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Catching up

I now understand why people disappear – stop blogging. It didn’t happen for me in a  fit of rage,  after one bad pug, or even a broken heart
I decided I didn’t want to write anymore.  I had nothing to say,  well  all that I did have to say was ‘ Nothing to see here,  move along’
I  have now decided I wasn’t going to let the blog go so easily.  the shallow acquaintances that have been most of my gaming is wearing thin, but the one consistency has been me,  and my blog and my domain renewal came up and so had to make a decision if I wanted to stick around.
Why so Angry?
A friend came back recently from a long WOW hiatus,  he was one of the most serious players I had known, and he said something along the lines, of ‘Everyone is Angry, why are people playing when they aren’t having fun.
Maybe this was partly directed at me after I come up from air from another BG where as I quote ‘ was raging at the HK farmers in mid’ but the dungeons we have run together has netted us a variety of angry people, too slow to pull,  too fast,  bad tank, bad dps, bad healing, bots in bg’s, people who don’t know the fights, or don’t understand pvp, and that particular bg’s goals, and the people who blame everyone else for the failing.   There is a massive feeling of relief when you find a good group.
I at least think there is an almost xenophobic approach to strangers in game.  If we don’t know you,  you must be scrub, and so strangers are bads until you’re friends and so the rage that can born from someones offhand comment, mistake, or behavior becomes a mini battle even when your supposed to be on the same side.  I’ve mentioned in other posts that sometimes I think the biggest war is not with the opposite faction, or the focus of the encounter but amongst your own team or party.
My Toons

I have been doing one real raid a week with a 10 man guild that keep inviting me back for some reason. They let me dps all but Feng in Mogu’shan where we are 3 healing so I’ve pretty much stuck with my stance on no more attempting to raid seriously. I like most of the changes Shadow, still am holy offspec, and my biggest gripe is mana regen but its already improving with gear, and that people need less healing as they have better gear. But I think my healing confidence is tied up so close to my mana regen that I still feel shaky.

I leveled my hunter to 90 in a most uneventful way – to the point it was excruciatingly boring,

I did find a new love though, My Pally.  I have now healed Priest Disc, Holy, Shammy resto, and Druid Resto, and have been pleasantly surprised by my Pally.  I don’t know why I took so long to level one.  I leveled her as Holy, and she never has been ret or tank,  killing mobs when questing is still ok in Holy spec but most of the leveling has been done through dungeons, dragging a dps friend along. I went from dinging 85 and straight into Mop dungeons after some AH shopping to get my Ilevel up enough, and felt less stressed on my Pally then I ever did healing mop dungeons when I leveled my priest.  Maybe the style suits me,  maybe they are just OP and easier to play, she kept me playing though, and she will be my 3rd 90.

Disc can go bubble it’s self I’m going Holy

Yes still here.

I was planning to write a post on all the tweaks I’ve done to help my disc spec feel better. I wasn’t the best geared but I was ok  ( currently 467 ilevel) ,  but I have done all the right things since 90,  I have two purple crafted I grinded rep for the patterns, I got my Brewfest trinket, my Sha kill quest reward, the Rep and Valor rep rewards where I can,  and even got the Headless horseman ring. I’m Gemmed &  Chanted flasked and fooded but In LFR my Disc spec just wasn’t doing well in comparison, especially when competing with another disc priest .

To get results you had to snipe other peoples heals with shell,  or smite/penance heal, but then I was still chewing through mana. I fixed my Mana problems by taking Mindbender with it’s 1 min cool down and mana return.  When beaten by another disc smite healer while they were  in pvp gear one LFR group I changed my strat for more smiting. I even tried to rein in my quick draw dispel reaction,  trying to let other people use their mana. Shields weren’t even returning their cost in mana. I had a leaky mana pool.

In Pvp Disc didn’t even feel right.  I was being globaled and without dedicating all my glyphs and talents to survival only had a trinket and  Pain suppression that I could use to get a gcd space to breath, and Pain suppression could still not be cast while silenced, only stunned, so that only helped some of the time. I piled on resil, and once I got over 6k resil I started to notice I was harder to kill, and by getting where I am currently at 7.470k ( 61.51%) I was lasting longer,  but all it took was a couple dps blowing all the cd’s on me and I was gone.

All the stuff we could pick from talent points that made disc awesome in BG’s became talent points or Glyphs. I could have gone pure defensive mode in glyph choices,  Inner fire for 60% ,more armor,  Innerfocus Glyph for 5 sec for silence and interrupt protection and desperation to cast GS while silenced and the combination would have helped,  but not enough. I was already using Spectral guise to avoid getting hit as often, and it worked occasionally and Angelic Feathers for me to get away faster ( and good for flag carrying bg’s) but it wasn’t enough.  I still felt weak.

So I have gone holy.  Yes,  funny isn’t it. A Holy Priest in BG’s – the joke was that holy priests did more healing when they had died and were in spirit of redemption form then then did when they were alive.  I have more instant type casts I can do inbetween stuns and silences  as Holy now then when I was Disc. I have Sanctuary as a less then .5 sec cast, as a set and forget heal,  lightwell as a set and forget.  ( didn’t pick lifespring because it only helps if your less then 50% health)  holy word: serenity is instant with a 10 sec cd  and heals for almost as much as a flash heal but for 1/3 of the mana cost.   Divine Hymn on 3 min cd and everything I had as disc.    Sure spirit shell was awesome when you could see the enemy running at you and you had time to build it up. But when your getting locked down, and you can’t even get a fear off,  or a second to put your psyfiend on the ground – your spirit shell was useless.

Holy is still as squishy – but I felt squishy as disc.  I’m not dying any less.

RBG’s don’t seem to be getting off the ground. Guild attempts have flopped even getting 10 people interested.  Have a few feelers out with some people I’ve been doing semi premades with who might do RBG’s ,  but there’s a noticeable lack of interest generally, and I think I’ve left it too late again I tried to push on week 1 but it never happened and besides  I think I would very much rather be Shadow  ( shadow is awesome sauce right now) – and regardless of how much better I think Holy is for pvp for me at this moment,  trying to convince a new rbg team that I can be awesome might be a hard task.

Real ID & Battle Tags

Well no buildings fell down

Towards the end of Cata ( I can say that now,  since we are almost there)  with the decrease of activity going on in the servers people were forced to use things like Openraid,  throwing around their real Id’s to do things like Raiding , and what we used them for,  Rated BG’s because there were never enough people online or interested on your realm in doing what you wanted to so xrealm recruiting became a norm.

In the space of 2 weeks I had added more people to real ID then I had since inception.   I liked playing with these people. They are from different realms/have alts, and were also keen to do Rated BG’s, and the desire to do stuff out weighed any misgivings I had about sharing my real name.

I only had one funny moment ” Why won’t you add me to Facebook?”  when he couldn’t find me by searching for my real name. But no buildings fell down,  I didn’t get any crazy stalkers, and I didn’t add everyone I played with and the list of keen people who love pvping, and want to do Rated BG’s  is sitting there waiting for when we all hit 90 and are looking for other  able  and eager people wanting to throw themselves in as soon as we can.

I removed someone on the list in a bad pug pick up group because we  were losing and a whiny rouge wouldn’t stop whining. To the point I got snarky at him and suggested in case he started whining for heals I was letting him know I couldn’t get to him in time.  I got kicked after the loss.  No reason to keep them if I didn’t want to play with them.

I know a lot of people were hesitant,  or even refused to use real ID. Battle tags became of way of adding people without having to share emails, and it even got to the point where because you can see friends your friends a real life friend wanted me to roll an alt with them, but wouldn’t add me to real ID so we could play together because people on their list didn’t want other people to see their names.

I’m not saying there isn’t still a risk in unmasking the Avatar,  and the battle tag option is a welcome alteration to real id, but I am feeling a little more comfortable with the idea then I did when it first came out.


I found my long lost twin.

More that, I think every priest has this transmog

I thought I was a unique little snowflake


Disc Priests now come with pet Rogues

Well at least in rated BG’s they do.

One of the more popular strats which seem to pop up more in the mid MMR ratings is the assigning of cc to an enemy healer.  Rogues get put on disc priests.  One on one,  I can make killing me a rather long and drawn out process.  If I concentrate on keeping myself alive I can keep a rogue occupied for quite some time.  ( I have Goldshire dueling cred for doing exactly that)  but if you put a Rogue on me when I am trying to heal everyone, and dispel as often as possible. Well,  that annoying little creature that has suddenly grown attached to the back of my robe is a pain in the butt.

PEEL! Please.

We did a rated the other night and one of the teams we faced were hacking.   RL took a video  and posted it to youtube  here  it also got posted on the realm forum that the hackers came from and their GM has assured everyone it’s being dealt with.  They were apparently unaware that their team was hacking until that BG,  maybe they had gotten maps where flying up in the air wasn’t advantageous.

We lost.  Did we lose because they were hacking,  not quite, though it was a contributing factor  we lost because we couldn’t concentrate  when there were priests flying through the air,  or players with their heads sticking out of the ground, you’re looking for enemies in all the wrong places. Their hacking gave them some unfair advantages which lost us nodes, like capping underground – if we had focused better we could have beat them.

We all lost points to losing to them. We lost team synergy. We are all bloody annoyed.

I have been trying to pursue rated BG’s with the passion of someone who has nothing left to do in Wow at the moment.  The new strategy of rolling an alt and standing in SW and listening to trade on somewhere like Tich netted me 2 rather very quick invites  to a xrealm rated team. If people are logging onto alts to recruit for these teams,  why not go to these realms to be recruited.

The problem with xrealm and xrealm pugs is that at least half the team are either drunk.  tired or stoned on the weekend. Those things never affect your performance do they…

It’s also throwing yourself into a group of random strangers  – sometimes sharing real ID, and more lately Skype information and hoping it all goes well, and the party doesn’t fall apart due to massive failure after waiting around in group for 1/2 an hour while they recruit the perfect team class combination.

There is also a worry, or concern that they won’t think you did good enough.   100 + dispels, and outhealing the Pally healer.  Is that good enough?   Did you call that you were being focused too much,  or not enough,  because no one else looks at health bars but the healers. Are they going to point the fingers at the healers, or the DPS when it all goes down.

I had a few good runs,  and some bad ones.

I even took over leading one when we got into an AB and there was no plan or leader.   I had no idea what specs we had or the  gear they were wearing.  I wrongly assumed that there had been some consideration as to who was invited.  I was recruited from trade , but  half of them had never done a rated before.
It didn’t end pretty – well they followed directions, and we managed to keep two bases for most of the game, which means they point lead wasn’t as bad – just we didn’t have the strength to break their defenses on a 3rd.

They promised me Rated’s

After wandering around Guildless for a few weeks trying to work out what I wanted to do, I joined a Pvp guild, because they promised me rated BG’s.

Yes it’s bad timing –  end of season,  but since leaving Proudmoore, and the ‘secret pvpers chat channel’ where we used to be able to recruit for things like rateds or semi premades  I have been lacking for a decent pvp company.   It was getting so bad I was even healing anyone who asked  through 2’s arena for point caps.
It’s been bumpy so far.   3 hours of waiting, or  waiting on a Cross realm recruiting “Does anyone have a prot warrior?”  – Skype and mic issues, people having to use real ID to add the RL for the xrealms – people who leave mid BG when we are down 200 resources. and then we spend 30min recruiting a replacement after a devastating loss in the BG because two people left.  When recruiting there have been people who want to be carried or guaranteed a win, people afraid of losing their current rating. Or just no one wanting to do rateds.

We need more people who want to have a decent shot at not only doing rateds,  but team building as well so that we get better and know how to work together. We have had several nights of people cycling through,  some better then others,  and we have even later faced people we have played with in other Rateds. ( and Beat them.  Most satisfying. )

I also got OMG a girl comment. ” I’ve never had a girl in my rated bg before” by what turned out to be seasoned rated bg player on a big US pvp server  ( which is more surprising surely then a 12 year old on a quite  oceanic right?.   Where are you girls?  – Get into Rated Bg’s!.

I know your supposed to use all the tools available to you, especially in a Rated BG- much like a mage uses slow fall off the rock in EOS, or a hunter goes invis so you can’t range target them, but I always feel a little sneaky using Mind Vision

I spy on the enemy team before the BG starts -(It puts them off their game  😛 ) – and this is easily done using Battleground Targets the add on, but where ever you are,  If I can target you with Battleground Targets,  then I can find you.

I can tell my team how many of you are trying to sneak around the back way in WW or coming over the hill to LH

Where the flag carrier is coming out in WSG – and where he tries to hide with the flag, how many healers he has with him ect..

I feel this  is a slightly unfair advantage.  Mind Vision is not available in arena  ( though I would have less use for it in there anyway) In a Rated Bg we won in the Battle for Gilneas by floating, we were able to float between LH and WW and I spent some of my time confirming, or reporting potential attacks.

It’s also rather Voyeuristic .

Speaking of Voyeurism

Our Rated RL/GM has been dragging me into arenas – and live streaming them.  The most viewers we had apparently were 11. I have mixed feelings about our Skype Conversations/Games being live streamed. I am not  really  comfortable being part of the entertainment.

I wouldn’t want to watch a live streamed Arena, especially at our level ( 3’s skirting 1550 at the moment – in early days..  working on it.. working on it… )  So I am not sure why other people would want to watch us.  If we get better,  can keep a regular 3’s team then maybe – but again, it’s the end of the season, and we aren’t that great.

There was also this odd obligation to feel like I needed to provide some kind of banter to the people who were watching while we were waiting for Pop, or for the Arena to start.  It wasn’t a radio show,  but I couldn’t help feel like it was. ( with a very small audience )   I also don’t think things like  “Dispel me!  and me replying something along the lines of  – I would if I wasn’t running away in a fear right now,  or me saying, get this Rogue off me., makes for what I would consider entertainment.

And there is all this extra pressure not to lose  and make stupid mistakes. ( we lost viewers when we lost games)

One of the Queue breaks saw someone waving and cheering at us telling us the last game ‘was a good win’   and me not thinking said, ‘Oh he is watching us,  that’s a little creepy’ and of course he heard it on the live stream,

Not the right thing to say to people who are cheering you on, and are of your limited audience. ( I’m sorry.. )

How do we keep all our passions alive?

Certainties disappear
What do we do for our dream to survive?
How do we keep all our passions alive,
As we used to do.

Evita – You Must Love me

So the realm I went back to is kind of dead.

That’s ok, I can deal with 6 min BG queues, do LFR for the hoot, pick up a 10 man DS, and finish it most of the time.

I now have Team Speak, Mumble, and Vent installed  – ( I’m all for choice,  but that’s getting kind of silly. )

Getting confused being the Dps/Heals offspec on boss by boss whim  ( yes I can still heal spine in Pvp Healing gear without a wipe) but trying to do runs as DPS instead of the old reliable heals just because its more fun, and I wanted the gear.

I can dabble in random Arena, catch a BH,  and do plenty of Pvp, or  a bit of farming. The odd achievement,  and a Heroic Cunning of the Cruel trinket in the luckiest moment in trade pug history. I got  the awesome dps trinket in DS ,  ( lots of fun in pvp too)

But it was at the point where everyone’s passion had died.  We needed that release date for MOP.  Had to have hope for the future, a time line we could work towards ( and book annual leave from work for 🙂  ( undecided on that yet)

So yeah for a release date.

Fluffy panda future here we come.

Why don’t you walk away

We are all very good at tunneling.  in BG’s epic battles can be waged around control over an uncapped node involving half the players from both sides.

When you take a breath, and look up at the scoreboard,  the other team has managed to cap 3 nodes, and you only have stables.  The fight over this one uncapped node has distracted your team that much that enough time has passed for the other side to get a decent lead.

The healers could be merrily healing away – you get into this zone watching green health bars,  throw a fear out in your hit capped healing set so all your fears don’t fail.  La la laaaa la di dah,    Bubble, flash, renew,  Penance on a bad one,  heal them up,  more bubbles, oh look barriers up,  fear, holy nova to stop that sneaky rogue cap. La di dahhhh

Then you realize its been going on too long and the dps your healing aren’t targeting their healers

[Battleground] [ Zahraah] Kill the healers!

[Battleground] [Zahraah] Target their healers!

La di dah…

So at this point,  your getting ok Hk’s and your healing is looking awesome on the meters ( because the other team is not targeting you  either )  Technically you are doing your job. Your healing.  No one is complaining about your healing, people are staying alive.  What else are you supposed to do

Walk away?


But if you walk away they will all die,  and so will you most likely once that me hunter you prey instinct kicks in and the enemy team go ” look squishy trying to run away kill kill kill !

Zahraah dies

But so do the rest of the people your healing at an unsuccessful node cap and by that point your team now has to come back from a 3 -4 node cap.

People who fight on the roads,   will stay on that road if there is a healer enabling them to fight. It’s a hard thing to do, to ride past that person with half a health bar.

So yes,  walking away could be the best thing you do, to enable your  team to refocus because as long as they are staying alive,  they will just keep tunneling

Fake Gamer of the week & other things


I  love this series done by Kotaku  Fake Gamer of the week  ( not sure if there’s a US version but that’s the .au link )   It makes a mockery of gaming stock photos, and picks on every kind of fake gamer, girls, guys, old people! cyber goths and even babies.

2.I finally updated my blogroll ( Links to bloggers that haven’t been around since 2008. It was long over due )  my rss reader is very quite, but there are some bloggers, Tobold, Blessing of Kings, Big Bear Butt, Klep,  Riv even, that just keep plugging away and writing, come hail, shine, rain, boredom, expansion, they keep writing, and that is all kinds of awesome. There are less and less bloggers who were around when I first started blogging about wow and that’s a little sad but its good to see the old timers being battle bloggers of a sort.

3. I’m not raiding in MOP,  ( hurt me if I end up raiding after all –  but I am going to try damn hard not to)  I tried to not raid in Cata.  This whole attempting to make sure I have a life, and follow other worthy pursuits didn’t quite work out,  but I did enjoy my cata raiding,   It’s very difficult to date and raid.  When you are kicking someone out because you need to get on the pc to raid,  or being non-committal  to seeing someone because you’re not sure if that’s the night your going to kill the next big boss then priorities need a little tweaking. Dating a raider didn’t  work out either.

4. I’m getting a short story published in a local anthology. Weeeeee.  They are even having a book launch! ( but not until October) I was pretty happy to get in.  They published a story of mine 2 /3 years ago, and  I was motivated this year to enter again. I  spent more time editing it ( with a friends help – who is better then I at things like grammar ) then I did writing it. But I felt it was as polished as it was going to get. I still have to go to an editing workshop which I am sure it will be polished again and made even better!

Compliments from the other side

A Horde player from one of my BG matches that I was the only Alliance Healer – left the BG and logged over and created a level 1 alt on my realm.

I’ve never created a level 1 to rage at someone that has pee’d me off  from another realm.  For the most any negative experiences had, is not worth creating a level 1 to grief them.  It’s taking any issues you have with someone a little too far,  and accomplishes what?

“I’m going to make a big bad level 1 alt and harass you”

but I hear of people doing that all the time.

I had to re-read  the whisper from a level one to make sure I wasn’t being griefed but complimented.

How many people do you know that do that? Log over to someones realms to thank them or compliment them

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