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My Hearts in the Arathi Highlands

My heart’s in the Highlands, my heart is not here;
My heart’s in the Highlands a-chasing the deer;
A-chasing the wild-deer, and following the roe,
My heart’s in the Highlands wherever I go
by Robert Burns (1759-1796)


Well I’ve cancelled my Auto renew of Aion, so I have untill November to keep playing and regain interest in playing it.

I think for the most the reason why it didn’t hold my interest is because my heart is somewhere else.  

While I didn’t feel like I was cheating on Wow, Aion was a welcome distraction, and it did open my eyes a little to the idea that I can play other games,  in that Wow has always been my only game for a long time.  ( I don’t count tower defence flash type games or even Farmville as ‘games’)

If there was no Wow, then maybe I would Aion,  but I think it’s a game that requires too much attention, and is less ‘casual’ focused  and so trying to divide my gaming time between the two games just made it easier to walk away from both. Wow would bore me – log out – log into Aion,  kill sandcrabs, or boxes  get bored,  log out.  I just haven’t been as engaged, or driven to level in Aion.  I am going to try a 1st person shooter I think, or maybe finally play Supreme commander – ( if I can still get it)   I used to play some Total annihilation with my brother, as well as solo –  and liked it alot,  and I also have an unplayed Starcraft game begging to be opened.

So while my heart is not with Aion because it is with Wow,  it’s been somewhat easier to get distracted from Wow  lately too. Because of circumstances our guild is spending more time in their 10 man groups then 25’s  – and I am not sure how I feel about that yet.  Raiding sometimes is better than not raiding at all.

I am also hoping to be a little real life busier – Amongst other things I also have a Zombie story to write for a Publication that I think I have an awesome idea for, and Nanowrimo  is coming up in November too. Maybe I will do better than the 7 k odd words I got to before I hated my story.

While I still love Wow,  the lack of 25 man raiding or even 10 man raiding is causing my heart and mind to wander.

Otherwise Occupied.

I have been ‘otherwise’ occupied.


I started playing Aion a couple of weeks ago,  and after an initial frenzy of oh this is cool – look at all the pretty graphics ( full settings on new Pc)  I have now settled into an uneasy compromise between Wow and Aion time. 

I even started an Aion blog with a whole 2 entries and the very bad banner.  I need to get my Gimp out and concoct  a much better banner before it becomes fit for public consumption, and my interest in Aion has waned a little.

At first I was avoiding Wow like the plague, logging only for raids because I wanted to play with my shiny new toy, then gradually  the slight grindishness of Aion and my aversion at trying to find a group for long group quests when I didn’t want to be forced to sit at a pc for another stretch of time after a raid made me log back into Wow again, and be reminded of all the fun.  Mostly time  spent running round in circles.  

10 mans

It seems to be a slight growing trend,  a couple of guilds on server have started focusing a lot more on 10 man groups,  we now have 2 10 man groups with plenty of reserves in each that are raiding  in our 25 man raid times.

 It’s a funny situation in that they aren’t official  guild raids really – if you are already in a group that does a 10 man in your own time, you are free to keep doing it.  So the two groups have a mix of people who are already saved – and those who have never done a 10 man before.   I don’t mind,  it doesn’t mean I am raiding more, in fact it means I am raiding less,   It means I don’t pug or do an out of raid time 10 man Toc.    More free time to do other stuff like log off…   Unless we want to spent 2 nights a week wiping on hardmodes there really was no other option, we are officially bored of Ulduar,  and will be using  last weeks raid Id to work on Thorim Hard modes this week

Good deed for the week

I was in Stormwind gemming some new Pvp gear and someone sends me a tell asking me to run the stockades. I say yes,  but only once.  He is grateful,  I start killing everything, and he says ” but I don’t need these ones.. ”  I tell him I am just going to decimate the place, and we get through it rather quickly. Well I do,  I just went all zombie dot dot dot “>dot “>dot  dot disperse when I ran out of mana dot dot dot dot.  Done!

I thought doing something nice for a random would make me feel nice – but I just felt empty.  I think I had hoped that by doing something meaningful for someone else it would make my experience more meaningful. Nope. Didn’t work.   Probably why I ignored the request from some guildys for run through lobie dungeons   a little later on.  I had hoped I would never see “Can someone please run me through Deadmines” ever again in the green guild chat.  Alas other peoples bordems seem to have encouraged them to re roll.

Secret places.

This inability to easily access my screenshots is annoying me.  ( I even did a search for recent files and found no wow screenshots – I will work it out!) 

I spent some time with a friend trying to get into the Horde Inn in Dalaran, we ended up dying on the roof ( had to get the right spot by falling from high above)  and rezing inside the inn.   Running around,  reading the horde books that for some strange reason were still in Common, flirting with their waitresses, and dancing on their tables.    Eventually we just sat there  at the table, pretty much ignored by the hordies even though we were trespassing in their inn.  It was funny as we were trying to get into the inn a couple of other allies  saw what we were doing, and had a go.  They gave up.  We improvised.   We had to make sure we didn’t get too close to the door or we get teleported out into the main street of Dalaran. 

How come theHorde get their own exclusive zone  in Dalaran?

Much Ado about Aion.

We have a lot of people in guild playing Aion. A lot.

I now have a new PC  – See! Shiny Blue lights..   and there is an EB Games up the road from work –  that for 99.00 I can have, or if I walk a little further to a Dick Smith I can get it for  $69.00  ( what’s with the price difference)  or I can download it for 50.00 US  which on current dollar works out to be approx 59.00  ( but I would need to use up a decent chunk of my monthly download. Plus  Factor in you get a month free subscription ( otherwise 15 Us a month )  and it’s a viable option.


On Tuesdays server shutdown I could either go to dinner, or I could buy Aion.

$22 buck all you can eat mussels & good company V  another computer game?

I will probably give in.  My fear, and I repeat it often to those guildys who have made their own Aion channel in our vent   –  is that they will get tired of it in 3 months, and the sentiment seems to be “Hell no!” 

At the moment, their spare gaming time is being spent in Aion,  on weekends the guild was dead, they log in for dailys/Ah/raids and  when Aion servers go down.   We still have people turning up for raids, but then as soon as they are over people fade away.

Currently from what I can gather,  Aion is a bit of a grind,  but its being helped by the fact that people in wow who already play together are now playing together again,  creating mirror guilds, and the duplicating their wow charcter names into Aion.   The oceanic server they are playing on apparently is a big Wow server reunion.  

If I do start playing I will not make this an Aion blog,  I may mention it in passing,  but I am still doubting the staying power of the game.  One very important thing hasn’t happened yet in Aion.  None of the wow transfer players have reached level cap – and ‘end game’  and I think once they get there, then the real test of  what would you rather play Wow or Aion will come.  Now it’s easy to switch back to wow for a raid.  They are only leveling in Aion still at lower levels, and leveling doesn’t seem to be hard – even boring apparently,  but as the competitiveness starts happening, and people near that level cap, I can see them logging into wow even less.

I have till lunch time to consider my Aion buying options….

Edit:   Dinner Won!

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