Satisfactory – Employee of the Planet

I have achieved ‘Employee of the Planet’ a true FICSIT pioneer and employee in Satisfactory the game and got myself the Golden Mug for endless caffeine which shows I have finished the delivery four on the space elevator. This was my second play through and I did it in approx 300 hours of game time. My first attempt was abandoned after finishing delivery three when I realised just how much work was needed to set up for the final stage. I have pushed through after starting in fresh in a new space on a different part of the map, determined to be clean neat and tidy and gave that up very quickly and cared not for the chaos of my base. My aim was to bring as many resources from all over the map and have them filtered into the storage containers on the right hand side which fed them where I needed them to be. It worked. Ran it on two nuclear stations and about 14 coal burners closer to the coal nodes which require a water source. I conveyor belted my plastics and packaged aluminum from a 2nd base that was power self sufficient through fuel burners and burning petroleum coke from heavy oil as a poor mans substitute for coal – it crashed a few times when my storage contains filled up and it needed it’s production to generate it’s own fuel, but fixed that after a few failures and more conveyor belts back to my main base. I recycled water where I could ( un-packaging aluminum at my base was useful water wise for for Sulfuric acid and then for batteries. ) I’ve started setting up a nuclear waste refining facility, my waste got three massive towers of storage contains tall and there’s plenty of empty space on the map so I don’t think it’s going to get out of hand any time soon.

Instead of trains/train tracks, I turboed tubed as much as I could between the bases. This is much fun, especially when you go under the map because my tubes went underground. I built massive ramps to get to hard to reach places like the uranium node I used this time round on top of one of the highest mountains, and like my priest in wow, levitating down to the ground with a jetpack was also a lot of fun. ( I really like to do that in any game )

There have been mishaps along the way, I was particularly destructive with my vehicles,

I really like this game. The spiders still make me jump, you will be running along exploring a new area as it slightly gets dark and then a massive furry multi eyed, multi legged beast jumps out you, spitting sulfar, fire, or just scurrying around you in a swarm. The big bugs were often bugging out which made them easier to kill though,

You don’t notice so much because of the first person player POV but the main character is a woman, dubbed as ‘Becky’ by the community, because as a pioneer you are clone and property of FICSIT.

As a time sink, as an automation exercise, exploring, problem solving game this game is awesome, it’s got so many amazing places to pollute, destroy, cut down or just sit and contemplate the view, and it’s still in early release! Update 6 soon.

I didn’t die as much to begin with the second time playing through, but I still did stupid things like tried to use a parachute off a cliff and hit too many buttons so it canceled and I fell, pushed off a cliff by an angry beast and so on. It’s been meditative, and fun making widgets.

Update 6 is soon so I am looking forward to the changes and some new foes,

Personal update: Still playing wow, and I decided to go back to Uni, as an adult, with a full time job, a life, and an interest in time consuming hobbies like gaming, it’s been a challenge, but it’s been really helpful in filling up the time that being allowed to work from home since Covid has given me. I’ve booked to go to PAX in Melbourne later this year, and looking forward to being emmersed in gaming on that scale again.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and well.

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