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I’ve seen some Wow Google + profiles disappear,  disinterest or victims of the naming policy, not sure.

But if your interested I now have a Google + badge on my side bar.   I am not promising you anything exciting if you add me though. Because of the naming policy I am using my real name. So it’s not just wow stuff, it’s me stuff ( when I use it)  I am currently bombarding my FB friends with everything from book reviews to political rants and telephone company complaints ( no such thing as loyalty I tell you) Not quite gotten into that kind of swing with G+  I need G+ to get more slightly integrated into my web browsing – and I need  all the places I have liked, and want to follow as a mini Rss feed on facebook to have the same or comparable presence on G+  and until that happens then I need to use both.

Between facebook and google it’s supposed to be a new age of real names online.  For the record I don’t like this age, because it comes down to  identity, and who I am.   There were days where more people would call me Zahrah, or Zah then my real name

You can argue that Blizzard did something similar with Real Id,   forcing us to show real names to access some services, and we can remember the community backlash when they wanted real names on forums.

When I play wow,  or blog about Wow,  I am not the real me first

I glad that WordPress is not connected to Google, because  I would like to keep my Wow player blog identity.

I am not sure if the opening up of Google Plus to the public will mean more people will use it,  most people I know are using Facebook and Google + in-tandem  and the people who really wanted an invite before the release made sure they got one.

The naming policy,  for the record is disappointing,  you can be known in the real world by many names,  but you have a legal identity,  one that you sign all your documents with, open your bank accounts with,  put on your child’s birth certificate.  Legal,  life binding, changing things, but I will call my mum, mum, mummy, I have a grammy, and used to have a  Grandad,  and I used to have a Nana, and Pop, and  you know me as Pugnacious Priest or Zahraah , or if I’m on an Alt, Zah, Zip, Zoph   and over the years I have granted, called and identified people by Nic names, or handles,  web id’s,  Wow toon names,  there’s no deceit in that,  no one is committing fraud by being known as that name.  its life, its community,  its society, its family.

I am more than just my birth name, I am a special snowflake..

But anyways It’s there if you like


5 Responses to “Google +”

  1. 1 Copernicus September 21, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    I agree with wanting to be known by a nick name rather than my real name. My WoW/gaming identity is much different than my professional and/or family identity. Even though they are all me, they are different aspects of my personality, and mixing them in one big cauldron gets messy and confusing.

    I don’t have much of a problem having my “real ID” tracked online, but I want to separate the different aspects of myself so that those people in my family don’t have to read about my WoW exploits, and my WoW buddies don’t have to hear about my kids getting their shots or how my work wants me to do god-like feats with no funding.

    So, I suggest having your “real ID” as your parent account, but be able to post under pseudonyms to keep your varied interests compartmentalized, and people can track your different personalities if they so desire.

  2. 2 Foo September 21, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    I won’t use google+ unless I can be publically known (only) as my pseudonym.

  3. 4 logtar September 23, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    I have had a real hard time with WoW and my online persona Logtar.

    Before I even started playing WoW I used the handle Logtar which was actually derived from playing Warcraft II. I started to post about WoW here and there on my main blog ( (which in a weird coincidence has a post about G+ this week) but the regular readers of my blog seem to be not really that interested. Also, I did not post enough about WoW on that blog to drive WoW bloggers to visit it either… so the couple of post I had got moved to my newly created WoW blog ( and I have not looked back until now.

    Now, G+ makes me want to be more active in the WoW blogging community, if not creating content certainly reading it. I will be adding you to my circles. I am not too concerned with people finding out I play WoW but I also don’t like to innundate people with topics that don’t matter to them (I love G+).

    Another interesting thing is that most people know me by Log or Logtar and have a hard time switching to John once they get to know me IRL.

  4. 5 Dresdor September 25, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Strategy like this would make me want to play battlegrounds more…instead of the typical no strategy rushes.

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