The Dragons must have taken all the ducks

The Mystery has finally been solved as to where all the ducks had gone.

Many years ago, we realised that Azeroth had no ducks. I complained a little when I realised after a visit from my sisters Duck in my Post Where are all the ducks?

Blizzard has taken the missing creatures to heart and have managed to locate them in the new Zone. The Dragons had them all along,

It’s also noted in the Embassy Visitor Log as a reason for your visit when you sign the guest book.,

There is an escort ‘toy’ that puts a duck on your head ( fits nicely safe and snug in my crown helm)

It looks like we now have a selection to collect as pets,

And in the Wild there are all sorts of ducks – including duck meat for cooking.

These may not have been the fluffy ducks I was looking for – but I will take it.

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  • Don’t forget Nat’s drinking hat with a +8 to fishing and +10 lure a little better then what you can get for professions/ lures 7 hours ago
  • The Tuskarrs have left an extraordinary amount of tackle-boxes around the waterways. 1 day ago
  • Yes do not need overheated magma pools anymore - harpoon upgrades done. 3 days ago
  • Don’t do the epic battleground weekly if you are honor capped. Took me a couple to realise. 3 days ago
  • Totally forgot I had void storage… 5 days ago

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