World PVP is dead. Long live PVP

I’m leveling Shadowlands on a PVP realm.

I’m flagged for PVP because of Warmode bonuses. I had planned on staying flagged until I got annoyed enough to unflag.

So far my PVP experience on what used to be one of Oceanic’s most brutal PVP realms while leveling has been a Rogue that tickled my kidneys while I was killing a mob. He had a quick jab, and then vanished.

I’ve accidentally dotted up a couple of cute Pandas – including once during the 3 stone rare mob summoning. I happened to run past at the same time that a Horde and an Alliance player were standing on a rock channeling a great big jar, and figuring I should join in and see what happened because there was a silver star on the map, I stood on the third rock.

Surprise mob waves!

I have three dots again so it was dot dot dot.. OPPS and apologies to the poor Horde Panda.

I’ve gone AFK and come back to find that I was very alive. I passed Horde idling on the side of a road, and did not kill them. No one has stalked me on the lonely roads to hunt me down. It can’t be because my shadowy self is scary, I’m the worst geared pre expansion then I have ever been. I am using crafted greens because they are better then what I have earned/picked up on the way.

Have we lost the world PVP blood lust, or are we all too busy leveling as fast as we can, that we don’t want to poke the Bears, or the Pandas, or a fiesty Gnome or Elf?

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