They promised me Rated’s

After wandering around Guildless for a few weeks trying to work out what I wanted to do, I joined a Pvp guild, because they promised me rated BG’s.

Yes it’s bad timing –  end of season,  but since leaving Proudmoore, and the ‘secret pvpers chat channel’ where we used to be able to recruit for things like rateds or semi premades  I have been lacking for a decent pvp company.   It was getting so bad I was even healing anyone who asked  through 2’s arena for point caps.
It’s been bumpy so far.   3 hours of waiting, or  waiting on a Cross realm recruiting “Does anyone have a prot warrior?”  – Skype and mic issues, people having to use real ID to add the RL for the xrealms – people who leave mid BG when we are down 200 resources. and then we spend 30min recruiting a replacement after a devastating loss in the BG because two people left.  When recruiting there have been people who want to be carried or guaranteed a win, people afraid of losing their current rating. Or just no one wanting to do rateds.

We need more people who want to have a decent shot at not only doing rateds,  but team building as well so that we get better and know how to work together. We have had several nights of people cycling through,  some better then others,  and we have even later faced people we have played with in other Rateds. ( and Beat them.  Most satisfying. )

I also got OMG a girl comment. ” I’ve never had a girl in my rated bg before” by what turned out to be seasoned rated bg player on a big US pvp server  ( which is more surprising surely then a 12 year old on a quite  oceanic right?.   Where are you girls?  – Get into Rated Bg’s!.

I know your supposed to use all the tools available to you, especially in a Rated BG- much like a mage uses slow fall off the rock in EOS, or a hunter goes invis so you can’t range target them, but I always feel a little sneaky using Mind Vision

I spy on the enemy team before the BG starts -(It puts them off their game  😛 ) – and this is easily done using Battleground Targets the add on, but where ever you are,  If I can target you with Battleground Targets,  then I can find you.

I can tell my team how many of you are trying to sneak around the back way in WW or coming over the hill to LH

Where the flag carrier is coming out in WSG – and where he tries to hide with the flag, how many healers he has with him ect..

I feel this  is a slightly unfair advantage.  Mind Vision is not available in arena  ( though I would have less use for it in there anyway) In a Rated Bg we won in the Battle for Gilneas by floating, we were able to float between LH and WW and I spent some of my time confirming, or reporting potential attacks.

It’s also rather Voyeuristic .

Speaking of Voyeurism

Our Rated RL/GM has been dragging me into arenas – and live streaming them.  The most viewers we had apparently were 11. I have mixed feelings about our Skype Conversations/Games being live streamed. I am not  really  comfortable being part of the entertainment.

I wouldn’t want to watch a live streamed Arena, especially at our level ( 3’s skirting 1550 at the moment – in early days..  working on it.. working on it… )  So I am not sure why other people would want to watch us.  If we get better,  can keep a regular 3’s team then maybe – but again, it’s the end of the season, and we aren’t that great.

There was also this odd obligation to feel like I needed to provide some kind of banter to the people who were watching while we were waiting for Pop, or for the Arena to start.  It wasn’t a radio show,  but I couldn’t help feel like it was. ( with a very small audience )   I also don’t think things like  “Dispel me!  and me replying something along the lines of  – I would if I wasn’t running away in a fear right now,  or me saying, get this Rogue off me., makes for what I would consider entertainment.

And there is all this extra pressure not to lose  and make stupid mistakes. ( we lost viewers when we lost games)

One of the Queue breaks saw someone waving and cheering at us telling us the last game ‘was a good win’   and me not thinking said, ‘Oh he is watching us,  that’s a little creepy’ and of course he heard it on the live stream,

Not the right thing to say to people who are cheering you on, and are of your limited audience. ( I’m sorry.. )

5 Responses to “They promised me Rated’s”

  1. 1 Rivv August 16, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Hi, Zah,
    Rivvered from frostmourne days 🙂
    i still check in from time to time on your blog
    Hope all is well and youre still having fun
    Good luck with your wow’n 🙂

  2. 3 Navimie August 16, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Hi PP. Dropped by to check you out after you followed me on twitter. Saw you were aussie, thought cool, another one to add to list! And a girl too, hey another thing we have in common. And then I read this…. and you love to pvp and rated? OMG I was hooked. I may not ever be able to play with you but if I ever see you on the other end of a bg I will try to salute you before we try to kill each other.

  3. 4 Thunderspank August 17, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    PP you need to go horde. 😛

    You’ve given the alliance enough opportunities!

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