I’m  from Sydney Australia and I’ve been playing WOW for way too many years,

It’s something I try and fit in around the rest of real life, full time work,  and hobbies that include writing and singing and other games.

My main is a Night Elf Shadow Priest / Holy Heals.

I love being Shadow and have always played Shadow.

The blog has been quite for a long time,  and I can’t commit to writing as frequently as I once did,  but this has always been my very own space, and its hard to let go completely.

This was never a number crunching calculating best DPS outcome sort of blog.  If I find something interesting I will link it though, its reflections of my experience,  its drama,  its passion,  its conflict,  its about me and what I learn about the game, about people, about my class.

There is stuff in there about guild experience – about BG’s about endgame content, pugs and about above all wanting to have fun.

In regards to copyright please apply the basic creative commons ideals to it. If you want to use something I write please quote/link  your source.


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  • Just went goth home decor shopping at tkmax ( aka Halloween shopping) I might need to go back tomorrow for a blanket and more things 7 hours ago
  • Midnight electronic book delivery is not a good thing for sleep 2 days ago
  • I have surviving sea monkeys - one in particular with a curious personality that is getting bigger 3 days ago
  • Couple of weeks and study stuff over for now. Just in time for PAX and then NaNoWriMo looking forward to fun/ creative stuff 6 days ago
  • Yeah! PAX badge arrived 1 week ago

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