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Zelmaru from Murloc Parliament talked about not being ‘liked’ for an unknown reason, and what you should do, if you do dislike someone in “No body likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go and eat worms” , and that has given me a reason to finish this post off.  Like Zelmaru I don’t expected to be liked by everyone, I P people off in real life.  ( hey that should be a tshirt) but it would be nice to know Why.

This post has been sitting half finished since I server transfer quit AGAIN,  and slunk back to Proudmore  with the realisation that sometimes burning bridges is a good thing.

I got asked a interesting question in my re- interview for the raiding spot   that confused me  a little because I had to think on a concept,

“Do you know you will be playing with people  you don’t like?”

I wondered at the time, and considering the grilling I got in my reinterview, and the hoops I was told I would need to jump through to prove myself,  as well as the general difficulty I had in getting them to acknowledge I want to raid –   should the question have been “Do you know you will be playing with people who don’t like you?”

When expressing my confusion at my supposed apparent and obvious dislike,  I said,  well  there was only ever really one person I had issue with – and I don’t believe he is in the guild anymore  anyway – but even me and him sorted that out with a long discussion on vent,  so we were cool. So I’m not sure what gave you the impression I don’t like someone? ( especially since I am usually uncharacteristically quite in raid )

Was  there reasons I didn’t know about that should cause me to dislike someone? –  well that kind of thinking only makes you paranoid.

I did however had to think. Who I actually liked – and I realised how little I knew them. I didn’t know most of them well enough to dislike them.

If we use the analogy that Wow raiding is very much like a 2nd job, you  may not ‘like’ everyone in the office – but you probably don’t know them all too well,  or  have an interest in doing so,  but it also doesn’t necessarily affect your working or business relationship with them. They are colleagues but not a friend. A friend is a bonus – its a deeper connection then a colleague, and you make that because of time invested.

So sometimes  it means working with people you have nothing personally in common with bar that you are at the same place and time to get a job done.

I am amazed  sometimes at such obvious dislike and I guess snark I do see in guilds that if you can get past your personal differences and still raid with someone – and not cause public disruption or another officer tell you to quit it,  well that truly is a working relationship.

Do we need like/dislike buttons against guildy names?  Am I taking this concept of like or dislike too seriously – and that  concept of like and dislike are now as serious pressing a button on a status update.

There are people I have disliked  – however they are usually terrible examples of humanity eg  the Chick that changed Peoples guild notes,  and had to have daddy clean up her forum post messes.  Or the guy who muted me in raid, and his lovely companion in that same raid that told the only other female to “Shut up you f’ken W*hore”

How do you treat other people?  has to be one of the biggest nudge worthy items on the scale of dislike or like. Do you  go out of your way to make other people’s games or lives miserable? Do you manipulate people? Spread rumours for kicks? Those kind of things shall not endear you to me.

Doesn’t matter now  – I burned my bridges – wasn’t sure who would care if I did go to the effort of saying goodbye, because even with working relationships.  When it’s not working. It’s not.

But I am not sure how I would go about displaying my dislike of someone. Perhaps I need to be clearer  about those I do like or respect, so there is a greater variable.

Home Realm

There is something oddly comforting  logging into my first home realm and seeing the same trade troll doing his thing in general chat Hyjal.

I was having difficulty deciding who I wanted to level next, and if I would move them to proudmoore.  We are now a level 7 guild, so the leveling bonuses and experience would be useful, but since my main went solo to proudmoore I need to transfer over who I want to level next, and I have half decided on my hunter who was my only 80 left back on my home realm.  The rest are all still on BR.

Several attempts at transferring my hunter failed because I had mail in my bags.   So I got as far as that transfer screen, and  then had to log in to delete mail, but then I would get distracted, and want to play a little,  randomly mash buttons and kill things, pat my pet, and consider getting a new one – but decide I am happy to keep Ironjaw  Then I got a hair colour change from red to black, and then I would go into an BG, and  now I am  1  bar off 81 and still on the same realm.

I still know people on there – and seen the odd name floating around I recognise, but I’m now some random they probably won’t remember on an alt .

It was always my home.  I’ve had the most fun, and the most fun raiding on there,  I ummed and ahhhed about leaving it the first time, and in hindsight as long as I passed the trial I was on when I left to follow ex guildys I would have seen most of the same content in the end.  I got  to see 11/12 hardmodes – and multiple attempts on heroic LK, and the ICC Drake,  so I guess they are some things to be proud of and I don’t regret  that part.

I had always left that one 80 as an anchor back on the home realm but now I think I should be letting go, she will be easier to gear if she’s with my main. She won’t have to level taggless, and the greens she picks up while leveling will make my mains enchanting happy.  So many reasons to go,  but also so hard to let go of.

Healing is not fun.

Merry Christmas!

Hope Santa was good to you.   My mother told me long ago that Santa only comes to people who believe in him,  so since I believe in any man that delivers…


Yes I have been quite on the blog front, but I’m not down and out.  Just needed to find the meaning of fun again, which is kind of funny considering Wow is  a game.

I was trying to pin point the reason for my malady, and I have come to the conclusion that I am having healing issues.  I do not like healing holy at the moment.

Dislike. Detest. Hate. Abhor.

It’s been ok when I know the tank, but pug tanks, pug dps – its a pain.    Some we will be fine on  and we will even complete the dungeon,  others multi wipes on the 1st boss.

It is against the core of a healers mindset to let people stay at half health. Must fill up health bar!

It has been a great source of frustration for me, and I can never tell when its my fault,  or someone elses.

Eg if the tank dies in Grim Batol because the dps didn’t kill / cc  the Malignant trog then its my fault for not healing the tank through the damage, because otherwise the rest of the party would need to know the consequences of that trogg causing a  damage taken increase to the tank.  A tank just sees his health going down. The Dps just sees the tank dieing and them getting agro. It’s quite easily the healers fault.

“I hope your better than the last priest” says one group.

” the two druid healers before you sucked”  said another

I got into a cat fight with a dps when I suggested that ” Maybe the party was taking too much damage for the healers to heal”  the freshly dinged and cheating to 329 ilevel dps told me to ” get out of his instance” for suggesting he was bad.  it got a little heated and ” I told him to die in a fire..  oh wait  he already was.. ”  my fault for baiting, but I felt obliged to defend the healers that had come before me and suffered.  It was funny cause that dps then made an alt on my server  – to wait….  apologize – other people I know get people making alts on their servers to troll them or say nasty things. I get an apology.

I can’t see how a healer in this expansion could be lazy.  Sure we make mistakes, or bad choices.  I shouldnt have tried to cast a 2.7 sec heal when I have a  1.3 flash but panic healing is gonna run me oom.

The majority of my successes have been with friends – where I get to dps 🙂  I’m finally in better gear – with much lesser mana issues , and just really need the rep pieces now.  I’m not touching the crafted pieces because  I don’t believe that they are a significant upgrade, and in some cases of lesser stats then other pieces available, and wtf is with the +10 mastery stat gem socket bonus on the crafted dps belt, and where are the healing crafted legs. Not on the vendor.

I had planned on healing more in Cata – but I think my offspec  shall be Shadow Pvp untill I overgear the mana issues for the heroic content.

I get the choosing the right spell  for the damage being taken.  I get choosing to prioritize  targets  I get the need to balance cool downs like Chakras and serendipity,  – and balancing using mana pots and whatnot  but this mana business.  Why make the healers job even more stressful

Cata was supposed to wake dps up a little,  that you can’t just faceroll the content and frack up because the healer or tank will save you,  it hasn’t woken them up,  it’s just shifted the blame entirely on the healer.  We can’t output enough heals to cover up bad.

Of course it’s different with people you know.   The people I run with have a no pug policy – they get people they know – heroics are done with everyone on vent.

Why do I still pug? – I want the freedom to run stuff when I want to.  I like pugs, you learn new strats,  get lessons in patience, and understanding, get challenged in different ways, but it’s getting bad trying to run  them.  I don’t have the heart anymore.



Cata – and LF Kindred spirits in ‘flair’

Cata is here.

Really?  Sif I would go to a bookshop to  buy books to read when I could be at home playing.

I am half a bar off 82   ( and the server goes down) – 3 nights of playing a couple of hours. I’ve not trained mindspike my new level 81 spell.  I need to hit a city soon to empty my bags of my DE mats, cloth and fish I’ve been collecting and will train when I get there I guess.

It’s not taking it slow for enjoyments sake.  I want to ding 85 as quickly as possible.   Just Tuesday night the launch at my time 7pm was a lot of stuffing around, so I logged off early,  and I’ve not had to be home for any particular time so I have been doing errands after work. Aiming for 85 this weekend.  We will see if I get there.

I sacrificed my L key as an interact with target  bind so I could get my flight training.  There was no such thing as personal space on launch night.  The first I have been awake/in game for.  “Lets AOE so the scrubs get dc’d”  said one or two bright sparks as what could only be the entire server pop stood ontop of the flight trainer in SW.

I did start work in a new area this week –  New boss,  took half of my work with me,   but it’s different reporting lines,  so I have been getting to work a little earlier then norm to make a good impression, and so I have been going bed a bit earlier, and not blogging!

But the thing about a new area  and new people is looking for signs there are fellow gamers or geeks,  looking for I guess some ‘flair’ that indicates a geeky side beyond a suit and tie.  I was the youngest by a fair bit in my old team,  but even now there seems to be a somewhat lack of geeks in my area.  Though I did  spy a chess set on someones fileing cabinet that looked rather neglected, and probably was a unwanted kris kingle present from years ago.

My new desk is looking bare of ‘flair’ . Give me time, a small silver xmas tree,  and a green tree frog is it for now.  I’ve moved locations about 6  times in almost 10 years  – maybe its an age thing,  but as I get older,  I keep less pieces of ‘flair’  Often because I end up having to explain it to people. Why did I have a copy of  a painting Cymon and Iphigenia or a portrait of  Ophelia  ( two paintings I love in our Sydney Art Gallery) –  I used to keep a crystal or two on my desk , a picture of two Nordic deities I felt affiliated to, a bands postcard  ( of course no one ever heard of  them.. ) that came free with a cd- once upon a time I had a Buddha, and a Mini Chinese Stone Warrior General  and even more recently,  my Holy Priest WOW Figurine, and a little plush count Dracula..  Yes I am odd.

One of my old old desks..   From Left to right.  Thor, Cute animal pic,  Within temptation postcard , Ophelia, I brake for Kobolds, Buddha,  as well as lots of post it notes,  bottle of water, bottle of V and a coffee.

It is also messy! I know.

But I have a chance to redecorate again,  and while there is over doing your ‘flair’ I like being surrounded by things that make me happy – makes it feel like my space.

I could stick up my Terry Pratchett  con flyer when I dig it out, my Battlestar Galaxtica cast pic, and my ‘I brake for Kobolds” sticker that’s been following me around cubicle to cubicle the last few years. I have played Dnd infrequently the last 12 months- battlestar finished yonks ago,  and the Con is next April and I haven’t got my ticket so i do need a refresh of ‘flair’

My fav bookstore had some of the WOW figurines in,  and I wonder if Thrall would cause too much attention..  Him and my Human Priestess could face it off over my harddrive.

I get knocked down – and then I ghost out

I was queuing solo for WSG and most of the BG’s had a premade component to them.

There was 6 from one realm ( they qued  doing a ‘pop’   – all enter at once to bypass the 5 man restriction)  who demanded I go heals.  I have come a long way from the refusing to heal for people.  But Holy in BG’s in painful even when you know your team has your back.  Spurting out some flashes and renews only to be stampeded by the opposing team is not my idea of fun for a complete bunch of strangers.  1.3 resil in a Pvp dps spec, and all the wonderful trappings and stuns, silences and fears  I have,  I was better off staying in Shadow,  and healing if someone  needed –  and they did have hybrids on their own team.  After asking them – why they que’d as premades without heals,  I told them no.  ” I let them down” apparently.

There was a premade from Kilrogg that managed to get 7 in  and they all ghosted out when they found themselves getting farmed by a superior horde team- as per the above Screenshot.  Take my word for it that it wasn’t just a bad rez timer.  Yes stupid me went for the flag anyway – it was better than being a spirit ball ghosting out. I gave the premade some choice words  – eg ” You’re a premade – why aren’t you trying?”  To which most of them responded ”  It’s to0 hard..  or we are gonna lose anyway..   and the BEST response ever to my “See you in the bottom 5% of rated” was  “Your wrong – there will be people worse than we are”

I told them they had an opportunity to try different stats,   and not stand in the GY getting farmed.  If I could sneak over every time.  Down the ramp,  over the tunnel,  so could some of them if they had tried.

I’ve been a farmer.  It’s a strat that works.  Keep them in the GY.  This only works if the team is stupid enough to stay in the GY. So yes it works often – don’t be stupid.  Think outside the GY.

I was perusing a guilds recruitment website the other day, and one of the questions was a long the lines of picking a song that represents your attitude to progression, and wiping has always been the realm of PVE,  and Arena,  and now it will be BG’s as well.

The best song that comes to mind for me is the chorus to Tubthumping

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You’re never going to keep me down

Or because I remember the hours, and the deaths of Progression dying –  Stone Sours  Made of Scars

Yeah, cut right into me
Yeah because I am made of Scars
Yes I am made of scars

Getting knocked down, and collecting a few battle scars has always been the way progression goes. I’ve done it in Pve

and in Pvp

If you want to go places you need to die few times.  Get back up,  try again,  and do it differently.  They would have felt so much more better if they had worked as a team instead of Ghosting out.

Would you Character Transfer more if it were cheaper.

I  am going to be transferring some more of my toons over with my main. There may even be a race change to gnome on my second priest in there too. It will  mean I am committed to the realm at least.   I am still  not doing anything in guild, and effectively has only been a tag over my head, and that’s not what I really want, but there has been some roads into organising what we have in what I hope is organised pvp. We also seem to have way too many priests, but it will all depend on the race to 85 as to what they will really have to work with.

I’ve already spent about  $250 Aus  in the last 14 months or so on character transfers, and considering it works out that my yearly game subscription  is about 160$ a year  – it seems out of balance – Blizzard have made more profit from me, by cut and pasting pixels into a new server,  then they have in my share of ‘cost/membership fee’ for providing me the actual game.

If it were cheaper,  I would move all my toons together,  would even play some of them more as they would have more financial support for upgrades and professions, but considering that  Blizzard don’t necessarily want realms of ‘choice’ over populated  the price is also a deterrent or people would transfer more frequently, as given the speed that a transfer can be done they seem to have people dedicated to that task,  and when one transfer earns them almost two months of a single subscription it is quite a good little money earner for them.

Some of the transferring has even me being flakey. ( me flakey..  never.. )   Leaving a server and coming back,  or even escaping to another server, so now I have alts all over the place, and it would make it easier if they are all together because some of them have complimentary professions and one needs a sugar mummy of  a main to give them gold for Epic flying.

Once you server transferred once,  it gets easier to do it again.  I wonder what my game would be like if I decided not to follow some of my guild over the first time I ever left my home server. I left a decent trail place in a raid guild that accepted me after our guild broke up.  I could have stayed, and other things would have been different.

I think I learned a lot about playing , and people  leaving the safe confines of a comfy realm,  I now just need to settle.

Queen of Nothing in Particular

I put my foot in when we were talking about Achievements in our premade BG the other day ( when we used to be able to queue with more than  five.   Fooey ><)  They were asking how close we were to Master of WSG, and I had two achievements left,    Frenzied Defender – get 5 flag returns and Quick Cap  the speed cap one.  Both were relatively easy to obtain if I asked other people in BG to make a small concession for me.

Eg 5 cap –  let me return 5 flags – so no one else clicks on it.

Speed cap – pick up both boots ( we communicate when they are both up, and make sure no one from our team picks one up) use a speed pot in a clear field, and your home free.

I made the statement that it didn’t matter, and that I don’t like achievements because I don’t feel like I have actually achieved anything when I am asking other people to make concessions.  Of course I was talking to a collection  of people who did care about achievements, and I felt like I had made a serious social gaffe and was going to need to server transfer again.

I don’t want to rehash the Achievement topic to great lengths,  but if anything my almost callous statement highlighted that we all play Wow for very different reasons and that my opinion of achievements seems to increasingly part of the minority.

I understood the need for achievements like hardmodes in Ulduar as being a real measurement of progression.  I understand the accomplishment of Achievements that show true skill and co-ordination, and I find those worthy of pursuit.

Yes there have been achievements which I have chased. My Journey to Justicar, and  I wanted an Icecrown drake as much as the rest of them. Even now my desire for  “Of the Alliance”  by getting 100k honor kills.  To say ” I have killed One hundred thousand players”   ( Beats standing on the river bank waiting for the bodies of your enemy to float by) .

I recently completed all the silly  loving the pests,  the explorations, and killing bugs achievements. I  just keep running into people who like this achievement point thing,  it’s important to the people I play with, and thus I feel I ought to think it’s somewhat important too.

I’m # 10 in my current guild for Achievement points,  with just over 7200 points – like Gah..  and that is without even trying – it says I have done things. Been places. 

I don’t know what my motivations for playing wow are. Maybe some of it is that chemical reaction that gaming is supposed to give much like a drug on our brain chemistry,  maybe it’s the sociableness, maybe it’s fodder for another love of mine writing or communicating.  Maybe it’s somewhere to go. Something to do, but  I don’t want to be a Queen of nothing in particular. If  I chase or accomplish something that matters. I want it to matter.

See here I am thinking that other people take Achievement points  too seriously – I watch them eat and devour them one after the other, with little regard or passion in the accomplishment,  but maybe I am the odd one because I want them all to mean something. I want to be passionate about everything I consider to be an accomplishment.

Maybe it’s not the people Achievement point chasing people that have the issue but it is I who has the issue,  by trying to  find meaning and justification  in every 10 points when I should not.

When do you start to get serious about bg’s

40k words!  let me rejoice for  a moment…. 10k to go

Now back to Wow

So I have been doing a fair few server based premades. I lie. When I am logged into my main.  I am either in a BG,  or hanging round a city waiting for someone to leave the group so I can go into a bg.

I even respec’d my offspec as Disc so I could be more useful.  I do ok holy healing ; I just wasn’t getting the respect even if I could spit out the heals faster than an engineer could parachute off the top of our  tunnel in wsg.  ( half way down the field and so hard to catch)   Disc is better.   (well it was.. ) it still feels off to me, nowhere near like disc used to feel like pre talent changes, but if I was going to pvp heal even as an offspec I felt I should take it a little more serious and be in a more ideal spec,  so my main is now two pvp specs ,  Shadow and Disc.     ( just goes to show you have little pve is she is doing at the moment) leveling in Cata will change that though as no one seems to want to pvp untill 85

We faceroll pugs.  We can even faceroll other premades because they seem to have picked up random people from their trade channel.  Put us against a serious team with the right classes,  a few shadowmournes, and a collection of arena achieves and even we are in trouble.  Yes we have have people in our team who don’t really play pvp, people who don’t have resilience, heals in uncomfortable specs, healers who try dps for kicks when the group allows for it.   We are even doing all sorts of achieves for people,  but against the real premades.   That’s the real test and its also been the best challange.  You find out your mettle, and exactly how well you work together as a team.

The groups that strategize, that stick together, protect the flag carrier,  don’t peel off and do their own thing,  that are in the right specs, in the right gear  that CC,  that communicate. If you’re doing  3 of those things,  then your usually at least 2 things ahead of the average joe in a BG.

No matter how good you are, there is always someone better, or more co-ordinated, but as some of our hapless victims have found out,  just cause your a premade  does not make you organised enough to actually react to strategy changes.

My word of the month is ‘disappointed’.  instead of going off at the pugs that don’t want to help,  or start moaning when we haven’t 5 capped ab in 3 min, and that we fail as a premade.   I tell them I am disappointed with their lack of team effort.

Sometimes I wish I think it would be easier to underman the Bg,  because when pugs see premade they are 300% more likely to go afk. No one has asked  – “where do you want me.?”  or ” How can I help”  they beetch and moan when we ask them to go somewhere,  or ignore us completely,  then beetch and moan when they don’t get support on picking up the flag or taking a node.

When we don’t have a full team running,  we do try and work with the pugs.. even support their achievements,  ( yep..  )  if they ask nicely…   we include them in the strat if they prove to be useful, otherwise they become cannon fodder.  Sorry.

Uncooperative pug players seem to die more often..    so where is that heal button?

I can’t be too angry with the Tards and Asshats.  It’s still a game,  I seem to get a better response  when I play the ‘sad and disappointed’ in their behaviour rather than raging at them.  It’s still feeding them, but it is sad and disappointing.  We are supposed to be on the same team  but spend as much time fighting each other.  I really hope that in real life they aren’t the angry little boys/little men/women/ girls that they pretend to be in bg’s.  Cause they would probably have ulcers.

It’s about to get a little more serious now.  If you think BG raging was fun pre rated battlegrounds, well.  There is going to be more to lose now.

So that’s my pvp update.

I shall make more sense when I am not thinking in daily word counts.  It’s easy,  but it’s also creatively hard.  I feel drained,  there has been lots of kicking the voice that says I will fail in the head too, but getting that goal is probably the single most important thing to me at the moment. It’s a weight on my shoulders..  really..  carrying lappy, and charger to work every day plus the normal assortment of  notebooks, pens, reading books, I feel like a packhorse.

It’s a small battlegroup after all.

Guess who I ran into this weekend,  Gnomeaggedon from Armaggedon’s comming well actually his alt Squidly while doing some Bging.

I think my battlegroup is getting smaller.  In the premades  not only am I running into ex flatmates,  ( pre wow days ) and ex guildys,  but bloggers too!

Then someone recognized me while in a BG and said Hi.   so Hi back to Caffinated 🙂

Though speaking of Gnome,   he has a guest spot on a  Podcast up with Obscurecast because he is a fire Mage, and the UK was celebrating Guy Fawkes day where they get to make things catch fire, so Pewter from The Mental Shaman, and Gazimoff from Manaobscura interviewed Gnomeaggedon, so go have a listen.

and another  very important thing..   Gnome talks about betraying the Alliance if the opportunity was provided, and as a fellow Alliance player I have  to register my protest,  I mean I have fought besides him in a battlefield,  to then having to kill him,  I would no longer be able to pvp if I was forced to kill little gnomes! Following Thrall does have its appeal,  for an orc I think he is a little hunky, and charming, and seems to be a good leader,  and even though I have to fault him a little for his um thing with Jaina,  I’ve yet to change factions for a man  ( though for thrall I would consider it briefly..    but Gnome..  the Taurens would only use you to play gnomeball punting   don’t go…

Here mousey

Mice have come a long way since  the days of stealing the ball from the mice in the computer labs in highschool, prompting our IT people to glue the mouse holes shut, making cleaning impossible.  Highschool computing taught me to love keyboard shortcuts.

My mouse at home has 5 buttons, it also has marks where my fingers have worn away the silver coating, as does my work mouse.  anthropologists of the future shall know how we used our technology by the wear marks of our finger placements.

   At the time I got my 5 button mouse that came with its own software, I thought I was being very brave in breaking away from the standard mouse – It sat in my draw unused for months while I worked up the courage to plug it in.  I was eventually forced to when my old mouse died,   and now I think I am ready to upgrade again – I have gotten comfortable with 5 clicky things,  and using Alt  and mouse clicks but  I need more buttons.

I blame druid healing,

I also need to be able to reach those new buttons with as much speed as I can the right click / left click so the button placement is important

 In the Pic above the mouse on the left is how it’s currently set up and on the right  – what I think I would like.

I am not sure my thumb is flexible enough to get to three buttons quickly,  but where my ring finger sits on a mouse I could comfortably ‘squeeze/press the mouse on the side, and my little finger sits there doing nothing, and it has enough strength to press a button

( reminds me of ” Hi my name is Joe,  I have a wife and three kids and work in a button factory”  how many buttons can you push at once?

So at some point in the near future I shall be going somewhere with a gaming mouse display, and holding each of the mice to see what I like

I am sure I  would adapt to any mouse placement changes, but some of them look like you would get serious hand crampage, and I would rather a functional mouse then one all gussied up.

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