He then repeated his request a few times more. So I asked him if the manual his toon came with when he brought it off Ebay explained to him how guild repairs worked.

“Why do we only have 80 gold in the bank?”  He asked.

“Investments” someone explained

“You guys suck”  he says.  I tell him in chat he hasn’t endeared himself to me either, and then he Gquit

He pushed my buttons because he begged, and he did it in an irritating and repetitious manner.

One of the joys of being somewhat anonymous is the joy in doing your own thing, and not getting involved. * Tells myself DO NOT GET INVOLVED

It’s not my guild,  I have no ties or loyalty’s beyond that I would rather it not be cesspool of beggars and noobs

” I need help on this quest”

“You’re level 3 what could you possibly need help with.. ”

but they haven’t been too many of them.

But the guy who Gquit did get me thinking.  “Why do we only have 80 gold in the guild bank, and do I actually care?”

So First step was to look at the guild bank logs  – screen shot above.  The guild perk Cash flow, is making the guild just over  3k a week, but the withdrawal by the GM suggests that it’s going elsewhere,  maybe into his pockets, or his and the officers quite regularly.  Maybe he keeps it on his main.

Secondly  – do I care?  I’m getting a free ride.  Bonus xp,  bonus honor,  faster run speeds, ect.  The money percentage I’m getting from quest rewards and drops at level 71 and then the perk reward to the guild  is like a seagull peeing in an ocean. No one notices. I am getting more out of this relationship then what they are getting from me. I really don’t think it’s my place to question them on so-called  misappropriation of guild perk funds.

It’s not my guild,  it will never be a ‘home’  and while that  is a little sad,  the transactional relationship that it is means that it doesn’t matter.   It beneficially mutual and until I need something else then that’s all that matters.

8 Responses to “Only in it for the Perks”

  1. 1 dsj July 3, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    A number of gold oriented players have set up guilds with the sole purpose of cashing in on the auto deposits. Once the guild is at 25 its a simple matter to keep the recruits coming in which actually seems fair… the GM gets his cut for being smart and the players get their bonuses until they cap or find a true home. Perfectly balanced gameplay!

  2. 2 Shiva July 4, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    I gave you a free ride to my level 25 guild!

  3. 5 Katherine July 4, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Pretty much. The guildies are paying for their perks (with money they wouldn’t get anyway). Too bad if they “neeed” guild repairs.

  4. 6 Glenn July 5, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    You’ve come to Jubei?

    Welcome to the suck.

    Never a den of more twisted feckery did ever disgrace Blizzard’s server farm.

    Still, be it ever so infested with lolkids, it’s still home. Look me up if you need anything. I’ve learned a lot from this blog, been amply entertained and it’d be nice to return the good in some small wat

    – Healthpump
    – Obietrice
    – Biteclub

  5. 7 ironyca July 5, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    That’s all nice and well, but for someone who doesn’t want to be in a guild, doesn’t want certain perks like extra xp and doesn’t want to “pay for my perks”, I’m pretty much forced to do all that for the other benefits of extra material drops etc and that sucks.
    When Blizzard tried to make being in a guild “more meaningful” they turned guilds into a business, purely transaction based. They also did it in a way, where it proves it so beneficial that not being in one, is a serious loss (gold, material, xp if you like that stuff). Guilds are not more meaningful on the grand scheme of things, quite the opposite and I found your story (no offense to you, it’s a game design issue) to be an example of just that.

    • 8 Pugnacious Priest July 5, 2011 at 10:29 pm

      It’s nit a home , and tbh I would rather one. The lack of a real home means I now have alts I play on up to 4 servers , I’m not encouraged to roll or transfer them to one place because I’m not attached to a particular guild so I agree it has made the being in a guild rather personally meaningless and your only ties are the transactional benefits of perks

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