Have plate – will play meat shield.

My next project is the resto shammy I started a little while ago,  and after a ‘amg what do these buttons do again’ * pushes random binds to see what happens, and then some tweaks to my healing mod.   I am now settling comfortably back into healing dungeons on her.  She is decked out in all the heirlooms and is not shy in critiquing tanks who have made no effort to gear as she runs Utguard keep for the 20th time.

One piece of parry/dodge gear seems to be the average DK tank around the 70’s.  They think because they are in plate it automatically makes them a tank.
Last night I was told by the tank, after I asked him where his tanking gear was,  that he was doing ok because he hadn’t Died yet, and  I told him he hadn’t died yet because I was healing him more then ok and that  he was not in enough tanking gear to take the damage he was taking, I kept him up; we finished the instance with no wipes.  I may not have forced him to go read EJ,  or pick up something with dodge and parry,  but I gave him legitimate feedback. He was not wearing the right gear. I hope it was enough for him to go.. Mmmm  can I do this better?
I get that you may not be capped,  I get that you are leveling, and that you may not have all the right gear, or be gemmed or chanted,  or have an uber toon that can afford all the best heirlooms, and that you may be filling in gaps of gear with Pvp gear.  I do it too.  A little respect to the position though is required no matter your role and to get to your 70’s and think you’re a tank with no tanking gear, what the heck have you been doing with the quest rewards/other dungeons you have been running.
Maybe I approached things differently.   The times I have gone back to healing for what ever reason  I have always made sure that my gear choices/gems/chants were at least sensible.  When I started tanking I geared for tanking. Maybe I am being overly cautious, At level 2o it’s all lets take turns at playing tank, but once you start heading towards your 70’s a little bit of learning is required,   because these people are going to be hitting 85 soon enough and they will have the same attitude tanking Cata dungeons.
Where do pugs go wrong ?  The faceroll through what I consider to be your training in lower levels.  Zoom or ding your way through the content and abilities with the leveling bonuses  and suddenly your 85
I remember the days when healing power was different to spell power. ( I do not miss those days) but you would have not have declared yourself a healer unless you were wearing healing gear. There is a reason ( as I have found out on my warrior dpsing)  for expertise.  There is a reason for spirit on a healer.  There is a reason for dodge and parry.  If you don’t have a basic understanding of the importance of each stat for the class or role you are playing then why are you playing.
As children we learn the right and wrong way to do thing because we are taught by family/society.  When we stop teaching each other,we stop learning and caring, and there seems to be a lot of apathy towards a lot of things.  I have also been affected, and for it to matter to me,  I need it to matter to other people.
Edit Soon after:  I should share my theory on what will happen when the new Tank changes happen with these people with no gear.    If you have a mob of 6 a tank might get say 4 of the 6 hitting him.  The Mage has been blasting on mob 5 who is now running towards them,   ( mage iceblocks – mob runs back – but at this time mob 5 is not hitting tank)  At the same time, the warrior dps/rogue/kitty is single tanking one mob 6 because they can.  The other dps/tank/Aoe has killed 1-4 and 5 and 6 are halfway there,  but the load was a little less because there wasn’t enough agro to catch all of them.  Well..   with the new changes.  6 mobs hitting on a tank with no parry and dodge.  TANK IS GOING DOWN..   wmahahaha

2 Responses to “Have plate – will play meat shield.”

  1. 1 Anonymous August 20, 2011 at 8:50 am

    i hate the tank changes, there will be even more of these fellows around. And after another 6 months this idiocy will be the average tank. At that point bliz will come to realisation that tanks can´t handle the damage, – content, and nerf it even more.

    In one year there will be a minigame added. Called tetris, and if you manage to stay alive for 7 minutes you´ve cleared the dungeon.

    1 piece of tanking gear on him and he´s tanking. Bliz should implement limits in the lfd. No longer bs about average ilvl. just look at equipped. Want to be a healer? sure you´d better have x spirit and x spellpower. Tank? np, but you need x dodge, x parry x block, or x mastery to make up for not haveing block for dk – druids..

    If you remember healing power you remember defence cap aswell. that guaranteed you did not have an ungeared tank. Only way to get it was by getting enough dodge – parry – block.

    But it was removed, too boring a stat they said. and the crit imunity granted to being in the right stance – spec combination. I wish we had the oldschool defence capped tanks back. The amount of time invested, and gear needed to get to defence cap made sure you were dealing with someone who had at least tanked succesfully before.. Now every plate wearing class plus druids can simply hit tank. and insta que.

  2. 2 Soralin August 23, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Bringing back the defense “cap”, as ridiculous as the term is (because you don’t actually cap anything) won’t work, and the reason is people like the one mentioned in the OP. WoW has devolved from a technically challenging game to one where everything is purple and all you need to do to get there is press I (or H, if you prefer PVP) to queue, and then a bunch of other buttons in various combinations until you get gear.

    That notwithstanding I think, speaking as a former tank, that the concept of crit immunity was a stupid one from (just after) the start. When it was first implemented the gear didn’t exist to reach it, so it was something you could aim towards as a legitimate means of DR. Then they ruined it post Tier2 (speaking purely for warriors here, who were the main tanks back then) it was taken for granted as just another stat that tanks had to balance. Once your ilvl was high enough you got enough defence just from gear and the stat became irrelevant. It only really punished newer players and undergeared players past a certain point and to counteract that blizzard introduced more high defence gear which made the whole stat even more irrelevant.

    I think generally the ilvl limits to things are a good idea but ultimately people cheese it by picking up any kind of offspec items just to boost their ilvl. At the end of the day there are always going to be players who are in it for a free ride, you just notice them more as tanks in almost no tanking gear (ilvl cheesing with DPS or healing gear) or healers who are in DPS gear and just THINK they can heal because they have a few spells and it’s a faster queue. Terrible DPS are a lot less noticable (without the aid of mods) and hence the reasons why the group is failing are less noticable as well.

    Sometimes I miss this game. Othertimes I’m extremely glad that I gave it the flick.

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