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I started dungeon running in Dragonflight as heals but it stressed me out trying to learn new mechanics including Dragon flying in the plains and chasing tanks who were determined to skip mobs and all have different shortcuts. Mana wasn’t a problem at that point but having time to loot those precious greens and cloth for leveling professions was, so to get more confident I ran as dps, and was dismayed at the dps for shadow until I got my Shadow crash timing right to mass double dot all the trash mobs and my army of apparitions floating at a pack.

I now have two decent healing trinkets and picking up gear upgrades as I go couple of rep pieces and lucky drops – I will probably go back to healing because of shorter queues and more likely to get picked up for raid pugs, but while running as dps I have come across some healer hate, and had to defend the healers.

First Heroic dungeon, a tank pulling mobs and bosses like we were running stockades again told a healer they sucked when we died because totems weren’t going down fast enough in Brackenhide Hollow on Decatriarch Wratheye. The Choking Rotcloud will silence casters which is particularity annoying for healers who need to stay mobile, avoid it, and heal dps silly enough to stand in it, if those totems don’t go down fast enough the fight gets too long and its harder. I defended the healer saying they were doing a fantastic job. The tank said /whatever and totems died faster no wipe the second time ( and I will always say a friendly reminder to kill totems now to make sure it goes smoothly)

Second Heroic last night saw a new Tank refusing to tank because the healer swore at him in caps for not asking for help. He was clearing all the mobs in the Forgemasters room in Neltharus, given he had gotten lost earlier and had admitted he was new to tanking this dungeon ( which we thanked him for telling us) the healer got impatient and got a little shouty especially as he accused us earlier of pulling his mobs for him when they were just connected packs and extra friends. Tank didn’t want to continue, healer refused to apologise for getting shouty – Tank said he was being abused, healer called him a sook and neither was getting enough votes when they tried to vote kick each other. I mostly soothed things over, appealed to both to allow dungeon to continue, and eventually we cleared with no wipes, but no one in that dungeon group had fun that run.

So respect the role, and each other and we can not walk away from a dungeon run feeling crap, because I can say from experience of now many expansions – this has all happened before and it will all happen again, the mobs might have changed but people haven’t.

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