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What’s in your note.

I’ve had some funny things written in my Guild notes,  back in the day when I earned the ire  of the daughter of the GM  in a guild back on dath – she loved to change my Guild notes.  I had to ask either her father, who also deleted  her posts off the forums, or her mother to change it back  ( yes I kept a screen shot of one change ) I think she was 19 – so she had no excuse for her behavior.

Just because I am a shadow priest, doesn’t make me Emo.   Sif

I have no idea what my Officer notes say on my Mains guild says –  I hope it says nice things.  Or nothing – or something practical even.

Calling me an emo – besides meant as an insult  (And goths where there before emos!)   the eating babies thing..  no idea where that came from.

My Public note had my Join date in my Main Zahraah’s  guild, and guess what !  It’s gone now!  why…

Cause I’m a raider now.  I made it past trial

I guess I havent sucked too badly.

The whole apping – trialing  process is not something I like doing, and this is my first raider position in a raiding guild since the guild I considered a home  blew up last year.

So  step one I guess – make it past trial is done.

I can now spend my DKP!  – Woot.  Guild is awesome enough to let trials accumulate DKP  – and I like shopping for shiny things.

I wonder if they will let me hoard it for DFO.

Shiva was worrying that my lack of posts this week was because I was trying to prove I wasn’t addicted – I’m sorry if I have been a little slack  – I attended a course for work this week,  so brain was full  of so many other things, like  detecting fake signatures.

It was pretty awesome though because I had to catch a ferry – and the trip back to the city on the way home was this kinda of view.   Aint she pretty 😛  – Next week will be more consistent – and I have a few half posts done,   I also picked up some new readers,   /wave to my guildies who have not been scared away

Weekend round up


1.   The Rug’s Topography 

Say hello to the rug’s topography
It holds quite a lot of interest with your face down on it

The Nurse who Loved me – A Perfect Circle

This is what happens when you run into Mallable goo.  


Mirror images will also not take diseases off you and   Dispersion is awesome for taking some extra ticks.  Heroic PP is Chaotic and the fight makes me think a lot about jelly. 

2. Story from a Ninja’d GDKP – 

There has been an increase of GDKP ninj’as on the server,  This one actually happened the weekend before last,  but a friend was in it and has been talking to a Blizzard GM about the outcome of the ticket put in to report the ninja . Due to privacy rules the GM would not disclose to where the ninja transferred to   ( of course they server transferred) and the exact punishment – but he would at least receive at least the minimum 48 hour ban,  had the bike he purchased stripped, epic flying removed, and basically was not left with much.  As for the Pot  ( some 80k) worth, it was not split between the people who had been ninj’d off because most of that pot didn’t exist. 

Why?  Because the Ninja had been the one bidding on the loot.    Because I wasn’t there – I can’t say exactly what went down,  but from the sounds of it he outbidded everyone else on the things he wanted.  Of course he didn’t have any gold with him, I don’t know how much of the pot was him ‘ghost bidding” so the raid didn’t lose 80k of real gold, 

I’ve added that to my mental list of suss behaviours – when the person who is running the gdkp keeps making excessive bids.   No one ever questions the Raid leader.  They assume that a) he knows the fights b) has a working mod c)  can lead,d)  has the actual gold they are bidding with,  it’s not like we actually check,  and I’m sure questioning the leader would get you a Raid Kick.

This is why I like vent for GDKP’s.  You can tell more about a persons leadership style, abilities, and so on when you can hear them.   If they are not speaking or sound like a whiney teenage kid  (not all teenagers are whiney, some are quite mature and are capable raid leaders)  – it’s your gold,  your time – work out if its worth the stress.   

I’ve not been ninja’d once. Touch wood. Hower myNinja raydar works better then asshat raydar. 

3. I Got Space Invader wall stickers! 

My geekiness shall know no bounds when these make it to my pc room walls.  When I turned 30 I contemplated at what age Should I stop wearing Skulls and X Bone tshirts – or Zombie Ninja Pirate Tshirts   ( best non commercial link I could find.  ❤ Teefury Tshirts.   I haven’t quite worked out either  when I am supposed to stop get excited over things like space invader wall stickers either.    Or Cookie Monster Earings Or a Tardis Iphone Cover   


*sorry if you’ve already seen my Rugs Topography post.  I accidently deleted it using the WordPress Iphone app because I fail, so I chucked in my weekend round up thingy.

5 things for Friday

1. I will write more on my Dedicated server stance.  I need to do some more reading  to back up my argument,  I want to  consider things like the effects of language, and region on progression in raids, and arena. 

If a dedicated real oceanic server did happen – than the player base becomes more concentrated – than language will affect who you play with – Eg just look at EU WOW. Servers and guilds have become ‘language – centric’.    I guess I’m letting the cat out of the bag on an unwritten post – but I want to spend some time on the issue,  and I think it’s big enough and important enough to present a well thought out case then just a random ‘ I don’t want….”  Like I did in my previous post.

  Do the majority of people who play in Oceanic actually need a server that will deliver more precise actions. Are we underrepresented in things like Arena, and progressive raiding,  and  would having less lag  encourage more people to get serious about those things?   

2.  I’ve had a few attempts on LK in 10’s,   but when the tank is tanking him in defile.  We have issues.  BUT!   I killed the King on 25’s with my new guild.  They are old hats at it.  No I wasn’t  noob enough to release when LK killed us all,  though my complete and utter shock  at the raid blowing up  probably made me look like I hadn’t even read about the encounter.   I did I promise!  But being there and dying unexpectedly is still a massive shock because my first thought was something had happened to wipe the raid.

3.  Devouring Plague spamming in BG is awesome.  I can crit up to 4.5 K damage on a DP inital damage,  and it’s not dispelable if I am spamming it chasing you across the BG.  So shadow priest hot on your heals  Shadow Word deathing you on CD,  Doting you up with SWP, throwing a fiend at you, and spamming DP.  You better be a healing class with hots, and a lot of health. Cause your going down. MWHAHAHAHA

4. I got globally muted on a vent. When I was on my healing Alt in a GDKP.  It’s my fault. I told the player if he wasn’t going to stop saying a certain word  repetitively I would ignore him.  Imagine wiping on Rot Heroic, and all you can hear just over the raid leaders instructions is  Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*s

It wasn’t even the word that annoyed me,  it was the timing  – and it’s repetitiveness.  I wasn’t the first, nor the last to tell him to quit it,  but I was the only girl who spoke.  He was a vent admin. Result = Me globally muted for the rest of the raid. 

That same raid,  when another female spoke for the very first time after some discussions on why we were wiping on Princes,  was told to “Shut up you W*ore” and some other choice words.

Yet regardless of what I think was undeserved treatment  me and her still stuck the raid out, and got our share of the GDKP pot.   It was a pug,  but it was run by someone who should have better control because of the guild tag he wore  – and he didn’t control not only the behaviour directed at us,  but let the raid rip each other apart on various things the entire time we were in there.

This is where I wish recording vent conversations didn’t breach our telecommunications survellience acts  ( topic for another day)

My principles are worth less than a pot of around 4800 gold each.  But I wasn’t going to leave and reward them with a greater share.  Then they would have won.


Would you listen to me if it wasn’t about WOW?  I don’t really expect an answer,  just that I have been adding as many non wow blogs to my reader as I have wow blogs, and I have found so many interesting people talking about stuff!  I guess definitions of interesting vary between people. 

No No No..   I not quitting Wow blogging I am as addicted to blogging as I am gaming.

My epiphany has been that it’s a little sad that my gaming experiences  are  more relevant, and interesting to an audience then thoughts on more important things.  But I am sure those important things wouldn’t be half as entertaining.

Grey Warriors – The guild

It took me about an hour,  of standing in Stormwind, and making occasional trips down to Goldshire to get my Sigs to create my own guild. Blackrock has people playing at all hours,  but  AEST peak there weren’t as many people as there would be back on Dath around the lobie areas, and Stormwind.

It was  a bit of a marketing experiment

I  was prepared to pay 15 gold a Sig, but as Gevlon Suggested I offered 10gold.  My target market was  unguilded people under level 40. 

Because I wanted to stay local I offered in Stormwind General Chat   ” Paying 10 gold for Guild Signatures”  that got me one response” After waiting a min or two I tried again,  and got me no one.   So I headed down to Goldshire, a level 1 priest who promptly got in my bike when I located him via inviting to party, told me to drive him around.

Got his signature , and I did a lap around Stormwind for him – and headed back to Goldshire –

I found another person and targeted her with a  “Hi!  – Im paying 10 gold for a guild signature” – she signed, got paid, and I offered her a lift to Stormwind, 

Thinking I was onto some brand new marketing strategy after driving her to SW  – I advertised in General in SW again “Paying 10 guild for  a guild signature – with a free bike ride!”

No one responded.

So for the next 40 min,  I stood in SW  psting people with my Hi! message to lobies and bank alts,  and slowly and surely I got my 1o, and only needed to get one friend to pull out an Alt in SW for a signature. 

I tried one 80 – and even after offering 20 gold and an explanation that I was after sigs for a ‘bank’ guild  – he wasn’t interested – but yeah 20 gold to me at 80 means nothing so I understand.

At the same time there was a low level Warrior,  shoving a guild charter in guildless peoples faces ( including me)  demanding they sign.  He was doing better than me, and that annoyed me.  I was being polite – Offering decent compensation – and even taking people for rides –  I traded them the gold first and then requested signature, and yet here was this noob with no manners, no compensation getting more sigs then I.

Truth be told I think I may have stolen one or two people off him

There was one hunter who I had to explain  the significance  of the signature to,  and he wanted to stay in the guild when it was created,  but I had to kick him like everyone else.

When the guild formed – I thanked them all again,  and the ones that were still online I gave the option of Gquitting before I kicked them.

We will see how long it lasts – at this point of the game  all I want is reasonable access to content,  and on this realm I will get it.  I can probably count on one hand in the last 12 months the times I have used  a guild supplied flask.  I put down as many fish feasts as I ate,  and always have my own flasks, and appropriate buff food on me.  I used some guild repairs on progression hardmodes back in the day – but stopped donating gold to the guild bank into one guild when it would disappear into officer only repairs.

I have not liked guild banks since being an officer in one guild, and seeing the inequality of those who gave – and those who took.  I guess that’s life – but there is nothing a guild bank can provide me, that I do not have the resources  to provide myself.  

As for company – have more ‘friends’ on BR then I do on Dath – so even as a Grey Warrior I can’t see me lacking for entertainment.

Homeless again.

GMOTD was changed while I was online to something like ” server transfer to frostmourne cya’s there.”

So after a “Cereal?”

I promptly Gquit on both my toons.

They had been talking about it.. but didn’t think it was decided.

It was sorta good timing.  Good for ingame.  Bad for credit card.  (Server transferring can get expensive at the rate I have been doing the last few months for stuff like getting heirlooms to alts for side projects) I   had been talking to some old guildys still on BR last week  – from  the land of milk honey and non stop GDKPs – the air is fresher..  the grass greener.    Just the trade off is hanging out near summoning stones is so much more dangerous.

So yeah I will go back to Blackrock shortly be transfer trash once again.

Didn’t get attached to the this guild enough to want to follow them to their new realm.

Maybe attachment can only be born from the suffering of 100+ wipes on a progression boss,  much like I did with Yogg –  I think it takes a special kind of dedication to do that. Though the guild I suffered through 100+  on Sar 3d  I left in a heartbeat .

So yeah..   ” To infinity and beyond!”

Why do people just walk away?

Why don’t you walk away?
No buildings will fall down
Why don’t you walk away?
No quake will split the ground
Why don’t you walk away?
The sun won’t swallow the sky
Why don’t you walk away?
Statues will not cry

Franz Ferdinand  – Walk away

“I’m strong now I know that I’m a leaver” 

It took me a little while to realise that moving on  firstly isn’t so hard, it gets easier with practise,  and secondly unlike the Cranberries  most people won’t “Miss you when your gone”  ( Yes its Lyrical Wednesday).

Though the person who just disappears – stops logging in are thought about more kindly than the person who gives notice  – waits the drawn out period of their notice  – and has a long protracted goodbye.  It’s like waiting for a date to call you again.   When no reason is given why – it’s easier to make up something – and because you’ve actually never said “this is not going anywhere”  it also leaves the door open for a convincing excuse if you change your mind.

A Gm or Rl would like to know ahead of time if your leaving,  they need to plan.  If you lose your maintank.  Well that could be a hiccup.  But the reason for leaving better be a good one like military service – because  “I’ve burnt out” isn’t a good reason and it’s not likely your friendships will last through an extra week or two of you not wanting to be there, and the rest of the guild being resentful at you wanting to leave.

The person who just disappears, or walks away from the game is a mystery – did they die? / get hacked / lose internet / get sick /  they are my first thoughts when I hear of someone doing a disappearing act. Unless I had prior warning one of the last things I consider is ” they woke up one morning and didn’t want to play anymore”  It’s a more ‘romantic’ notion to think of something tragic happening then  – that your friendship/company/hours of raiding/guild chats meant so little to them that they couldn’t say goodbye can cause you to question your self worth, Leave me!  Never…

Not being around to provide a explanation for your disappearance  increases the likelyhood of being welcomed back should you change your mind in a guild too.  I used to call these Phoenix raiders.  People who would app and said ” I used to raid with you –  I lost everything when my harddrive failed and now only coming back.  6 months later


 Just walking away is less stressful on you – you don’t have to explain to anyone,  We know the more time spent out of game  = the less important it, and the people in it become so Tom Dick and Harry in your guild become irrelevant within a week or less if your not there, and if you did chose to come back – you can concoct a good excuse for your absence.

So I can understand why people just want to disappear.

Dispels /Cleanses/decurses prevent damage and should be measured.

Measuring the performance of a Disc Priest was a little difficult on damage metres that didn’t take into consideration the preventative damage of their shields –  where damage was absorbed instead of healed.  So on those damage metres,  like recount the performance of a disc priest will always on the surface seem like they were lazy healing.  Disc priests were getting kicked from groups and fights because their raw heals didn’t measure up to most peoples understanding of how the class worked.

Untill you look at how many shields are cast & damage absorbed.

I was thinking that on that premise,  because a shield isn’t a heal.  It stops damage being done,  that a dispel, or a cleanse also stops damage being done, and perhaps could be counted as a performance measurement and given a figure as well.

By dispelling *this* magic affect 4k damage was prevented. Not all debuffs that are removable are damage dealing.  But It would be a start.

A magic affect, a poison, curse or a disease that can be cleansed/dispelled if had been let run its course would may have caused damage that needed to be healed or absorbed,  so then becomes measurable by our performance measurement standards  – but stopping the damage from happening all together only gets lumped in as a figure in a such and such did *this* many dispels.

I ‘outgeared’ an alt shadow priest ( a well geared alt.)  on a run once in one of my guilds and we were doing TOC  and he beat me on damage.  I got a whisper from the GM wanting to know why an Alt beat me, and that I needed to pick up my game.

“He didn’t even touch the adds and wasn’t dispelling.” I argued back in my defense.

It was all about damage. The whole picture of the raid wasn’t taken into consideration   It was disappointing to see my raw figures  of damage done as the only measurement of having done my job – dispels, killing adds none of that mattered. Even though it was clear that he had done none of that as evidenced by the logs – he ‘beat’ me on damage and I was the scrub.

If dispels/cleanses/decurses were measured with numbers of damage prevented then there is more incentive for more people to remove them.

In guild or pugs,   a damage meter is linked  and healing/damage done are flashed around as measurements of performance,  and we all nod at who came first. But that top dps/heals may have only gotten that high because they didn’t do something that someone else did.

Weekend round up.

Did first 4 bosses on ICC 25 man  – My better upgrades are going to come from 25  so I should do them more often.  Don’t need much loot in 10’s.   

I  thought there was going to be a war of the casters when a healer  in the 25 run complained that all non hit weapons belonged to healers after they lost the Frozen Bonespike dagger roll on Marrowgar.   Like we don’t have hit caps for a reason.  Thems were fighting words.  She wore the mage, the winner of the weapon drop  down enough  that he handed it over.  I don’t agree with that.   I felt he was guilted into handing it over.   It was a pug run.  The only rules were MS over OS. He won the roll.  The healer then compensated him with gold.   Hence the loot hand over became a financial transaction  – and thus should have been open to purchase.  If the healer had truly earned or deserved the roll  then no money should have been exchanged. I felt she bought the weapon with guilt and gold.  Give the mage his due he didn’t ask or expect the gold.  But I don’t feel loot should be negotiated in a pug run in that manner.

We had some bad luck last night – Servers karking it.  1 hour was wasted sitting on the Pc doing nothing waiting.   Not enough on for ICC  10 so we went to TOGC and we just kept wiping .  Feel so sorry for the pug that watched us wipe on beasts 4 times and left. 

It felt like there was something wrong .   I got to heal,  and  it was like something was broken,  a Pally who’s mana never runs out was complaining about mana, , and I had noticed by the end of boss 1 I was oom,   the only thing I can think of was that either spells were costing twice as much or our ” while casting” mana regen was broken.   A Rogue reported energy issues as well.  Maybe there was no replenishment,  the Pug Loc was supposed to be procing it,  but recount didn’t show it, but I shouldnt have been eating through mana so quick. 

Did a random on my main and holy priest and my Mana was ok. – May have been a less stressful load though. 

Got my SAN Priest to 16 and sat in the SAN vent for a bit listening in awe to all the girls!  Might try a few more levels questing,  then will try and hit the dungeons for a quicker leveling experience.

And Tauren Shammy is now 25 on Gundrak – Not been ganked once.  It’s supposed to be a pvp realm, and the only Alliance I’ve really seen was a couple riding through the barrens once, and one got on the boat with my from Bootybay to Rachet.   Not seeing many horde though either.  Seems like a quite realm.

I’m not an Altoholic * hic

Cozmo from GTFOOTF pointed out that so many of us bloggers are playing Wow in some new or different way to maintain our motivations to keep playing,   and speaking to Kiwired from One of these Alts who has rolled even more Alts with SAN  – how SAN  ( Single Abstract Noun )  has come about at the right time for him to fill in the gaps between now and the expansion.

Alts – Special projects  – who will survive this downturn – or shall we see more Phoenix raiders  ‘die’ and then resurrect in time for the expansion with grand stories of other games, and stuff like real life stories. 

The result of a current case of Altolism or  Is it ADD  is now a Level 20 Shammy – I’m feeling a little guilty.  She is a result of me dragging someone back to Wow  –  ( I didn’t mean to! ) so we are leveling together  – and at level 16 it was kinda cute running round the barrens  in my Ghostwolf and them in  druid travel form.  * scratches at imaginary flea.

On the flip side  everyone else is going through their own motivational crises with things like time and priorities  and needing a break  though some people just can’t stay away 

I am hearing more and more people I raided with  – leaving the game – stopping raiding,  the higher end raiding guilds at least on my Home Server are slowly bleeding players.  We are losing bloggers gradually too. It was bound to happen – but we shall prevail..  or flail around untill we phail…

I tried to get into Star Trek online.  But I am STILL level 1.  I think I have spent more time showing other people.  See..  this is the Star Trek MMO.. i haz a Phazer! then actually playing.

I am happy to hear about the  BSG MMO so I shall be watching that for developments. I want to be Starbuck..  ” Fight them untill we can’t “

When you play. Play.

My Sifu used to tell us at training.

When you eat. Eat.
When you read. Read
When you walk. Walk  ect.

This was as we were learning a new Kungfu form, we had learned the moves, and were just going through the motions, and not executing them with real intent.

He demonstrated to show us how we looked. He started our form and made a block and Fist smash move, then said outloud ” So what’s on tv tonight?” he moved his leg forward in a kick in to the next stance ” I wonder whats for dinner” Grab and pull ” I still need to pay my Telephone bill” Sweep and block  ( he then made us do horse stance for 5 min as punishment )

He could tell we weren’t in the moment – and that our lazy motions, and lack of intent was being caused by us thinking of other things when we should have been thinking about the form. Our performance was not what it could have been – if we had been paying attention to the task at hand.

We go through the right motions when we aren’t paying complete attention to things – but we don’t do them with intent. 

My Duel PC screens are a blessing and a distraction at the same time for gaming.  Australians are already  multitasking our TV viewing and  Computer use   we also listen to music,   chat on msn, Psts in the middle of a boss fight,  browsing web comics, news or web posts, mobile phone,  home phone, friends, Write blog posts..    ( Sorry!) family distractions and so on. 

How much of your gaming time is spent really in the moment.

Honestly. None. In raids I shutdown as many distractions as possible  – if there is music it has to be on my cd /mp3 player in the lounge  not in my earphone , I might go away or offline on msn,  but more often I’m not.  I once tried to have a msn voice conversation and a  guild raid vent  at the same time.  ( just don’t push to talk the wrong thing )  I have a friend who keeps linking me Youtube videos while raiding.  You know who you are! Then there are those “oh shiney” moments and my mouse has skipped over to my 2nd screen.

 Is gaming meant to be about being in a gaming moment? Or only as a layer of activity or awareness.   There are moments when 100% of your attention is needed – but more often not.

You have to wonder if that ugly facial expression on that grandslam tennis players face is because they are Im’ing in their brain – or concentrating on that moment the ball hits the racket.

Does the definition of playing a social game allow for these extra layers of activity and awareness – and does that contribute to a MMORPGs popularity and appeal?

In a raid with my guild someone made a comment about the other activities they were doing while they were interrupting.  He wasn’t missing the interrupts  – still doing awesome dps – but he also wasn’t paying 100% attention.  This wasn’t necessary bad for his performance,  or the raid.   Just a fact that the activity allowed him to multitask meant that he wasn’t as engaged in the moment.

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