Can’t do that while stunned

Can’t do that while stunned.

Can’t play, can’t attack, can’t move, but you CAN queue for dungeons and PVP.

I Dc’d during a Solo Shuffle PVP match while dead. The CAT cable to my pc runs under a hall rug which becomes a slippery slide for one of my cats, so the cable is a little sensitive and just needs to pushed back in. I spawned back in Oribos being unable to move ‘Can’t do that while stunned’ the error said. Couldn’t cast or do anything involving an ability. So I googled, and read some forums on how to fix.

One recommended logging in and out again, another wait for 10 min. So I tried both. Logged back in and still stuck. logged out again figured I had other priorities and I would try again next day. Same problem

The I used the self service move character to a safe place. Nope, ended up frozen at Sentinel Hill. Gnolls and soldiers locked in battle and poor me stuck in the GY. I was off to PAX so figured try when I got back. Still no movement.

So I raised a ticket – no category fit so it went into other issue request. I checked the progress of ticket Sunday morning and 6 days in with a 22 day wait period.

This was annoying – I can count the tickets I’ve raised on one hand, and to be honest pretty sure I’ve only had two GM interactions over the course of play. But 22 days is almost a month of playtime and this bug meant I could not play my main character at all.

Did some more googling – one forum post suggested that you needed to die to reset the bug. Dieing on Sentinel Hill is kind of hard. Even flagged for PVP the chances of a horde player finding me was low. So in despair I queued for WSG – the only BG I could think of where a Horde player quickly enters a base and could put me out of my frozen status

A whirling Tauren Warrior spun into the flag room, breaking my stunned chains and when I rezzed at the WSG GY I was able to play again – so thankyou Warrior I was not AFK in flag room, am frustrated that I needed to get to that point – that the one time I needed help, it was so far away.

So this post is hopefully for anyone else that needs to find the unconventional way of solving your own Bug problem with ‘ Can’t do that while stunned’ Solution was for me, was for my character to die.

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