The daily Grind – when it’s not the good coffee

So we know that playing is sometimes hard work and sometimes we complete tasks that in themselves are not fun but the end goal is.

But it shouldn’t be hard work, or boring as often as doing dailys have been for me.   We should be enjoying our recreational time,  cavorting  through fields of flowers giggling gleefully.  That’s what my gaming experiences are like,  aren’t yours? Either way I don’t want to come home from work, and feel like I have to do more work.

The rep grind for dailys has not been a gleeful giggle and this is the advantage to no longer seriously raiding.  I don’t need to care that I haven’t maxed out my reps, and have maxed my character out as much as possible.

Klaxxi – who?  Shado- Pan – Who?

Sure I have managed to now find the time to level 3 90’s, do a heap of pvp, run dungeons and even raid once a week, but the idea of spending my precious time doing the same thing, day in day out,  cross multiple factions,  I could have spent my play time for weeks just doing dailys and that would have made me not want to log in.  Sure there is some variety in some of the quests  and I will need to do Operation Shieldwall for the Trinkets , but it’s not its not how I want to play and I don’t feel the pressure that I HAVE to do them.   So I will get there eventually,  do the factions in small doses, enjoy the game.

But I will add my voice to the argument that the way they did the reps this xp really makes dailys a chore for me.  The Tabard rep gains worked for me because I would run as heals for quicker queues,  if I needed, but sometimes people obviously didn’t like being forced to do instances to gain rep,  and I can understand why waiting around for a 1/2 hour dps queue means that chain running them to grind wasn’t such a great thing for them.

The idea of doing dailys on a 2nd or 3rd toon, even with tokens to increase the rep gain doesn’t appeal.  I refuse to even attempt it right now,  there is still too much to play, and enjoy of the content to see the same stuff over and over. I understand why they did it that way,  couldn’t please the crowds with the Tabards,  would be unfair if they made rep buyable for gold, at least this way with questing everyone equally earns it.

3 Responses to “The daily Grind – when it’s not the good coffee”

  1. 1 klepsacovic December 6, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Tabard + Dailies was a good model. People can run dailies while in the queue, which puts DPS on even footing with tanks and healers who get instant queues and then run the dailies. Only when all the dailies are done for the day do DPS lose in the rep race, and how many people are able to play long enough to do every daily mixed with some instance runs?

  2. 2 Coreus December 7, 2012 at 12:27 am

    IIRC the response the blues gave for why tabards were bad is that you could grind the rep out all in one go. Which I thought was kind of fair enough until I read your blog entry and realised that I’m thinking from the perspective of a tank.

    For a DPS dealing with a dungeon queue grinding it out “in one go” is only possible if you’re queueing with a tank or healer, or alternatively actually decide to take up tanking or healing yourself. In my opinion, both of those outcomes are positive for the game. So the tabard system rewarded social grouping, and rewarded taking on a valuable role which in turn would help other DPS get through the queue faster.

    I think I enjoyed this game more back when every patch didn’t feel like a new experiment to discover exactly how much grind players were willing to tolerate. I just resent it all. In my opinion, dailies have a time and a place, and that place is when you’re already completely raid-ready and looking for something else to do.

    For that matter, I also can’t stand Raid Finder– I find it literally boring to play, so inconsequential does my input feel on the outcome– so it irritates me that this has replaced 5-mans as the primary “catch up” gearing method.

    I know I’m significantly less geared than I could be for raiding, and I just can’t seem to care.

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