Two handed Beer raising and x-world x-realm pvpers

So back when we could change the custom pose of our characters on Wow Armory – I played with it. Forgot about it, and left it.

So my character is stuck as per image below.  Imagine a Guinness in each hand in light of recent St Patrick day celebrations and it makes more sense.*

Disclaimer: Drink of choice was actually a variation of a black velvet.  Half Guinness and half Bulmers blackberry cider  – because It was somewhat difficult to deal with Guinness at 10am in the morning, and an Proper Irish breakfast with Blackpudding

Yes I transmog’d into the Merciless Gladiators set because I had some spare Honor from a decent amount of  weekend BGing with some fellow bloggers,  mainly Gnomeaggedon, Bigbearbutt  Keredria and a couple of other randoms from each of our guilds.   I like this set because it makes me look more like an  authentic pvper,  ( and did I mention that in game the head piece has pretty sparkles )  Keredria has our Group Shot on the stairs in AB posted.  A thank you to Gnomeaggedon and Keredria, as seems to be all their organization and drive to get this started, and I didn’t have to get out of bed at 8am on a sunday – so Yeah!

Apparently our Aussie accents are adorable 🙂 We did try and deter this train of thought with some real bogan language, and exaggerated accents. My current raiding guild are all all Aussies,  and so it was interesting to hear American accents again.

We had a mix of gear/classes/ experience and we certainly didn’t faceroll , and no one could tell that our mismatch of Realms were all a premade  but we were able to communicate better, and it sounds like we all had a lot of fun 🙂

When running with two groups  it got a little fiddly trying to time the pops,  and one time it looks like we missed it by a nanosecond.

I was back to Disc heals for the weekend,  and still somehow ended up babysitting flags, which is an ideal spec to be in to stay alive long enough when under attack,  flashing off holy nova between stuns and silences to stop flag caps, while calling for help on skype. I also stayed because an increasing trend amongst bg’s of late seem to be Cap and run, and I have cried

“What happened to you cap it you keep it”  way too many times the more recent weeks of Bging.

Losing stables as we cap LM – so very early on in the game is a really bad start, and often the premade was forced to be the ‘responsible ones’ looking after nodes while the rest of the BG did their own thing, including slagging each other in BG chat.

Bear has raised the Idea of getting Horde and Alliance RBG teams pitted against each other.  If that happens, we better start training!

3 Responses to “Two handed Beer raising and x-world x-realm pvpers”

  1. 1 meliika March 29, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    The pose your chat is in is just how blizzard has decided night elf caster females will appear since they took away pose customizing options. Check some other priests/mages… they’re all in the same pose. Human caster females have a stupid casting pose, can’t even see them properly. So it’s not your fault for playing with poses before ><

  2. 2 Gnomeaggedon March 30, 2012 at 5:50 am

    Damn we had you guarding nodes?

    We were a bit messy weren’t we. I forget that the people I am running with have changed, we always had someone drop off and guard the bees.

    Make sure to speak up next time, I’m more than happy to guard bees, as much as I love a Mage ninja cap.

  3. 3 Jarrad April 1, 2012 at 4:26 am

    Cap and run seems to be the flavour of the game. If you can keep 1-2 and just cap and run the other 3 flags it can create enough confusion in the opposition to just sit and win points with virtually no opposition.

    I don’t like it as a playstyle but it wins matches. The tricky bit is not being one of the 2 capped guards >.>

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