Permanency – Existential crisis in a gaming world

Sydney’s still in extended lockdown, and when I am not working or spending time with partner I have been gaming/ binging tv shows on duel screen monitors alot.

Instead of seeking out people in a MMO ( Wow ) I am obsessing over making widgets, finding coal, smelting enough ore and Spaghetti,

Spaghetti in Satisfactory is the imprint you have on your environment. The conveyor belts, your pipelines and electrical wires. When I first started I tried to keep my footprint small. Despite my mission to exploit the map for the purposes of my employer “Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!” I didn’t really get the extent of the possibilities until I started looking up stuff on youtube, & problem solving some of my automation difficulties. Glass, steel and concrete castles in the sky.

Look upon my works and despair ( despair at my organised Chaos) I am very much grass based still. Its getting way to disorganised to manage now and so I have some concrete constructors going so I can start seriously building up.

I’m the only player on this Map, and the MAP is huge, I am not even close to exploring even 20% of it, and its a conflict. Explore or progress. I know I am still using Biofuel too much, so I leave for too long and parts of my automation shut down so I am building more coal powered stations, and so far have my Water pumps self sufficient. I need to up the power automation because my newly built train and train tack ( yes how cool is that ) is a power suck so I had to disconnect it from my grid .

Early access only goes to Tier 8 and I am currently on Tier 7 and just working out the logistics of Aluminum smelting.

My footprint on this world is huge – its getting bigger, and once I tidy up things, and get better at automation, I will build my fancy glass walled factory in the sky

the only permanency I have in World of Warcraft is my Garrison ( remember those ?) I have left the Christmas decorations out so I can change into a gnome when ever I feel like it. I still visit it from time to time because it was the first real attempt for any kind of player housing.

I loved playing ARK – my Tamagotchi dinosaurs that required regular feeding so you had to log in regularly or you lost your base, and you got to design your base how you wanted. I felt part of that gaming world, because pieces of me were left behind. People could look at my base and my Albino Tyrannosaurus and neon pink Saddle. As a player in WOW I exist only as pixels, leaving no physical mark or reminder that I exist.

I like having that permanency – that connection that what I create is mine.

I am currently chasing the technology advancement in satisfactory, but am enjoying the problem solving and the complete control over where I can build. Ramps to no where, to cross a river or an ocean, to get to a drop pod. or just because I wanted to see what was ontop of a really tall rock. It;s all there till i decide to take it down.

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