Games I played in 2022

Thanks to my Razer I have a nice little summary of where I have been gaming the last year. ( other then Warcraft that is)

2022 saw me studying and working full time and next year will be the same, so gaming time is precious. I haven’t rejoined a guild because I can’t commit to any kind of raiding schedule, and I am ok with that for this cycle of my life – I don’t need to quit completely but I do need to manage priorities.

I also have a Switch lite and an Xbox, but the switch is really only used for animal crossing and two point hospital. I did buy the Star Trek Prodigy game and will play that more over Christmas break.

Stardew I tried both on switch and Pc and I was eternally frustrated by my inability to do more things because of energy levels. I was trying to rush ‘progression’ because Wow has trained me to grind – but thats not how to play. I may revisit when I can pace myself

Ark was my second love, but I’ve never quite recovered after losing my biggest base because I didn’t log in and feed my dinos in time – this can be a huge time sink and I ended up hosting an offline session and god moded my tame times so I could collect some dinos that were out of reach before ( try baby sitting a snoring T Rex for hours to tame it) I did get to explore the map more including the ice areas where survivability is harder. I was tempted to also try in xbox but there is a new Switch game out that is getting ok gameplay reviews, and I can see me playing it casually so will see what Santa brings this year. ( Or else I will buy)

Satisfactory has a great – non toxic community of builders and the game is not even fully released. As one person said – there is absolutely no pressure – you can progress as slow or fast as you like, the map is huge, and you don’t have restrictions on things like day/night and sleep requirements. ( your character is permanently fueled by Coffee ) you can be creative or technical or productive. I love the problem solving requirements, and the exploration. I still have a grind mentality here though, but when the goals are just so big you are also forced to pace yourself. I will keep going back.

I was surprisingly engaged with Raft, I just found the navigation hard trying to get to places I hadn’t seen. The build/ reinforcement was fine, was fed watered and protected – had a fantastic net debri system set up – starting collecting the animals and even found the radio tower and cruise ship, just got lost too often with wind direction, and couldn’t sustain a motor for too long so too much time spent on open seas.

Only a little way through Halo – but happy to keep going with the story.

Will see what next year brings – happily immersed in WOW for now till Uni starts back.


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