Twas the night before the next expansion…. goodbye Maldraxxus

and all the citizens of Azeroth cleaned out their bags in preparation for the next collection of Junk.

I’m going around saying my goodbye to my very familiar friends in the Seat of the Primus, in Maldraxxus. I am going to try and use some of the keys in my bag to open up some final chests. There won’t be a need to come back here for a while.

I’ve hugged Plague Deviser Marileth for the last time. He still burns.

I am reminded of all the Metal Music references in Maldraxxus as I say goodbye. Wowhead has a list here : Maldraxxus is METAL

One of my favorite Bands is Lacuna Coil – an Italian metal band with an amazing lead singer Cristina Scabbia and there is a character called Chiara Coil in the Seat Of The Primus. I was lucky enough to see them play in Sydney a few years ago, and they were also a trigger to finding some life long friends at work, when in a happy discovery we were talking about slightly obscure music for Australia and “You know who Lacuna coil are…” meant instant bond. ( and I will be seeing them tomorrow during the WOW expansion launch night in a Concert with Gojira instead of playing WOW but that is a happy sacrifice)

Also in Maldraxxus is Tapani Nightwish, another favorite band of mine, Nightwish

and Lyra Hailstorm for Lzzy Halestorm of the band Halestorm ( playing in Sydney next year )

Yes, there are other Metal homages in Maldraxxus, but these were the ones that meant more to me.

Goodbye Maldraxxus, I have felt more at home as my Shadowey self here than any other zone.

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