Warcraft Story on Twitter

This was a cool little thing that they did. We know a certain social media site is well, going through great change and there needs to be a shuffling before a new ‘normal’ will set in and how those final cards are played and who will be left and who has a blue tick is currently unknown. Its a bit undecided where people are going to move to, if they will move etc I don’t have any immediate plans to do anything yet. /popcorn


Don’t forget we have that ability to /share within our game with a direct connection and Integration to Twitter – I wonder if that will remain. It was added to the game in 2015 as part of patch 6.1.0 according to Wowpedia ( which also includes some instructions on how it works) Steam also allows you to tweet, and of course you don’t need an integration to talk about gaming

Twitters own gaming related marketing page calls out Gaming as an reachable audience – apparently there is 91 Million of us gamers out there ( or was in 2021)

But a Warcraft story was a cute little engagement piece. A very positive community engagement. I saw a few people got a ‘ only died in fire # of times’ but I am happy with my /Cheers even if this actually seems a little low to me, it’s not like I am /cheering everyday but I know when I am on flag carrier escort duty healing in say Warsong Gulch when we cap I try to /cheer the flag carrier.

Relieved that critter killing was not my story and frankly – dying from falling as a priest that takes absolute pleasure almost in jumping from heights to levitate would have been embarrassing. This was fun ( despite the number of people failing to follow the directions required to get the BOT to pick up the right information and I will admit to getting the hashtag wrong the first time in a now deleted tweet)

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