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3.2 day one.

What did I do on day one of the patch?

Played in The Isle of conquest- which is  as laggy as can be, but there are a lot of things to do.   I think people were more concerned about  “Whats down this path”  then winning – but a couple of achievements were had.


I Killed the last boss in 5 man Trial of the Champion – not too exciting.

Did the 25 man normal Trial of the Champion and we killed him getting our first 3 Emblem’s of Triumph ( no achievement for them though – and  learned that  you can’t mindflay  a Snowbold  when its grabbing onto your head .

Did a couple of Ulduar Achievements – now the Scrapbots one was not intentional,  XT is bugged.   He killed us, too many bots were spawning, and we were drowning in them. We gave it a good shot. We killed enough scrap bots that we got an accidental achievement.WoWScrnShot_080509_224104

I also finally got a better love Truncheon  Weapon off Razorscale.  The Guiding star.  It looks like a giant baby’s rattle, and if it weren’t for a healer who was waiting for some more fragments and a fellow Shadow priest passing on it,  I’m not sure I would have gotten it.  So I am grateful for them for passing  however its dropping brought to my attention, an interesting loot rule that’s never affected me before. That Mp5 =  healers priority.  The extra spellpower and the intellect over my previous weapon, well and truly makes up for any gain I would have gotten by keeping a weapon with Spirit  – so regardless that it was a significant upgrade ( 60 odd spellpower and some crit because of more intellect )  if a healer wanted it it was theirs.  Which seems to me more a healer loot priority rather then a stat priority, and that can be a rule on its own.   I’ve been in guilds where tanks and healers  get gear 1st.  They then get bored, because there are no more upgrades ect ect ect…   We get new healers/tanks who take the dps’s loot all over again….   Loot rules are loot rules, and for the most they are fair, but  I am a little annoyed by it –   Gaining 19mp5  – while losing 34 spirit only increases my mana regen  per 5 secs  while not casting by 3 – and regen while casting by  11  – its not a big difference,  and mana is not an issue for now ( I am using dispersion more though)   Could I change the rule? probably not,   Do I care about the rule enough to present a class by class break down on mana regen v spirit for DPS and healers to show the flaw in the generalisation  – Nope.  So I leave it at that. I got it. I was lucky. I’ve been hanging out for a better weapon.


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