Queue Jumping

Having settled down on an awkward piece of dragon bone on the shores of Loch Verall,  fishing for Highland Guppies. Someone came and stood by me on the same piece of Dragon bone and started fishing in my pool.  So ‘passive aggressively’  I told them ‘I hate people who fish in other people’s pools’ and I got the above response.

It may be sorta of silly to feel a sense of  entitlement,  or even ownership of a pool of  pixel fish, but I do, especially where there were other pools near by.  2 people in a pool = less fish for both people.

Then when doing the new fireland quests,  the quest to heal the Hyjal defenders has been one of the worst  to try and get done in the frenzy of everyone trying to get them done at the same time  –  lots of people invite to group but with the current respawn rate, and the amount of people it’s still a slow process.

So I saw someone heal one , and then run off, and I thought aha! a free respawn area,  so I camped it. Stood there patiently  and then someone tried to beat me to it when it spawned.  I won.   They then stood there while I beat them to 7 more of them ( quest needs eight ) every time it respawned.  That instead of moving on and finding either their own spot,  or took their chances elsewhere they tried to ‘steal’ my quest mob.

Is it really stealing,  no,  but  I don’t understand why they would have gone to all that effort to try to attempt to beat me to the next one. 7 mobs later. I took great pleasure in beating them to the mob every time.

I mean, I’ve also  seen enough zombie/survival movies to know that the people with this sense of entitlement of not waiting their turn are the ones that open the doors to the Zombies to let them in, make deals with the enemy for their own freedom, hoard food/powerbars

But these people in other people’s pools, or ‘stealing’ quest mobs, jumping shopping queues.  ( YES I SAW YOU)  I don’t have that sence of entitlement where I think it’s ok to do that,  but I have no problems with camping a spot for respawns,  or even  getting on my biggest dragon mount in shadow form and sitting on the Deer spawn point in Hyjal just so I can get the deer quest done, but if you were there first I shall walk away.

Ok sharing my pool of fish and letting the zombies in might be a bit of a stretch, and I guess I should be thankful to the person trying to camp my camping spot for making the dailys just that little bit more interesting that day, and fishing for fish feasts just so I can impress the people who have never seen a crab in a basket in bg’s  can get a little boring.

But still.  I hope the zombies eat them first.

I’m kind of on Google +  – I just haven’t worked out what I am doing with it just yet.  It shall depend on how enthusiastically people I want to be in contact with embrace it.

8 Responses to “Queue Jumping”

  1. 1 Aina July 5, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    First time poster here, but I just couldn’t resist. I am always fishing in game and have come to the place where I LOATH the peeps that think it is their right to fish out of any pool…especially the one that you were fishing from first. >.> But I am far meaner about it than you are. 😛 I will make a point of following them to every pool they go to after that and fish out of it after they have started fishing. This will annoy them so much that they will sometimes leave the pool after casting one time and fly to the next one just to get away. But don’t let this stop you! Follow them till they break down and cry/complain. At which point, I always answer, “Oh! but I thought this is the way you preferred to fish. When you fished out of my pool I just assumed you LIKED the company. :D”

    • 2 Anonymous July 5, 2011 at 7:29 pm

      Proper response to your strategy would be either

      #1) Stop giving you the opportunity to follow them. Just stop in one place, staring at each other, while they are fishing on a second account.

      or a similar but opposite strategy:

      #2) Once they notice you following them, see how far you will follow them. Try to fly from Uldum to Darkshore, for example. While fishing on a second account. 😛

  2. 3 Bee July 5, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    The only time I’m understanding of “pool-sharing” is during either of the two fishing tournaments AND volatile fire pools. Those can turn into a real battle royale.

    I once was fighting a ally warrior for one node for a good 15 min. I play a healer, with no dps offspec so there is not way I’m dpsing this guy down. I can however make sure he does not get my pool and call for reinforcements.
    1.) Fear
    2.) Mind Control into Lava
    3.) Mind control off cliff into burning hot lava.
    12.) Reinforcements finally show up and kill Warrior.
    13.) I fish the [Volatile Fire]X1 and feel like I’ve finally won the game.

  3. 4 Sam July 5, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    It’s a form of griefing. Same-faction pvp.

  4. 5 Stubborn July 5, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    First, you are, after all, called the “pugnacious” priest, so it should be no surprise that you feel that the pool is yours.

    Secondly, I agree with what Sam said. My wife, while leveling both for XP and for mining skill in Silithus, once had a same-faction fellow follow her around on a flying mount and swoop down to steal her nodes over and over again. I routinely /spit on him whenever I see him.

    Coincidentally, he later got into the guild we were in at the time. After relaying that story (and being ignored) he threw a fit about some piece of loot not going to him and /gquit. It was nice to be vindicated.

  5. 6 Shiva July 6, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    Use holy nova… or Circle of Healing or Wild Growth. In fact, I don’t even do dailies anymore. I run around like an idiot, spam holy nova and let all the npcs do the work.

    Holy nova causes no threat, smart-targets and heals me too!

    — To be fair, I had no issues doing this daily on my warrior either, I just turned on friendly name plates and binded the little clicky thing and ran up to them. Oh no, Healers have an easier time doing ONE daily. On my warrior I can aoe down every other daily there and be done in a few minutes.

    In regards to fishing pools, I live by the “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. At first I was courteous as everyone else, but I promise if you’re doing fishing tournament or something, you need to be aggressive.

    In general though, if I see someone fishing, I am going to just leapfrog them. It’s not worth me landing and trying to get off 1-2 casts when I can just get a head start on another pool.

    The real question is, WHY do you PRESUME you lay claim to it because you were there first? That’s just a social/personal policy. If the developers wanted it to be so they would make it so no one else could share a pool once you tagged it, for example.

    But they don’t. Why are people so presumptuous? What makes you so “exceptional”? I don’t see your name on the deed. It’s not your land. It’s not your territory.

    To be honest, you all are amusing me with your “road rage” towards other fisherman. I would honestly be amused if someone like the first poster decided to follow me around and fish out of my pool. Wouldn’t bother me one bit. I’d probably like the company.

    • 7 Bee July 7, 2011 at 8:38 pm

      “Use holy nova… or Circle of Healing or Wild Growth. In fact, I don’t even do dailies anymore. I run around like an idiot, spam holy nova and let all the npcs do the work.”

      ^Yeah, that 🙂

  6. 8 Yaggle July 17, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    I remember once a long time ago in Elwynn Forest I had a new character and I started mining a copper ore node. Another player runs up and starts mining it, too(back when you had to mine the same node 2 or 3 times to get all the ore). He says, “share”. I actually stopped and let him mine it, wondering if I was being greedy if I didn’t let him have some. I laugh every time I think about it now what a tard that guy was and what would happen if he pulled that in RL like at a restaurant or something.

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