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I am in Melbourne for my third PAX – covid meant we had to skip a couple, and there are so many people here together for the love of games. I’m on the three day pass and I don’t feel like that’s enough, I remember Fridays being the quieter day, but not this year. So far have been in panels and queues and wandering the floor. ( started writing this in a queue)

While writing isn’t necessarily a medium thats dying -I feel blogs have had their day, and even now WordPress wants me to do a ‘Story’ post with more media. I’ve been writing since I was 9 in some form – poems, songs, stories, book attempts, and a finished book, but writing is why I went to the Panel ‘Pen is mightier than the Joystick – writing for and about games’ and got to hear some different backstories and journeys of how the panel ended up writing for or about games.

There was some great career advice about having a portfolio, transferrable skills and finishing projects are more important then ideas on a hard drive ( I have a fair few draft posts that will never see the light of a webpage) and it was pointed out that while creative industries aren’t always job secure that any job can change – be restructured or disappear. Creative opportunities can come in many forms so grab what you are able.

Besides blogging I’ve never tried to write about games or for games – and panels like this make me worry could have I, should have I, should I? I’ve been pursuing certificates and currently a post grad in my career with the same passion as I used to have for gaming. Work is pushing me and I’m doing well but I worry that I have chosen the more reliable path of a stable professional career then a creative one that sates my desire to write, both make me happy, but writing has always been a need.

I promised once I graduated from the course I’m finishing I would focus on creative me, and NaNoWriMo is on in November. I met the goal last year, and I can this year, so I can make that, and this – this panel the boot up the butt to pursue being creative. I also might dust off and clean up some of those drafts if there is anything rescuable

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