A Writing Challenge!

Big Bear Butt threw down a writing challenge, and I had just the thing for it. He wanted to ‘hear’ more of our writing voices.

There were some slight alterations to get the required words in there, but I did it.  I don’t think I have actually published any of my fiction writing on here, don’t be harsh 🙂  and I am sorry this not a Wow post  but it was an open theme and I am glad to have gotten my creative juices stirred up.

Copyright belongs to me ect..

There was a blue guy standing at the bar.  Zea watched him from her seat in the booth at the back, away from any other customers. Zea sometimes ran into the blue guys in the space ports.  They were really called the Archidans, one of the new species they had made contact with when Earth had started space trading. They were all of slender build, almost delicate like, with a powder blue skin that was slightly luminescent. They were humanoid, but their nostrils were flat and wide, and had pale eyes that almost popped out at you when you looked at their face.

Zea watched the Archidan gesturing at the bar tender.  He pointed with one his hands to some bottles behind the bar, and then fingered a data pad he was holding in his other hand.  The bar tender stood there looking at his blue colored customer with a bemused expression on his face. Eventually he seemed to register what the alien was trying to communicate,  he then picked up a bottle off the shelf.  He presented it to the alien much like a waiter would to a fine diner from earth. Zea scoffed to herself at the show, fine dining this far out in the sticks, just near the last know star. She laughed aloud and then stuck her nose in her glass for a good mouthful. Her beer was fancy enough for her expectations, but she did look at her own drink a little closer.  It was a little flat, and too warm for her liking,  and looked more like a old jam jar then a fine schooner glass.  Maybe the place did need some more class.

It wasn’t really a nice bar, but it was  serviceable, and clean.  Someone had tried to add some decorative accents around the place, small alcoves had a little pink torch in their center giving off a soft glow and silvered lit ribbons looking like childish scribbles randomly appeared on walls glinting on occasion.  The dim light softened the hard chairs and tables and the plain concrete floor, and she shuddered to think how it would look in bright light,  but it was the only bar in this port, and much roomier then being confined to her single piloted ship.

The Archidan had looked quite excited as the bar tender poured the liquid from the bottle into a glass.  From the bright neon colors glowing amongst the ice it looked like one of the new fad drinks of the moment, a fruit wine that promised to be as juicy as any piece of fresh fruit.

The Alien handed over some credit chips, and picked up his glass, turning it to admire the colors in the bar lights, and then he turned around, and leaned on the bar in a rather awkward manner.  His feet shifting as he tried to find the right position.  Or try  hard pose, thought Zea, taking another sip of her beer.

Zea watched him stand there,  his pale blue eyes looking around.

There weren’t many customers in the bar, a couple of dock workers were playing a card game in the corner, their laughter randomly puncturing the ambient music playing  in the background,  and some other people were scattered around the place doing nothing much more then staring at their own drinks or flicking through data pads.

Zea had never had a conversation with a blue guy. She had heard they were a little vain, wanting to be complimented and flattered. Those who did interact with them learned to smooth talk a little more then human standards to ensure good negotiations.  There had been no need for Zea to learn their language as all the Government contacts that the Trade shuttle flyers worked with were all human, special translators or Archi lackeys as they were called behind their backs for their pandering of the Archidans,  were the ones that did the negotiating, and the transacting with the alien species.  They were supposed to be harmless,  a little jovial when drunk, but a stranger was a stranger, and her years doing trade runs had taught her to be a little careful with everyone.

Zea was a little surprised when the blue guy started heading her way.  If he was looking for entertainment, she would have thought the card game would have been more exciting.

Zea was tucked  as far back in her corner booth as she could get, but also in a position where she could see the whole room, her old gym bag, with a faded trendy sports logo was now a travel bag and resting on the seat beside her creating more a symbolic barrier then a real one.  She had, had a few encounters in random bars, and setting up a defensive position that did not encourage people approaching her was now as much of a habit, as the annoyed scowl she now had on her face.   She was dressed in her blue singlet, jumpsuit rolled down to the waist, and untucked from her boots.  She was a little cold, but it felt good to be unbuttoned for a change, even if she smelled a little rank.

Zea watched the Alien negotiate the tables on his way towards her.   The glass held poised at her mouth.  Her eyes narrow slits. She was trying to project ‘ go away’ but it didn’t seem to be working. The Alien looked at her, and  then glanced away, but still headed her direction.  Zea took a last mouthful of her drink and put the glass down on the  table and waited.

When he reached her,  Zea had one hand hidden under the table fingers brushing the knife handle she kept strapped to her side.  She had never learned to use it as a weapon, and was better for cutting boxes and straps, but it was better than feeling defenseless.

The Alien was still holding his data pad, and he stood there, drink in hand  for a moment, before saying slowly. “Hellooo.  Very nice to meet you.” He put his drink down on Zea’s table, but didn’t sit down.  He tapped the screen of his data pad for a bit before finding what he was looking for.

“Excuse me” he said.  His English was clear enough, but the words ended in an upwards lilt.

“Hi”  Zea said. Her shoulders were tense, and she had her escape plan of jumping over the table and heading for the door running through her head.

‘A question, if I may?” he asked very, seriously and politely. “ I am learning English, so I sorry”  he paused, and flicked through some screens again “ If I do not sound correct”

Zea nodded and said “ I can understand you”  She relaxed a little.

“Good” he smiled again.

“You are female?” he asked?  To Zea it sounded more like ‘Feeeeemaaaleeeiii’  but she nodded slowly, and said “yes”

“I am Nardo,  a male.” He replied, pointing to his chest with his free hand.

“I am Zea, uh.. ahh.. a female”  Zea said eye brows raised.   Nardo looked at his pad again, and then held out his right hand. Zea looked at it, before placing her palm in his and almost had her arm taken off by his violent shaking of her hand.  Her grip tightened on her knife

“How can I help you?” Zea added.

“Help me?”  The Alien repeated back “Oh, no help,   I am much excited to be meeting you. I do not require your labour”

“What do you want then?” Zea asked curtly. Her glass was empty, and she really wanted another beer.

“Oh.” He flustered, and did some more pad flicking “ I not met a female human before. I want to know how?”  he paused again. “ How we would fit together?”

Zea looked at him puzzled.

Nardo put his notebook down on the table as well, and put his hands together, entwining his fingers. Zea counted perhaps six fingers on each hand “ Fit together” he repeated, and then wriggled his fingers. “This is my..  shaft” He glanced at Zea, holding up three fingers”

Zea raised her eyebrows at him, as she worked out what he meant.

“Sex?  Um Mate?” She asked.  “You want to mate with me?”

Zea guessed that some facial expressions were interglaxactical, because Nardo looked horrified, and Zea blushed with embarrassed thinking she had misunderstood.

“Not mate” He said. “I could never bring you home to my..  mother” he said mother slowly.

Zea laughed sharply in surprise  and Nardo was the one to look puzzled now.

She stood up and picked up her bag.   He was about her height, and she got a good look at his shimmery skin.  She noticed the blue of his skin got darker around the eyes and his face was rather attractive this close. His lips looked rather human, but from the indication of his fingers some parts didn’t. Zea held out her hand.   He took it,  and Zea shook it a lot gently then he had shaken hers.

“Nice to meet you Nardo” She said “ But no, no thankyou” She laughed again,  and  walked out of the bar. The desire for more beer gone.

She looked back and saw him typing things into his data pad.

She had a small chuckle  and smile to herself as she tried to think of the logistics, and headed back to her shuttle

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