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Yippee Beans /Yippy Beans

I was talking about Yippee beans  via a chat to someone the other day  – I must have said something like  ” I feel like I’ve had Yippee beans.  To which they responded “Huh?”  So I thought it was a spelling error of mine,  that my meaning had been lost because my spelling failed as it often does.  ‘I’ll google it”  I said – thinking I would find it somewhere with an explanation as to its colloquial use.

Nothing.  I found a Cafe in Melbourne by the name of Yippee Beans.  Google foo fail.

“But It was always used in my house” I tried to explain.  My dad used to use that phrase.

So it turns out my dad made it up!   Or it has to be the one phrase that has not made it to internet infamy.

So I introduce you to the expression and the implied meaning of what yippee beans are.

Yippee = excitement   so think bouncing beans – happy beans – excited beans – so acting like you have had yippee beans means your bouncing around – all excited like.
For the life of me,  I can’t even remember what I was feeling excited about.

I may have lost that feeling  in the realisation that the expression did not exist.  So by this here post. I give the expression, and the context of having Yippee beans a place on the internet.

 I shall blog about Wow later. Promise.

Edit:  Thankyou FOO!  They are also known as “yippy beans”  and usage of these as a colloquialism have been found mainly on forums where people discuss things.   With the exception of a 1992 police report into alternative names for a substance. I promise you that though that it was used as a term for hyperactivity in my family household long before 1992.

No Pugging in New Guild.

The law has been laid down. – No Pugging – as discussed on Guild Vent and

A forum post inclusive of explanatives ( which I thought was unnecessary)  – The GM explained  the reasons,  My current guild provides raiders with flasks/food/oil. The funds to have these made/provided come from all the trash greens/Mats that drop in a run.  If people are locked out of Kara its hard to do full clears.

This is good it saves me forking out 40g for my Flask of death ( untill my Alt levels high enough to make)  This is bad – it stops me running when I want – But a guild is supposed to command your loyalty – So Im happy to do what he says – Its fair and If an item drops that I need I can have ( theoretically)

I will give 2 weeks trial at that – and see how we go

WOW Skills and Real Life Application

Hats off to the GMs that Run 25 Man raids – if you can do that in a virtual world
Working with 25 Individuals with seperate Time zones/Needs/Wants/Ages
Have them Sign up on a forum
Get them all on vent
Install all the Add on’s
Turn up as scheduled

/clap well done. You may say that people do that all the time in WOW – and your right they do – I wonder if anyone has done a survey on the real life jobs for Raiding Guild GM’s / or Raid Leaders
Are they Management – and if they aren’t should they be? They have been hiding their skillz!
Not all GM’s/Raid Leaders are great raid leaders but in the real world results are what counts. Do they get the Job done.
If the boss is down Yes –

But can they do it next time.. Thats the Farm test..

If you Google words such as Management – Gaming – Leadership Skills  – Online you not only  will you find articles on how Businesses are now looking at Role Playing games and activitys to increase Skills and Training of Staff  – You will also find Articles like this Wired 14.04 How Stephen Gillett got his job – Yes I know the article is from 2006 – but its still applicable – Accidental Learning

on a related Note: I have a Magic Macro that Wins BG’s in AB – Its a basic g1 to GM ect.. ect.. but I have it tool barred in AB – and I spam it once if there is time, and if I get a positive response, will do it again for the people who have logged in since and then we are off.. My action is a simple leadership / organisation task and it improves the chances of a Win – Yes they are generic commands, but it focus’s resources – and more often it acheives at least an intial 3 cap result – and then the fun begins..

PVP Daily

I thought I’d try and do the PVP Daily before I went to bed last night, and Picked up WSG – WSG is almost as bad for a losing track record as AV is now – So I was apprehensive about the abilty to win a game before I had to log – but Im saving up 25k for the PVP spellblade,  because I now have a Offhand from Badges – and by getting spellblade and using offhand Ill be able to sqeeze an extra 53 odd + Damage. So Im 4k down and alot more to go – so Any extra Honour is a bonus.

I melted Face! –  I am so glad I now have the confidence to use Shadow Word Death now – other classes told me to stay away from it. ” Why would you use it it causes you damage.. ”   Depending on circumstances – there are times where I won’t risk it,  but its an awesome spell,  its also the best flag carrier chasing spell…   and depending on Mana pool and if I get stunned (only have 5 min cool down trinket)

As I chase them its SWP – VE – Star Shards  I keep them up, and then basically SWD each time the cool down is up – (if 2.4 improves Mana generation to the point that I can lose my Spirit Tap – Ill pick up the Stun instead and then I’ll be even more awesome!  Or at least stick some points in there. ) Mindflay is also good for slowing them down so others can get in range.

We won 2 in a row – Yeah! so not only did I get winning honour, I also got the bonus honour from the quest.  We had no afkers in either of the BG’s – No one QQ’d  – or moaned,  we communicated for the most and never gave up.! My kind of fun.  

However I have some issues with Rouges – they are the bane of my PVP existence.  They can and will do stab stab stab stab  and I die..     Depends on how good they are I can somtimes stick a sheild or a fear up inbetween being stuck,  which just means it takes that little longer to die,  and I can usually get one Dispell trinket off as well – but then they stun me and I become a pin cushion again –  but if they resist a fear too and well then – Im gone. 

Void Shatter – Woot!

yes! – New enchant to be learned in 2.4  Shatter a Void Crystal into two large prismatic shards..   Realm economics prediction.

Guild banks will empty themselves of Voids and convert into Shards thus driving down price/value of shards by Ahing the results

Guild  banks will convert all voids into shards and keep in guild banks. ( not so much effect)

Void crystal values will go up and Shards will stay the same. /cry

Either way Im so hoping a) I get that…  and b) it brings the price down for the Large prismatics.

Gearing up for Kara

A minor grievance of mine, especially in the early days of Kara was that an item would drop and everyone would go.. ohh ohh.. I need that.

You would then check out your own gear – Already a purple or a blue that you have either Bg’d / Arena’d heroric’d for  and then pass – because the item isn’t really un upgrade after you have just spent 17k honour points getting that new item ( and do yo uknow how hard that is to get now on Av weekends.. /cry )

And as the runs continue – and more purples drop – and they aren’t upgrades really as a whole – or they are for an off spec    and you don’t get any of them –  you start to think why am I here? So add up all the other reasons. You quit.

Ive gotten  couple of purples from Kara. – Gloves off Attunmen – Staff off Curator and a robe off Opera( which I now use as a healing robe but was my best damage robe at the time. )  I haven’t don’t too bad. But – add up the weeks and the cost of being in there because of lack of progression and that we never had a warlock –  and that we have been running since Octoberish maybe even September.  That’s A LOT of time – for not a lot of success.

We did it hard – No one with experience to help when 1st running – reading up on the fights working out roles  but since then we have splintered off another team – had to Pug out of the core team for 50% of the runs due to non attendance or RL commitments. Add into that we have had alts being swapped in for fights – the rule was that an Alt got 2nd preference – but still when everyone else was gearing up their offspecs any decent healing gear went to the Alt because they were a healer, and then in the next breath.  Will you heal for the next fight.

That was my old Guilds loot rules,  and while Im not running Kara as much ( I dont have to. We clear in one night what used to take 3) Its sort of a Nanna group – but for the most everyone is well geared, and they are now after one off items or badges only .

I didnt leave my old Guild for one reason, and I get whispers from some of them saying ( its good they are on speaking terms)  – “we downed prince..”  ect ect..  Im like “Congrats!” and I’m happy for them.. but it was a combination of things – including that I was considering airing my greviences on Guild relations forum,  but the one reply that keept getting me was for most of those posts was If you are not happy leave.   I wasn’t happy – I couldnt see anything changing to fix that..” So I left.

It was hard – but it was for the best.



New Guild – – New Spec – Some new pretties

I was guildless  when I logged on – for the first time in a long time. It feel odd that even though I couldnt see the tag, and I wore the grey tabard of the loan ranger,  of one who is guildles.

I was guildless probably for about 20 mins just enough time to lose 3 EOS to Pre made Horde, and then I Joined CD

The Invite appeared on my screen, and my mouse hovered over the accept button. Did I really want to join another guild so soon? I accepted and received the warm welcome that all new guildys anywhere receive.  I had researched the guild on the Armory so I had a fair idea that they were a serious raiding guild, rather then a happy friendly family bring ur alts – twinks and then some guild.

Then as we were organising a Kara run  – an argument started, that the run wasn’t planned ahead and it shouldnt happen – I started thinking – oh oh – Politics already. It got sorted out, and all was happy.  The run went well,  everyone knew the fights – knew their class,  we had the odd death, and the odd wipe,  but for me to be able to Kill up to and including prince on one run. – I was impressed.

I also got alot of advice to up my damage in my Spec and my cast sequence.  My brain has been considering more theorycraft in the last few weeks, its whats prompted me losing points in Discipline,  my + damage wasnt where it could be.  Ive still got a few more enchants to get for some new gear so will need to be farming for a while. They seem to be a good bunch of people – but like all groups still have their internal conflicts

Welcome – To the Rantings and Ravings of a Shadow Priest

In order to try and improve my play- understand guild relations  – get some pointers – Learn and grow: Ive been trolling World of Warcraft forums ( in a good way) and Blogs – After seeing several blogs on here that I like I thought I would give it ago. With several topics of my own that I wanted to Air/discuss about playing the Utility tool that is the Shadow Priest.  Often underestimated/Misaligned/ignored  we are a power to be reckoned with.  ( we are also very useful too )

Why Pugnacious – It’s a awesome sounding word. – it has a lyrical emotiveness about it.and like back in the days of debating in school.

I define Pugnacious to be as the per the following definition from


1.  tough and callous by virtue of experience [syn: hard-bitten
2.  ready and able to resort to force or violence; “pugnacious spirits…lamented that there was so little prospect of an exhilarating disturbance”- Herman Melville; “they were rough and determined fighting men” 

I do not advocate violence. But I enjoy raiding, I enjoy BG’s and I’d like to consider myself somewhat as a battlepriest / warrior woman ect ect ..     Think Xena Meets Janeway-

Yes Im also a real girl.

–  Under a Creative commons licence and Thanks to Blizzard for providing such a awesome game – the following is my Blog on all things – Great  – for the most part I hope it will be interesting and informative –

I thought about not identifying the ingame me. My guild and in game toons.  But as an opinionate person I’d like to think that if you belive in something enough to say it – then you should also defend it – and take ownership of it. So I will be be mindful of feelings and I will not be spiteful or hurtful – but this is a my blog on the game as I see it.

So if you read this blog and you know me – then you will probably know who im talking about even if I haven’t named a Toon.

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