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Changing Faces – Would Facial Skins work?


Have the new druid skins in Warcraft opened up a greater possibility for more character customisation, or are Blizzard going to leave it as just livening up a typical and repetitive form and the chance to be a little more unique?

Once upon a time I played Sims.  The orginal. After accidently discovering  that if you brought a particular piece of artwork and sold it 24 hours later  it was worth about 5 times as much – none of my Sims ever worked another day in their life.

One thing the Sims had was the ability to take a picture of two of my favourite TV Actors that had never ever got together in the script -( even though we knew they belonged with each other) and using the Tool that was available on the Game – I stuck their faces on a Sim each , and then set them up in their own little house. ( With art investment as their income source)

There has  already been  some discussion ages ago about the possibility of tattoos, and colour customisation of gear in Warcraft so you could colour coordinate, but what about the ability to Morph a real  photo with your characters facial skin?

It has its Limitations such as there would need to be a review of the uploads to ensure that they don’t breech  copywrite ( such as celebrity images – Imagine how many Angelina Jolie  Blood Elves would be running round.  They would need to be checked for adult content, and even maybe a check to make sure that the image quaility was sufficient, and the features morph well enough with the character skin,  and thats alot of work  – but  what could be  unique and customisable then using real faces.

Your Toon could be wearing your face as you Swing your sword, or destroy  your enemies with a blast, a flay.

It has lots of scope for abuse.    An image of anyone would work,  so perhaps your hearts desire rejected you in real life,  their face could live on as one of your Toons, and that gets a little creepy.

There would also be some races where the Morphing wouldn’t work as well.   Eg Undead , and Tauren.

I tried mucking around with Morph Thing to see what sort of Morphed image I would get – yes thats me sorta..  Its a Posed pic I had on my PC that was the closest headshot that matched & that I liked enough to stick on a public blog. ( and its 18 months old… ) .


Morphed me

So In conclusion: I think the result would be a little creepy  – on the upside its still Nightelfish enough to be considered a render of a fantasy type Skin,  but its not recongnisable as a person  – and pixel quality is crap.  I think If the Morphing software had a more gradual Morph to play with then I would have gotten better results,  but do you think these are still recognisable in any way?

Britney-Spears--closeupface-jpgNight Elf Britany


Night Elf Audrey

Tight with a Bike.

They were fighting who was going to get in my bikes passenger seat while we were waiting for the Bg to begin in Eye of the Storm.

“My Turn! – I want to have a go…”

Me: Right click Eject passenger..

“Lame  – I’ve never seen someone being tight with a bike before”

I got the bike for my fun… and yes I have slight twinges of  fun kicking people out when they aren’t guildys or friends,  Ew! strangers and ones in bad pvp gear at that  soiling the plush Artic Fur interior  of my sidecar,   TBH  – that they  were fighting over who got to ride in my bike  irked me.

Achievements I would like.  ( I would have made the banner but I didn’t want to register for something I’d only use once.)

See how they Fly

Jump over a cliff and eject your Passenger before levitating to safety

Sleeping with the fishies

Successfully Drown your passenger

I will say – It took some minor adjustments in learning to jump off the Rock in EOS again on a bike, my poor passengers would lose half their health too when I failed.  ( Serves them right… hehehehe)

Rightclick – Eject Passenger

“I’m on a Bike.. I’m on  a Bike”

Everybody look at me cause I’m riding on a Bike..”

Vanity Mount – Oh yeah.


This little beauty kept up my motivation to play.  I didn’t make all my money by playing the Auction House and some of it did involve  farming for mats that were selling ( like Relics – still )   and when it finally came to buying it I had to rob my Alts blind for all the gold.   I then had a Guildy make it for me 🙂 

I’m not in Shadow Form because it doesn’t do well  for Screenshots,  but that Shadow Priest cruising round your local city like  a road hog is me.  You’ll hear my engines first and then a flash of black.

Preshutdown I did a quick ad in General offering Joy rides and got a few people wanting a go,   it was fun 🙂   I am thinking of opening up a Taxi service for Lobies to get some flight points – not sure it will be worth the gold  for the time required.  Im not a charity!  😛

I’ve decided I dislike people in party  who jump in without asking. This happens more often in BG’s, and then I found the Eject Passenger button.  They hop in,  I eject.. rinse repeat till they finally get the message. 

A side note: I have been/ will be probably  a little quite for a week or so  Real Life stuff stuff has come up, and it hurts..  Literally..  but thats TMI.

Healing through a drowning:

 I was looking for “Interesting things to do when your bored” and decided to test if I could heal myself through drowning.

I first tried with my Baby human priest ( now level 33) kept her under the surface for the 60 seconds, thew a heal over time on and waited. Sure enough she started convulsing as she drowned and her combat log was showing her losing 277 health ‘per tick’

I had to use her desperate prayer which had no cast time to top her up, as she was losing health too quickly for the renew to be much help, and I found that each drowning tick produced almost a spell pushback so it was harder to use longer spells.

I then tried it on my Shadow Priest ( not in shadow form of course ) with Renews and Flash heal close to hand and she was losing health at a rate of 1773 per tick which when you have 8821 health self buffed, and your flash heals that take 1.44 secs to cast are only healing you for 1600 odd your going down.

I then tested it with a prayer of mending to see if it would consider the drowning as ‘damage’ and it did as the prayer did its healing.

And no . no Priests were harmed during this test.  Just a little fearful of water now. ( it helps if you are sitting just below the surface so when your about to run outy of health, air is close at hand.

And yes this was rather morbid,

Mind Control is a Valid form of CC – I promise!

Its annoying convincing people to let me use my Mindcontrol. I think sometimes they think I just want to muck around. I don’t think of it as reliable as a sheep or a trap, while its much like a Warlocks enslave it doesnt let the Mc’er do anything but stand there in a trance . “I’d rather you DPS” is the most common response, and are I am therefore passed over for other dpsers with better forms of CC – I do agree that given its limitations it can be a poor mans CC – but its saved hides in ZA and MT when I’ve done it.

Depending on the situation/instance some positives can be
1) It reduces the load off the tank if its a melee Target. ( gives the healer some breathing room)
2) Your MC mob can try and tank another mob.
3) It can stop them from healing other mobs therefore making them easier to kill.

Sure its fun in a combat situation to grap someone with completely random abilities and read what they are before either throwing something, causing an AOE that breaks all the other cc’s or Blasts an enemy for a whole 300 damage. Randomly pressing buttons on your CC’d mobs spell bar does not help.

and somtimes when it breaks you need to throw sheild up on yourself and pray to Elune that you can either re Mc or someone stun the target and try and give you a chance to drop agro. ( Try… HAHAHA )

It does take practise – positioning and knowing what abilitys and target is best for you to use. You have limited spells to use, sometimes 2 – i think Ive seen 4 once. Some of these are fears, which can be bad  – So who picks what spells on a mob we get to play with eh ?

Alot of the spells available to the Mindercontroller have extended cooldowns, so I end up meleeing on alot of them with casters, and find that they can melee alot more damage then cast.. eg in MgT and Botanica .  In addition they also have Mob only self buffs, so you can’t buff you, the mind controller,  and you have just buffed  the mob you have control over and that will make him harder to kill when the MC breaks. 

Some have buffs that you can get, can be directed to buff yourself..  I will MC Ogre Shamans and get them to heal me when I’m in Shadow Form,  if farming for Basilisks I will visit the arakkoa and one of their casters gives you a Mana cost reduction spellbuff.  On the WOW Forums there is a Mind control fun thread Mind Control Funwhich gives more details on other people experiences.

I mind control people in BG’s sometimes, the duration of the MC has been nerfed so its not as fun or effective, its hard to get the cast off without interruption and then and then when you do, avoiding any damage whatsoever so that you can actually force the person you have control over to do something like jump off a cliff.
There isn’t much you can do to another player mindcontrolled. You have limited time and distance, and no spells. If you run them too far away they go out of range for the spell to work. They can also trinket out of it

Most of the battle is convincing others that we can do it… but using mind control does require a bit more ‘planning’ and the understanding of the team that it may break.


I’ve gone down the deeprun tram between stormwind and Iron forge so many times,  and I’ve never run down it.   I hear its a long run,  so I figured  why not get off half way near where the tram goes underwater and it looks like an aquarium, I jumped off the tram and couldnt jump up, so i ran further down and found a ramp, and followed the wall back to the glass..  and had a look to take some screenies

So as I was posing against the glass


When I see a red tagged thing moving around in the water…   * Que Jaws theme……. 

I mindvision and see a basking shark ! Its a 41 elite

Having Fun with Noggenfogger

After doing the Quest chain that ends with “The Thirsty Goblin” in Tanaris with Marin Noggenfogger   you are rewarded with x5 Noggenfogger exlirs.  When you drink it it gives you one of three effects. 

-Slowfall for “12” seconds.
– Shrinking you for “10” minutes.
– Turning you into a Skeleton Form for “10” minutes,

But did you know that the Buffs you get can stack?  You can keep drinking the Noggenfogger untill you get both the Shrink Buff and the skelly buff. So my alt Zophina got to run around as a Mini Skelly.  After completing the quest you can then buy unlimited supplies from him… 


and then because I felt like doing a tour – I dragged a friend out of the bank and Went to Iron Forge

and then did a very good job at hiding in the bushes in Stormwind

and then finally off to  Shatt

Favourite Mind Control trick

While farming for Netherweave/Kurenai rep/Obsidian warbeads all at the same time I was killing Boulderfist Crushers and boulderfist Mystics – I will MC a Mystic  and using their Heal to heal myself while I am in shadow form I then release them and kill. It saves me from haveing to stop and eat – and its a fun way to kill the pairs that often spawn together. Mystics can be tricky if you don’t interrupt their heals.

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