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Trolls V E-Knights

We know what a Troll is,   but what is an E-knight? From the Urban dictionary an E-knight is

” A term generally used to describe a forum poster who defends other posters for any number of reasons. The term eknight refers to Electronic-Knight.
They rise to the defense of the person being insulted, much like a Knight would rise to the defense of a weaker man/woman in the olden days.”
I got this term from reading a forum thread where someone was  told to stop E-Knighting, and go play the game.
I like this idea of E-Knights
Could you be an E-Knight?
What better opposition for   a Troll.  Someone who defends the poster.  Not Trolls it.

Apparently back in the days of the  Knights of the round table, they  had  rules.

The only ones I could find to apply to forum E-knighting would be

“When called upon, to defend the rights of the weak with all one’s strength”

Let people have a voice,  have their say, and speak their part without fear of persecution – defend this right

“Not to attack one another”


“Whether in honour or disgrace, to make a report with the greatest fidelity to truth to those who keep the annals

Keep the forums true and honest

Maybe we need more E-Knights – not people who troll the trolls,  but people who uphold what the original intent of the forums,  and defend the righteous from ‘evil trolls’

They could even take their quarrels out to the Tourney.

We already have a tourney in the Argent Crusade.  ” You hast offended this thread.  I challenge you to a duel.”

** Note.  Urban dictionary also gives as an example of E-Knighting
“the most common occurrence is when a guy is sticking up for a girl, possibly in hopes of starting a relationship or at least trading pics via email

I would like to think – that if said guy was sticking up for said girl, it would be because he was being chivalrous. Ha.  Who am I kidding.


A while ago  I was in a GDKP once where we made a decision to kick two players for low dps.  They were not performing as to their gear, and logs seemed to show an activity level of about 50 % each. They were a Pally healer, and a Rogue and from the same guild – of which they were the only two on.

We weren’t sure who the Pally was healing, or when because their affective healing was just above a ret Pally -and they weren’t using beacon.  The Rogue’s attacks were discussed by people who knew Rogues, and it was determined that when they were doing damage most of their damage was auto attacking.  Neither of them were on vent after repeated requests the whole run to get on.  (The loot rules were clear –  no vent, no loot – but I’ve never seen this enforced.)  So they weren’t involved in the discussion about their failures.

The theory was they were being duel boxed. 

It’s an interesting way to make easy gold.  Duel box them through a GDKP.  Not likely to be noticed,  one is a dps melee, and the other a healer –    If they hadn’t had been from the same guild, separately they would have been dismissed as poor players, and probably continued to be carried. Their extremely poor performance was noticed by several ” What is that Rogue doing… ”  Healers complained” Why isn’t the pally using beacon..”  So they were looked at closer. It was also noted that they had bidded a few times, but were not buying up loot either, and someone picked up their activity on the basis that comments were made about ” the pally just standing there most of the time” 

There was enough evidence – and this was put forward to the raid,  that they were trying to put in less effort and get rewarded twice  for it.  A Vote was called

“Click  No to kick on a ready check”

They weren’t on vent listening, and most people auto click yes on ready checks.

The vote passed, it was explained briefly in raid chat why they were kicked, and they were removed from the group.

It’s an implied rule in a GDKP that you perform reasonably to your class and gear expectations. Your not paying for a carry where it doesn’t matter what you do,  your still expected to reasonably participate, you don’t want a GDKP where everyone is so well geared they don’t need loot,  nor do you want a raid of poorly geared people because then you don’t get far enough to kill anything.

I’m not so sure if it were their performance which made the vote pass, or that fact that we thought we had been cheated. Bringing two underperforming toons to a GDKP raid, and expecting to profit x 2 was not considered fair.  Did we have proof? – a case was put forward,  supported by unrelated people, a key factor being their active time which was determined irrefutable by a live log.  If they had just sucked then we would have kept them,  but  the majority felt strongly enough about this deception to kick them.

I voted to kick. 

The RL tried to be as fair about this as possible – gave them an opportunity to explain and we had enough material for the ‘case’ but still we have no proof that they were a duel boxer,  only a probability.   They were peer judged  based on the measuring tools we had our disposal.

I did another raid recently as a holy priest, and we had a disc priest healing as well – the raid tried to peer judge the Disc priest – but she had enough people who knew enough about disc priests who were willing to speak up, this was reinforced when the disc priest linked her recount with the disc priest estimated absorbtion add-on bit  – and she was kicking all the healers butts.  But this really makes me think,  how careful you need to be when questioning performance, based on what we know about a class / role / assignment and the strength of our measuring tools, and that perhaps we should have given them the benefit of the doubt.

Hungering for a win

Maybe its the battlegroup,  luck, or the bracket  60-70  but the BG’s I have been slotting in-between dungeons on my Warrior  have been great xp gain ventures for me, and have proven better for XP then Random Dungeons. I also seem to be winning more then loosing – 5/5 AV victories.  8/13 AB  and not shown on that table is 1/2 wsg.

One AB match we held 3 bases for a long time.  We defended the onslaught of the horde – pushed back their offense,  and while they abandoned BS to try to take LM from us,  we snuck in behind, and capped it – forcing them back to defend their position.   It was a slow victory,  but we won, and we did it by teamwork, and communication.   

I am seeing a hunger to win in these lower level BG’s that I don’t see much in level 80’s ones.  Besides getting positive – gooey – I kicked the horde butt feeling you get from winning a BG. Lobie Bg’s give you Honor, Rep, and XP,  while at 80 your just after honor and rep.   We level faster when we win.

My first pvp experience in WSG as a Prot Warrior when I was under 20 was rather depressing.   Run up to target getting pummelled by range.  Have no rage – smack them once, and die.  Getting charge in Prot stance has made Bging a lot more fun.

I had a purpose for doing BG’s . I had my first lust for Shield – 13k honor  Grand Marshals Aegis not only does it seem to be an awesome stat’d shield for my level  65 now – It is shiny. As in Really shiny.  In the sunlight in game it has this sheen to it that is dazzling.  It’s rather factionotic  ( I know this is not a word,  but was trying to come up with something similar to patriotic.)  and see I am keeping my Victory count on the side of my shield.

Real Id : let’s talk real numbers

I have 6 Real ID friends.

I feel so popular.

I’ll be honest and say only one of them is someone I know in real life as in I used to see somewhat regularly untill they moved interstate. The others are ‘internet friends.’  I have recently have spent more time in-game with all of them then I have my own mother in -RL . 

 I’m pretty confident at the least,   that my 6 aren’t axe wielding maniacs.  Me however – well they added me at their own risk – and I don’t own a axe though I do have…..  

I went all stalkerish. Yes! I am in your friends list counting your numbers, and of my 6,  the numbers of friends they had each ranged from 11 to 1  The average was about 6 friends each.  This is a very small sample,  and I am sure Blizzard would be tracking these averages  because…..

Is 6 friends really worth all the effort they put in, for this x realm / x game communication?

Blizzard  want us to connect  – stay connected – not leave one game because we can’t play with friends, and I am sure that a lot of people have a lot more than 6 friends, and it’s only been a week.  I’m also sure that some are so busy talking to their friends they are Afk in a major city  – and miss raid because they are too busy being social and are not playing the game as intended.

But 6 people – what are the averages you’re seeing?  More or less?   The people I have talked to / commented / read other posts on,  are either extremely protective of their privacy, and have one,  or none,  or are quite happy with the idea of their Wow friends being Real ID friends.  There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.   I like the middle ground, and besides if they give you their email.  They don’t see yours.

The more I think on  it – if I can accept the friends request on Facebook of some person from my kinder garden class that I haven’t seen in decades –   Omg remember me! Lets be Facebook friends”  and you never have any further interaction with them besides maybe throwing a sheep at them. Then is a person that you have spent/spend   HOURS with .   On vent,  in group, in game,   in party, in Bg’s,   are they really so bad? 

I’m not advocating that you pick up random people in pugs – “omg you look so hot.  Add me”    Or add your entire guild. But We think we know people – but often even the closest and dearest people to our hearts, in our lives surprise us sometimes.

You can delete people as friends.  If your friendship circle changes,  it’s ok to remove them.   Are you in contact with ALL the people you have called friend throughout your life? Ever removed a friend off facebook?  You have the same choice with Real ID.

 I have a couple more real life peoples out there I could add,  but they haven’t asked,  I haven’t asked and we really don’t need to with 6 other ways of communicating.

Oh and the last thing I will say about this real ID business.  Is you look REALLY silly running round Dalaran with a <busy> next to their names.

What a Satchel of Helpful goods should really be like.

Thats a DPS Que I mocked que’d for just to see what its like on the other side of the fence  – as a tank mine is practically instant.  Sometimes it varies as healers seem to have availability fluctuations in lobie instances as well.  The horror.  Making a tank wait for a healer for a whole min.

See It’s kind of unfair when chain running instances to not let the dps cycle through.     You requeing with that same tank means you stay at the front of the line, and someone elses wait is a little longer.

So I think of tanking a little as a community service,   I am helping make your wait times shorter.  Need to spread that tanking love around right?

I am getting a useless collection of crap from the Satchel of Helpful goods though.    I can’t seem to find a use for the Spellpower mail,  or wear then more than one pair of gloves at a time.

So  this is what I would like to see in my Satchel.  A couple of pieces of bread,  chance of a weapon, or a extra gold.  While I know what ever you get from a satchel is still really welfare loot, little things like maybe a health or mana pot, some stam food, chance of a novelty item  HAS to be more useful then 10 x one neck.   They don’t even vendor for much ><


So having discovered how to add a glow affect around stuff – I’ve done some more playing.

Lots of flaws..  and the more I look at them the more I find things wrong with .  ( see that squared like affect that the glow  on the name made on the one below – need to fix that)   I thought I would make a banner for a friends guild – incase he decided they got big enough for a guild website  – the suit of armor is because thats what a Panoply is, a full suit of armor ( see you learn new things every day)   I will do a few more mock ups,  but I really need a little more creative direction

My  Banner Portfolio  shows the evolution of my gimpage skills.   I was going to do a evolution of PP in Banners,  but my earlier ones really scared me.

They are pretty basic to do.  I use Cooltext for the logos – I try and use Blizzard art or a part of the sky/screenshot for the image background, and what ever toon/accessories required  from google images or Wow Modelviewer, and Gimp because I can’t afford Photoshop,  and before you say  there are otherways of obtaining it. I know,  just think that there are some awesome free tools like Gimp that are  certainly useable.

I need to work on embellishing borders more as well so they aren’t as crisp.   So yes you can tell I’ve never done graphic design.

These are my two Priests,   one DPS which I was trying to give a purple glow, and the other one a green healing glow  – they also aren’t really priestly….

So  – I’ve got 2 free raid nights this week – and will have some spare time – and I enjoy fiddling with image tools – if you want anything,   A Banner,   A forum Sig,  A button, like these below. ASK!  I need stuff to practise on , and yes it’s free and I want to get better.

Need size / some creative direction /who / what ect ect

  Leave a comment and a way of contacting you by email ( very important when I need to ask questions)  or email me at  PugnaciousPriest @    ( no spaces)

I will do also do Gimp Tut maybe over the weekend,  on using gimp for banners, 


If you want to get creative on your own, and have no idea where to start

Make your own  thumbnail with  Photobucket like I showed you here “Make your own thumbnail for Azeroth United”


You can even make a pretty easy banner  using photobucket too,  How to make a  quick and dirty Guild website banner

Arena is the new ‘ Oh Shiney’

Since we had already done our progression Kill for the week – now the Armory updates – we had one attempt at Lich King Hardmode,  just to see,  and then killed him normal before calling the raid early. My Arena team decided we would try to fit some more games  while we could.

While the rest of the guild was trying to organise 25’s and 10’s for VOA ( because on BR you need to grab that opportunity – or it’s gone for the week)   I was getting my Wrathful Healing Chest,  enchanting/gemming, and respecing Disc.

I do not think I have ever spec’d disc before.  I had to learn all my penance ranks,  fill in the holes in my spell bars – shove extra things like  Pain suppression, Power Infusion, and Penance  – check my VuhDu keybindings so I didn’t have to change anything,  got Major Glyphs I wanted off the AH  and then I went into a BG on my own to test out my new healing spec , of course I got Strand of the Ancients  where everyone is so spread out that healing is real pain.  Arena peeps had come out of VOA by that stage so we did the BG daily, and we got AB and  I got extra practise.

We got a few more games in, by a few like 20 more, and got all our ratings up to 1400 – which I believe means I can buy a belt.

I’m having some issues with the concept of being allowed to use all these new cooldowns like PI and Pain suppression  on myself.  The only time I deliberately use GS on myself in holy form is healing Saurfang and I get a mark   ( especially now its back to it’s unglyphed cool down of 3 min)

I don’t think I am doing particularly badly.  This is my first attempt in arena,  in the PVP spec as heals while geared, and talented right, and I guess this means I am trying to take it seriously.

My fear of abandonment comes from being deserted in my BC arena teams. (Kidding)  but through circumstances including,  changing  guilds, people leaving the game,them getting bored, ect ect  I’ve never had a decent shot at arena before.   Oh 5v5 in BC – I left because I was sick of dying the 1st every single fight.

I used to think it was just an insane pvp friend grinding arena for hours to get a better rating, but no,  gone are the days of just doing 10 games a week, with maybe a few extras to try and improve your win/loss ratio.  Our total games are 49 with a 45% win rate for me.  Ew  That doesn’t sound impressive.

Guys..  you might need  a more experienced healer – I wont be offended.

Real ID – Don’t update so much bro

Of course I used it.  

“Whats your email?” someone asked
“I haven’t quite decided if I will be using it yet” I replied.
“I’m on your facebook – what does it matter?”

How could I argue with that logic? It would be paranoid to even suggest that social media can be used for the wrong reasons. Cough Cough

However really, all you are getting is my full name which they know anyway, and   is rather common anyways, and basically what toon I am playing at the time, and what zone I am in.

ICC = Raiding

Nagrand = Barebacked pony riding ( kidding –  though you should try barebacked flying on a 310% mount weeeeeeeeee)


A reason why I never want that list to be big though is that it’s a little distracting. I keep glancing at the corner of my screen with all the pinging it’s doing.

*blah* has come online
*blah* has gone offline
*blah* has updated their status

I get told when their status updates change.

* I just had dinner
*Hi Guys!

Can you see the potential for annoying spamage?  

An ICC raid in Status updates – for example ( FICTION)

Waiting for raid to start. OMG get in the instance already. Missing Pally Buff – stupid pallys. OMG Rogue missed a trap. SPIKE SPIKE. Yeah Marrow Dead.  KILL THE ADDS,  OMG died on Gunship. Ew Blood fever.  Woot DV dropped!. >< DK stole my loots. *slurps drink. HAHAHAHAH Priest died in steam. Slimed!. Crap didn’t get the spore.  Yeah My boots dropped!  >< DK stole my lootz. Wish they would let me be the A bomb for a change. Wiped on PP!.  Wiped on PP again.  *BURP*. Wiped on PP AGAIN.  Oh I was supposed to kill the oozes too. Weee beach balls!. Munching on Twisties. Move healer your in my range! Bite me..  Bite Me…  What does this blue circle mean?  Yeah I went in portal! I’m flying. Opps fell down the hole. ARGHGHGHG Spiders!  Died on trash. Sister downloading again.  DC’d. Cleaved.  Lag is soooooo bad,  can’t run out fast enough.  I’m a happy little iceblock,  as cold as cold can be.  Ew whats that grey stuff on the ground.  I’m flying! weeeeeee.  LK’s chair isn’t very comfy.

Of course when I updated my status to say that we killed Heroic Sin 25 my small list of friends congratulated me.


You can set your status  to away or busy, and  when you whisper that person you get notified that they are away or busy,  which is particularly  annoying  when they are the one psting you – and your reply get accompanied by more spam about them being away.

Shiny Shiny

My very first impression of the UI is it feels odd.  I mean,  my chat is now crome and shiny like in its appearance,  and the subtle beeps it makes when random things happen makes me think how much that it doesn’t belong with the rest of my UI.  Maybe it’s feel is more at home in Starcraft,  but in Wow,  this science ficcy type interface, and noise,  It’s modernisation makes it feels like it would seem more at home on a touch screen device then a computer screen.

Stranger Danger

I was doing arena with some guildies, and I got a friend invite, and I’m like who is  * over vent  and one of my arena partners says – “All the guild members had been getting them”  Our first fake friend spam. ( or maybe a lost guildy – I’ll never know cause I had nooooo idea who they were, and they didn’t introduce themselves.)  *BLOCK*   You don’t have to add their email to invite them, you just need to add their name, it’s a lot easier to add randoms.  It would be extremely useful for direct marketing.

“Hi Friend – I have some stuff I can sell to you”


I guess it’s still early days,  and so still waiting for the long term,  but those are my experiences/impressions so far.   I would like to see Blizzard add in features that let you reduce the notification spam.  Especially since the person is not really ‘offline’ under this system untill they log out of the game. Technically because all your toons are linked – if you are on your character screen – your still there.  There is supposed to be this real person focus.  I don’t care about your toon going Online/Offline I care about YOU going offline/online.

Wednesday: The Raiding Monday

Wednesdays are our first raid night in the new raiding week after a raid ID reset in our our Time Zone.  A guildy was saying last night how Wednesday is the raiding Monday, and I say ”  But I look forward to Wednesdays”  and I do.  It is the raiding monday,  but unlike an office monday – Wednesdays are fun!   The fresh start to a raiding week,  free raid ID’s and a world of possibilities for plums.

Last night saw us down Sindragossa Hardmode on 25  – I can’t show you my achievement because for what ever strange reason,  my activity feed stopped at Dreamwalker but it’s on my Iphone Wow armory(  I shall update and boast further when it pops up)

I have been healing our Heroic Sin attempts,  and feeling a little down about the metres.   I recently replaced my Gylph of Guardian spirit with Circle of healing on both my priests,  and its making  a massive difference, so while I may not have the all the gear – now with 4 piece healing offset sanc on my Main, and urh..  a better glyph –  I did ok. 

The GS Gylph  with its 1 min cool down was awesome for bonus healing when I was an unconfident 5 man healer, but that’s long past now. The additional pressure in  2 healing 10 mans, and omg having to be somewhat important  as a healer on Sin 25 heroic attempts  (when three of your healers get unchained magic at a time – some of my heals count)  means that my hodged podged usual faceroll healing style isn’t going to cut it. 

I heal most of my Random Dungeons unless I get a run with a tank because the DPS queues at around 13 min is just not acceptable, and I find myself now having to mute myself in my eagerness to heal sometimes.  I officially no longer hate healing.

To add to my healing experience,  I healed 25 games of Arena  3v3 last night  ( really.. ) as holy.  *Shock *horror* awe*  I’ve told them if they are serious about doing this then I am happy to heal, and also to go Pvp Disc. So I shall be practising my  Disc healing this week.  * bites nails nervously

“I got bubbles.. pretty bubbles..  who could ask for anything more”

It was only yesterday I said I should say no more often,  but all the cool kids are doing arena now  – and it will be  chance to play disc and try for a pvp weapon.

I felt like a Piñata  most of the time, if they ignored me we did ok, disc will give me better survivability so I am looking forward to less lock downs – and it was fun.  When I died, as holy  I have enough time to do a Divine Hymn  POM, COH and sometimes a renew on both  before I make that dreadful  urghhhhh sound  as I lose spirit form, and become a huddled mess on the arena floor.

Arena, has never been part of the game I ever explored seriously – who knows I might get dumped 😛  but I wouldn’t mind giving it a decent shot.

Random Reserve – Compensation for the GDKP Raid Leader.

On Horde side on my realm in GDKP’s  I have been told it’s not uncommon for there to be a loot rule of at least one random Reserve.  or 1RR.  This means that  at any time during the run,  the Raid leader & Organiser of the GDKP can say when a piece of loot drops ” Mine! – that’s my random reserve.”

Other are more specific – if” *blah* drops  It’s mine,  or I reserve one BOE .  Someone – probably a Horde to Alliance transfer tried to reserve two BOE’s in their GDKP ad the other week.  They were laughed out of trade chat.   At least they were being upfront about their loot rules though. Those sorts of loot rules do not sit well on Alliance side.

  Most GDKP’s go ahead without reward given to the raid leader.   Other rewards are subtle, and not declared.  The Goodie bag that was saved to the end of the run is forgotten about – the Primordials aren’t included as part of the auctions –  sometimes it’s not their intent  to forget, or the amount the primal might go for may not be consequential so it doesnt matter.   I worked out that was how one frequent GDKP leader was making so many of the ICC patterns and then selling them cheaper then the AH – he was keeping the primordials

Is it fair?

A GDKP is still mostly a Pug run.  We have at least one sponsored one on our side where last week the share each was 14.5 k gold.  It has a waiting list. Most however  you still need to sit in trade at the right time,  hope another one isn’t forming at the same time,  juggle your class and role needs,  screen the potential peoples,  balance your carrys and non carrys. Control bidding and looting and gold while in the run,  run the raid,  handle drama.  Know strats.  That’s not easy to do at the best of times.

A Guild master / Raid leader does it for free in their guild  – but that’s a guild – why shouldn’t an organiser of a GDKP get compensated for their efforts?

unfortunately that is a reason for a lot of ninjas. -Their feelings of entitlement override what is ‘fair’.    Fair – is making the rules upfront – and sticking to them.  That way I get an informed choice.

When looking for a  GDKP – a loot rule like 1RR would influence my decision to join.   If the organiser  – say does not have Deaths Verdict  – and it’s good for his class – and he declares  “1RR”  then if I was after that same loot item –  it means the opportunity to bid on that is gone for a week.

Reserving of much wanted items is also bad for the Pot.  Heroic DFO’s in the earlier days was going for 45k gold  – thats 1.8k gold each in the pot off one bid.  Boe’s always sell well in GDKP’s because of their resale value on the auction house.

What sort of compensation should they get?

I find it unfair that we would pay 1k for someone to unlock heroic mode once for lootship – yet the person who ran it – gets nothing but the pleasure of 24 other peoples company and the equal chance to bids. Maybe some of the carrys are their friends. 

However besides  a cut of the pot – the primordials – patterns, a choice of loot, or a BOE  – how do you be fair to the leader without being at least a little unfair – or depriving the remaining 24?

I would prefer that they get no reward = more things/gold for me,  but I don’t believe that it’s entirely ‘fair’ but it’s certainly a preference of mine.  No Funky loot rules.

What would I be ok with? – what’s ‘fair’ ?

Firstly.  I would need to be informed of these rules before I started.  Then I would weigh it up.

I might be ok with say a 1k payment.  40 gold each from the pot for a decent ICC run. Eg now 10/12 bosses.

Keeping the patterns from TOC/TOGC


 That about covers it what I would be willing to give up to be involved in a GDKP.  I’m sure  a lot of people wouldn’t even agree to those.  But I think they are reasonable. If that was my only choice.

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