First Guild implosion for the season

Mind Vision makes for great upclose screen shots of scary looking mobs

I rejoined a guild that I had played with last xpac. I had been kicked for being inactive last year. It was a bit of a suprise to me that I hadn’t logged in that long. I meant to, I just didn’t want to, their gkick rules were fair, non inactive players for 90 days were cleaned out unless there was a special exemption. It was that kind of guild though, always rotating the numbers and rotating new players in and out hence the need for a strict gkick policy I had been there for less then one week before it imploded the first time, took half the raiders with it. Happened a few times more while I was there, and I pulled further and further away from wanting to raid, and I remember one raid I was pulled into that I hated every minute of and then I just stopped logging in. I needed the break. I bought a switch, got lost in Animal crossing until I had grinded my way to the last house upgrade and lost interest in that and some other things along the way when I wasn’t working or being otherwise occupied.

So new content in Shadowlands, excitement, fresh challenges, and positive thinking. I joined back with the old guild and was happy with a casual sunday raiding promise. Then the core members all left for another game this week.

I was in a happy spot gear wise did all my Covenant stuff for gear, was now filling in the gaps with lucky drops, worldquests and chests. Running YOLO RBGS enough to upgrade PVP gear to 207. (Been PVPing as Holy heals and if I push for serious RBGS I’ll need to go disc, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that makes playing holy really fun for me, and I’ll blog about that at a later time.) I either needed to start doing heroic/mythic raiding or running keys and that required me to commit to a regular time, and casual Sunday raiding suited my time better, so disappointed that the guild has imploded so early on.

So back to wandering lonely as a cloud….

I played Valheim this weekend a bit, been hearing good things and I like me a good survival game, Ark ate a lot of my time that wasn’t in WOW and I have played with a few other survival games ( loved The Forest ). After a three hour time sink in Valheim I poked around the interwebs to see why it was so popular given it was so simplistic and I have to agree with what a PC gamer article review said, and that it was a very forgiving survival game and that less time is spent on the mundane. ( having said that I am now currently spending my time trying to shoot some deer with a bow and the damn buggers keep running away even when I am being stealthy ) I have died once to a falling tree, but stupid me was standing under it so I deserved that, and now I am slowly exploring – I have the materials to make a raft and having enjoyed rafting so much in Ark I am looking forward to exploring on it in Valheim.

I don’t blame everyone for leaving, my break last year was the longest I have ever had. Life, game balance is important, and sometimes I feel WOW can be a rather demanding relationship. We love and we hate the grind. So keep managing your life and game balance, and fun and game balance, its meant to be fun, lets keep it that way.

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