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So the news that the Wow Mag has been canceled  has been floating around.  I’ve never read one,  was not a subscriber,  and  would never have been for 4 issues a year, the price,  and the content.

I also wasn’t keen on what they did to Matticus. As a person who has written, stories, poems, song lyrics, even 50k odd of a novel that were all based on original thought, and even here  767 posts published posts.  I understand feeling disappointed when you cannot lay a claim on something you have written.

Were bloggers part of the problem? Willing to give away for free what they were charging for.  I should reword that,  my blog has a yearly cost to me, even to the point that I pay WordPress to keep ads off my blog. So not only are bloggers writing content for free, we are also paying for the privilege.  Some,  not many though may make their costs back due to advertising or merchandise,  but most do it for free, and a lot pay some sort of fee to someone  to do it. Eg hosting, domain name, ads, custom css ect.

Then you have a collective of organized bloggers/writers like on Joystick  who do get paid small amounts for producing the content, whose ideas can be as original as any magazine feature writer; have a massive audience, and  easy deliverable content.

So not only is everyone else providing the content to the reader for free,  it’s more regular,  has better? or comparable articles,  and does it more often. It’s kind of hard to compete with that.

Don’t forget technology; there seems to be an awful amount of sites that suggest that you can download one of the mags for ‘free’   that kind of production  needs to turn a profit to or provide a service of sorts to justify its continued existence, and a publication that is polished,  pretty,  typeset, and all the fancy things that a real magazine goes through. Has a real cost.

In addition most of  the internet doesn’t have that polished requirement ( possibly to the detriment of language  ( I say that as I butcher English for the millionth time  and I can’t afford to pay for the service of an editor you see)

I do this is my spare time,  when I feel like it, when I feel like I have something interesting to say.

And lastly the player base is changing,  with supposedly there are more people used to play Wow,  the people who currently do.

I’m sure they have lots of reasons for discontinuing it,  but I am also sure if it were profitable to continue  then there would have been no good reason to stop.

So stay tuned to the next – freely provided blog from myself at an un-determinable time and of a unpredictable topic.

(Will work for Coffee and chocolate – or chocolate coated coffee beans = double win!)

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  1. 1 Abette September 17, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Even though i stopped playing, i still love reading your posts. And i do appreciate and understand that yest it does cost you and appreciate that scarifice even more. 🙂

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