Catching up

I now understand why people disappear – stop blogging. It didn’t happen for me in a  fit of rage,  after one bad pug, or even a broken heart
I decided I didn’t want to write anymore.  I had nothing to say,  well  all that I did have to say was ‘ Nothing to see here,  move along’
I  have now decided I wasn’t going to let the blog go so easily.  the shallow acquaintances that have been most of my gaming is wearing thin, but the one consistency has been me,  and my blog and my domain renewal came up and so had to make a decision if I wanted to stick around.
Why so Angry?
A friend came back recently from a long WOW hiatus,  he was one of the most serious players I had known, and he said something along the lines, of ‘Everyone is Angry, why are people playing when they aren’t having fun.
Maybe this was partly directed at me after I come up from air from another BG where as I quote ‘ was raging at the HK farmers in mid’ but the dungeons we have run together has netted us a variety of angry people, too slow to pull,  too fast,  bad tank, bad dps, bad healing, bots in bg’s, people who don’t know the fights, or don’t understand pvp, and that particular bg’s goals, and the people who blame everyone else for the failing.   There is a massive feeling of relief when you find a good group.
I at least think there is an almost xenophobic approach to strangers in game.  If we don’t know you,  you must be scrub, and so strangers are bads until you’re friends and so the rage that can born from someones offhand comment, mistake, or behavior becomes a mini battle even when your supposed to be on the same side.  I’ve mentioned in other posts that sometimes I think the biggest war is not with the opposite faction, or the focus of the encounter but amongst your own team or party.
My Toons

I have been doing one real raid a week with a 10 man guild that keep inviting me back for some reason. They let me dps all but Feng in Mogu’shan where we are 3 healing so I’ve pretty much stuck with my stance on no more attempting to raid seriously. I like most of the changes Shadow, still am holy offspec, and my biggest gripe is mana regen but its already improving with gear, and that people need less healing as they have better gear. But I think my healing confidence is tied up so close to my mana regen that I still feel shaky.

I leveled my hunter to 90 in a most uneventful way – to the point it was excruciatingly boring,

I did find a new love though, My Pally.  I have now healed Priest Disc, Holy, Shammy resto, and Druid Resto, and have been pleasantly surprised by my Pally.  I don’t know why I took so long to level one.  I leveled her as Holy, and she never has been ret or tank,  killing mobs when questing is still ok in Holy spec but most of the leveling has been done through dungeons, dragging a dps friend along. I went from dinging 85 and straight into Mop dungeons after some AH shopping to get my Ilevel up enough, and felt less stressed on my Pally then I ever did healing mop dungeons when I leveled my priest.  Maybe the style suits me,  maybe they are just OP and easier to play, she kept me playing though, and she will be my 3rd 90.

3 Responses to “Catching up”

  1. 1 Wyswig November 26, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    Glad you are still there!!

    Its hard to avoid the anger in any game. Its almost like an evolution of the community over time: wonderment — apathy — anger.

    I left the Wow community a couple years back simply because of the anger and elitism became too much “not-fun”. I used to think it was an age progression where initial players (at game start) where older and this nature was less prevalent. After playing EQ/EQ2 for a while where some of the oldest and most long terme players reside, I realized that was a naive assessment. The issue is not really a factor of individual person age — an octogenarian can be just as rude as a teenager.

    The better determination has to be “in-game age”. The longer an individual has played; the the greater development of that internalized “godlike” feeling in MMO’s. This results in less tolerance for others mistakes and a greater sense of entitlement to success. Any failure results all too often in rage.

  2. 2 Derkhan November 27, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    I read your blog. Its a good personal view of the game imo. I also have a priest and a pally and suffer the slings and arrows of healing. I have noticed over the years that many people who play WoW are in some kind of bubble where everyone has to know everything up front and there is no room for people who are learning or are just having fun in raids. It bothers me. But I still enjoy WoW. I still want to raid – occasionally and I have the worst luck. Anyway keep playing and don’t take it too seriously, if possible.

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