Places to hide Battle standards

Battle standards increase health of all players within 45 yards by 15%, but they only have 1500 health,  this means that they are very fragile and can be affected by AOE. Lasts for 2 min, and has a 10 min cool down.

Where and how you place the flag can make a massive difference to a battle,  defence, or offense.   They only cost 500 honor to buy so more people have and use them,  this also means that more people recognise what they are and will target them. Hiding the flag in a strategic location can mean you keep the health buff longer, letting you survive longer and perhaps overpower the position.  So think about where you put it.  Plopping it down in the mid of a battle melee will mean you will usually lose it rather quickly. Try and keep it out of sight, and out of AOE

In Battle for Gilneas hide the flag in a hut,  the huts are close enough to the flag, and not many people go in there, or hide it IN the node. ( yes that’s me babysitting WW again.. ) It will also work in Arathi Basin as well.  ( but if the node is getting AOE’d then you will lose your flag.) So it is more useful when you have an incoming force or they are fighting from range ,  I wouldn’t put it in the flag if you are fighting over it but you can get lucky and no one will notice it.. ( then you stick it in the hut)   In AV when you’re in a tower,  try to stick it at the back as well to avoid Aoe.

Or you can hide it in a tree.. ( Lets play “Where’s the battle standard”

In WSG and Twin Peaks, use it in the flag room  try and get it as close in the corner as possible, and away from the direction the other team is attacking so it stays out of sight, tucking it into the corner makes it harder to see, or you can put it in on the 2nd level of twin peaks   or if in WSG the little room,

In Strand of the Ancients when your defense,  put it under the dock.  None of the opposition will go under there, and they wont be able to target it.

So next time you plant a flag,  have a look around and think,   ( only for a nanosecond) where else can I put it to be of more use longer..

6 Responses to “Places to hide Battle standards”

  1. 1 Hofflerand September 25, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Pretty cool thinking. These are usable in RBG’s, aren’t they?

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