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Diary of a WSG Grave Yard Camp escapee

Rez 1Surrounded by the enemy!  Oh Noes!  Quick Buff Fort…….. *runs Forward.  Stunned Slammed dead.

Rez 2 –  (15 secs  to Rez ) * If I can sneak to the edge – and slip over the side.  Closer … Closer..   Darn!  Timer reset  (30 secs to Rez)

Rez 2.5 Waits impatiently for rez timer.  PING! Vroommm..    Over the side she’s running,   hot on her tail are a Shammy and a hunter’s pet.  She fears the pet and she’s running, yes she is running clear! down her right side Mage pops out, and she’s frozen folks.  Shes frozen in place,   She trinkets out, and she’s off,   running with a renew ticking and a shield on,  but her health is dropping, it’s so close! and she hits disperse  folks!  did you see that! with just hundreds of health  left and she’s safe for 6 secs !  Yes she’s safe.

Shes dead.

Rez 3  ( 3 secs to rez)   PING!   She casts fear. Slowed by a totem ( audible Audience Sigh)  and she runs in slow motion to that edge and Just..  Can’t…. Make… It…….


Rez 4.  ( 7 secs to Rez) Nenah Cherry Lyrics  in her head. “7 seconds away Just as long as I stay.  I’ll be waiting.”   Dead. They were waiting all right.

Rez 5.  Fears, runs,  Heals, shields,  disperse is off cool down, pots, trinkets,


Rez 6 .  The Shivers Start.  The uncontrollable urge to cry, PING! “/s Don’t hurt me!’


Rez 7. Collapses in a pile of quivering mess


Rez 8.   Frack this.    /Leave BG


Yes I died in Stormwind with a million debuffs and dots on me.

Disenchanting: Fair rules in a pug.

As an ongoing, and heated issue on the entitlements of an enchanter,  I think from all the feedback this has highlighted what I think is the most important thing to come of this issue; that Rules need to be set, and the rules need to be clear.

A realm forum post on Disenchanting in instance runs  brought up the idea of realm culture, and what was done on one realm is different to another.   While Larissa from the Pink Pigtailed Inn  questioned “Do Players from different countries have different mindsets”  it makes sence that some realms would develop different ‘cultures’  and expected ways of behaviour,  whether it be their approach to winning,  to the most fair way of distributing shards, or loot, and even popular forms of DKP/Loot councils.  The Culture of the realm sets the social rules and norms.

The Culture of some realms when it comes to Deing loot in instances  apparently work on the assumption that there is no enchanter and all greed. ( maybe enchanters are rarer on these ones?) and if there is an enchanter then they wait till everyone else has rolled and then needs the item to DE. Its not one group that does it, its  entire servers.  That makes it  the enchanters responsibility to ensure that the roll is handled correctly, and even if someone does missroll a need there is still a chance that the enchanter will get the item.   The idea of culture when it comes to deing, or more what people come to expect has opened my eyes up a little,  we get server transfers all the time,   guild runs will have different rules, and to be fair,  no one knows what they are supposed to do untill they are either told what to do, or work out by trial and error what they are aren’t supposed to do.

So lets change enchanting culture, and make the expectations normal.

In a non free market society,  the price for things would be fixed.  A shard’s value, or  a piece of loot from a loot roll would have fixed values. At the end of the run the results would be tallied, and  rewards ( or compensation  awarded.) 

However you would run into problems if someone wins more then 1 piece of loot, consider someones repair bills, and their role into the party, and their success in that role. 

The /roll is still the most fair, but add some dispensations, or disqualifications to make it fairer.

The rules If there is an enchanter present: To be advised before the party starts the instance.

Need if an upgrade
Ask before needing if its offspec
Greed on BOE
Pass on unwanted BOP’s

All remaining items will be sharded by the enchanter.
Everyone Rolls at end
If there is an Abyss Crystal *- Highest roll wins regardless.
If there are only shards – People who did not get any loot get roll preference over those who did.
If you win a roll on loot by missrolling then you are considered to have won loot.**

If this is made clear at the begining, then if someone protests they can leave/disagree/discuss.

I’m still not sure how an enchanter is going to be guaranteed to benefit, but I think if this system was used then the chances in a 4 boss fight, that seems to drop 4 blues and 1 epic that everyone will either walk away with at least a piece of loot or a shard, or as Holy Dueg  put, a runners up prize.

* This is acknowledging that the Abyss crystal’s value is far greater then  a single shard, you may even hold that receiving a piece of loot should disqualify you from a roll on the abyss in a 5 man, but given its unique single use, and value, much like the frost orb, I think it warrants its own roll. Eg Current culture on my realm is everyone rolls need on the orb – its just easier to do it that way.

**Note: It still in the best interest of someone to pass on an item so it gets sharded then deliberately ninja the item to vend unless they are truly despicable, and are getting their jollys more from the depriving of others the item, then actually profiting themselves.

An Enchanters tale.

There was some heated discussion on a recent post of mine, about the growing trend of enchanters dissatisfaction at the assumption we will DE, and the ‘fairness’ of us getting/not getting benefit from our efforts.  I continue to DE in pug runs but I thought I would share 2 stories from the weekend from an enchanters POV 

Case 1

I ‘disciplined’ someone yesterday in a Pug  Oculus  run.  On the 1st boss I advised them  all that I was an enchanter and I could DE.  They were all happy,  all was good.  I got the item,  I de’d the item.

A rogue on boss 3  rolled  on an item he should not have,  under the assumption that we were all greeding.  I pointed out that I had said on boss 1 that I was an enchanter, and had DE’d the item, and that everyone else had been passing on items they didn’t need.   He apologised, and we went on, and he didn’t missroll again.

When the run was over, there were only 2 shards , all the other items had been needed

So I made a call. 2 people who got loot passed, so  3 people including the rogue wanted a shard.  I told the rogue that he wasn’t getting one,  I explained why and that it would be unfair for the 2 people left ( including me) not to benefit from the run, when his mistake had cost the group a shard.

If there had been 3 shards I would have given him 1, but I made the call right or wrong, as a person in possesion of the shards doing what I thought was fair for the benfit of the group. ( and me.. )

Case 2

3 people from my guild, 2 pug members in a Heroic VH.  We were only doing it for badges, and a chance of a drop for one of the guildys.  When the 1st boss died, I said I was an enchanter, so did one of the pugs. I let the pug do the DEing.   He waited until the end of the run to DE all the items  ( When he didn’t de after boss 1 I checked his armory to make sure he was actually an enchanter) (<3 my duel screens) at the end of the run there were 3 shards and one Abyss crystal.  We rolled,  the enchanter got the lowest roll, and he said something along the lines of  “Everyone got something except me”  I told him to keep my shard.  I thought that was fair considering he had done the deing, and it had been a good run.  It was going to be one of those poor runs for an enchanter.  Was I being generous,  no,  I wanted that shard  – I still have receipes I won’t personally use to buy. I let him have it out of sympathy for his plight, and maybe restore some hope in the rule of universal fairness.

What was the point of these examples.  In both cases I made a very human decision about the distribution of  the results of a Disenchant,  a simple  /roll in both cases in my opinion would not have been fair – so I chose to intervene.  I believe that my actions in both instances were for the good of all, what I feel almost bad about is that even if I was right, or wrong it was me who made that decision,  I forced my moralities onto other people, and that’s why i feel almost ickky.  It may not be as comparable as the raid leader that ninja’s the rare mount, but I made judgements on the results of a persons ‘labour’ if you will.  The circumstances of both these examples  could not be outlined by loot rules.

I’m not sure if the Rogue who lost out on a shard, or the other enchanter who gained one, is having anywhere near the sort of internal struggle I am – over a crystal pixel, but I think for me at least, as overtly ‘deep’  and frivolous as the issue is,  its a splash in the face as to however minor, your decisions effect how others see and play the game. You will influence by your own actions what they walk away from that computer with.  Be it a sense of unfairness,  injustice, or a feeling of accomplishment.

Enchanters on Strike – 2nd Round.

The buzz at the moment, is that some enchanters are stepping up now and saying that we should get to keep the shards we get from DEing loot  in an instance. Its come up on my realm forums, and also recently on Wow insider –  Who gets to keep the shards?

As an Enchanter I’ve done a couple of instances where  I waited patiently for everyone to select their need greed pass, advised them every roll that I am greeding to DE ( because they forget and I get blasted for rolling on an item my class can’t use. )   Sigh with impatience when  someone who can’t DE accidentally loots an item by needing.  Make room in my bag for the shards,  separate the materials I already had in there so they don’t get mixed up, notify everyone how many of each I have, field questions why there are only 2 shards and not three  ( because Pug person A rolled that greed) and then dolled them all out to the rest of the party because I lost a roll.  How is that fair?  Its not fair.  But I still do it – because it has been ‘socially unacceptable’ to say frack you,   everyone greed.

Going forward that might be a better idea as some of the items vendor more then what the shard sells for.

The most interesting side to the argument has been that Skinners/miners/herbers get to keep what they gain, and we don’t.

I’ve seen DPS suffer because  people have been  more concerned with skinning things in VH then killing the boss.

I’ve died because people went for a node/herb in an instance and pulled a pack.

I’ve died because stupid me stood on top of  a boss in an Aoe effect that continued after death and died because I couldn’t find the item to de in my bags.

I’ve never run an instance where there has been no enchanter, because I’ve always been an enchanter.

If I run with guildys most of them will pass on the shards and roll on the Abyss crystal,  Or we donate to the guild bank.  I’ve had a couple of pugs pass on the shards too,  but only because the value of the shard is not worth the effort to list on the AH.

I agree that the system is unbalanced, if I don’t win a roll there is no incentive for me to DE barr social pressure.  It would be an interesting way to start a flame war

“Anyone an enchanter?”


“Right you can de.”

Unfortunately I can’t be fracked doing it.

For some reason though I feel obligated to use my hard earned , costly  trade skill to level,with no real benefit unless I camp trade channels, that I  service my guildys and friends for free,  a skill that it becomes useless to me once I have enchanted my own gear. 

I feel obligated socially to DE stuff on demand – with no gauranteed benifit to myself.   I can’t turn myself into that much of a miser to say no. Or lie, or just say nothing when the question is asked.  I wish I could.

but I won’t because….. 

Why – ? I actually can’t formulate an answer beyond,  that is what is socially acceptable. Or Assumed its what we are supposed to do.  Its like a priest that won’t heal.  We are fighting a stereotype – and everyone else stands there with their hands out expecting their shard.

Could I jump on the bandwagon and shout to the hills by making public statements that I won’t be DEing any more.

I think the resulting social reaction would be interesting. I imagine it would be mainly WTF?

So I will keep DEing.  I don’t agree we should keep all the shards. I also don’t agree that we do it for free, but I can’t see a way we could benefit from it beyond getting skill points/a BOP residue we could use for our own personal enchants. As the System stands. I am recommending that Enchanters put away their campaign placards, and do it, and hope that enough people pass enough times for you to feel that you have gotten something from it.

But I can implore those who are not enchanters to  stop expecting it.  Appreciate it. Be somewhat grateful. Be aware that this persons choice to level their enchanting , is giving you an opportunity to receive an item you wouldn’t ‘normally’ get. So at the very least. Thank the enchanter…

Enchanters on Strike – Union calls for Payrise.

News Flash : The Enchanters Union has declared that Enchanters are going on strike.  Experts predict that  Jewelcrafters and   Mages will soon follow.

As self appointed president and sole member of the Dath’remarian enchanters Union I declare that Free Enchanting services will no longer be rendered to the general public.  Requests for enchants  in Trade – In General – in Yell will be ignored until a correctly worded request accompanied by offer of tip is detected.  (Free Services still available to friends and guildys)

I’m often in and out of cities often, and so I see the Enchanter wanted posts in trade all the time.  Some are people who don’t even say what enchant they want – even as mentioned by Random Ravings ( One F word in that post in case u have filters/work restraints.. )  “Looking for high – level enchanter PST”  Seriously why would I respond to that?

I watched one guy spam for an hour looking for the Dodge to cloak –  While on my alt I suggested he would get a better response if he offered a tip.”Why should I?” He replied back – “they could get a point out of it”   In the end because he belonged to a guild for which I had positive experiences with I logged over to my main and did it for him. 

I know tipping has been blogged about before and there is no right answer to how much an enchant/Item crafting/Gem Cutting is worth.  I have along the way been collecting as many of the rep enchants as possible. Some of these came at a great cost to myself in time and gold. Leveling high enchanting is not cheap or easy – and its not like people are queuing up at your door for the enchants that will help you level. A tip is a gesture of goodwill.

I don’t expect tips from friends or Guildys…   I utilise their skills for Gemcutting – they utilise me for enchanting – we have a common bond, we are building/maintaining a relationship.

If you think that you shouldn’t offer a tip because they ‘Might’ get a point out of it..  well..  I don’t need  points, nor really do I need gold.   I need your acknowledgment that effort went into this skill at a cost, and that I am providing you a service, stopping what I am doing,  linking you the enchant so you can check the mats,  waiting for you to get the right mats from your bank/AH  – and most of the enchants that people want are the ones that level 375 enchants have, and they don’t need any more points. So you need to make me want to help you. Be it through incentive, or that its easy to do.  Enchanters do not stand in cities all day waiting for someone to help.

and Yes I enchant peoples stuff in citys all the time for free, I also ignore twice as many requests on trade, because its not worth the effort / conveniant to reply – a lot of people ignore requests all the time.

however….   when the expansion comes and enchanters are looking to level their enchanting again – you will find an abundance of crafters in all forms offering free /cheap services for those points, and there will probably be in increase of people paying you to use them to enchant..  (  I’m going to try and stock some mats for the enchants that aren’t grey so  I can get the skill up)    But until then..  

1. know what enchant you want and the Mats – a request for the enchant mats link will most often be answered

2. Offer a tip / to tip

3.Offer to come to the enchanter where possible  / or identify where you are.. ( so I don’t have to shift click or work out how to get to you)

3. don’t spam it. ( I know using the trade channel for legitimate reasons is a rare thing ) but there is a reason why people disable trade channel)

4. Don’t ask for someone “to make my weapon glow red or blue”

EG: LF Enchanter in SW for [ Enchant weapon – Mongoose] have mats will tip.

if you do the above you will find that you will get more / quicker responses to your request.


Inflation? Extorsion? Greed?

What is with the price of Large prismatics on my Server?

Luckely I had been ‘shattering’ my Voids using my Sunwell enchant on its cool down and had 5 of the 6 I needed.   At 35 Gold each on the AH the price was ridiculous,  they used to be 17Ish Gold 22 on a Bad day, my Auctioneer had the price pegged at 141% of the normal going rate – and there were two pages of the Shards Unsold for that price – I would have checked out the price of voids if I hadn’t used my cool down, and I only needed one large prismatic – Having said that Large Brilliant shards were at 17 G each  this week.

The economics of the guild bank is funny –  and theres a serious case of price fixing in general that goes on. Yes I will admit to checking out the general price of the rest for sale, and if they have been bumped up, then I will match it with the standard 5 % less – Auctioneer does it for me 🙂  35 G though when there is an oversupply is Greed. I hope they are all sweating  waiting for the Gold in their box.

Me – I brought a blue for 10 G cheaper, and Disenchanted it – it was only 10 G – but it was the principle of not rewarding extorsionists!

The Auction House on each server would be an interesting study for the economics types –  Currently with the daily quest increases people have a bit more cash. Are the sellers hoping people will flash the cash around and not care about the general inflation that seems to be going on?   Its throwing my averages out of whack.

 So after that I’ve upgraded my bracers because i had the honour – and  for some reason I was only 1100 Shadow Damage.  I had orginally reported me at being 1120- but I lost 20. – Somwhere….  I might have had a buff on me or something – So I’m now 1110 + shadow Damage – with 4 sets of clothing – I think I need outfitter as an add on now… 

Enchants and Selling them On AH

According to WOW insider Last year  ( Sep 2007) – Enchants will be able to be sold on the AH – After 2.4 and around WOTLK

As someone who  just finished making her  375 Enchanting Wand  – I think that this is good  and bad news.  I now have a couple of Rarer enchants, The Best Fort to bracers  Soulfrost and some others,   my only problem has been making back money from the costs I’ve outlaid.   While people vendor or sell their greens and quest rewards as they climb the ranks  Enchanters  Shard them to use for mats. ( I used to make some of my money back when I was poor by selling the mats ) but for the most I had to buy additional mats just to level up.  By Ahing them we now enter a oppourtunity  for realm economics to impact enchanting and Mat prices.  Now having maxed out my enchanting, and with a new rod,  and most of the enchants I don’t have being ones that are riducously priced on the AH or BOP’s from Kara ect ect..  Im interested in making money from it –  I made 5G this weekend from my enchanting skill.   Mostly they spammed who can enchant “……. ”  and I could – So they had the mats – they gave them to me – I enchanted and they tipped 2 G for 1 and 3g for another-  Now realistically  depending on the trouble to get to said person, its not worth  the 2g to wait for them to get mats – log in out of toons and back.     Can you come to me…? they ask..   So I don’t normally answer the requests.. I even have trade channel permantly off its gets so annoying .   Considering my Now level 46 Mage is making more money of responding to Port requests while she is running round Tanaris ( yes it is in the middle of whoop whoop.. )  Are enchanters being treated fairly for the cost of their skill, and how many people assume that there is no Fee. Im beyond skilling up –  I’m doing a random a favour I want Gold…  but whats the correct rate to charge?   Its more then Pre BC and Post BC enchants,  and then there are level 375 enchants – I paid another enchanter 30g for soulfrost a few weeks ago.  I had already spent 600 odd G in mats and  time to get the ingrediants,  but I offered 30g for him to enchant because I felt It was reasonable,   it was a special enchant  – I still came to them.    But Im not sure Im keen on having to outlay a substantial amount of money on mats for a Chant thats not Gaurented to sell.    There are alot of things  on the Ah – like some Mana/spell oils /pots and flasks where the base cost to make something is more then what the item is worth selling, or the profit is just not enough to even bother – Either the cost of Mats goes down,  or Enchanters just will not sell  enchants.

One thing though,  it will be easier to send Enchants to my Alts ( Im assuming you will be able to maiil them too ) for the Items that were BOE and I can’t enchant for them.

A jewelcrafter uses Mats and skill to make a Jem – this Jem then sells for 40-80G ( blue ones)  Yes the costs for enchanting lies with the person who wants the enchant  or nor do I want avocate that the enchanter buys the Mats,  because there is no way Im forking out the cost of soulfrost enchants to put on the Ah – and be undercut and not sell the enchant.

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