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Too fast – Too Slow :Let me know – Just let me pull

I rolled another  Warrior Tank over the weekend.  Zahrana  She is prot, and atm level 26, and has been doing Dungeons since 16. In heirloom Chest, Shoulders, and Weapon, and I am working on a trinket.

She is closer to home, so I can still listen to guild chat, trade chat, keep her financially viable, and geared up better than my other tank who is all alone on another realm.

I had to roll a 2nd ( sorry) because I am loving tanking, and getting to play my 1st Warrior is dependant on time zone differences, and I have been trying to be patient  but I want to see a warrior to 80, and I’m motivated now.  I intend on playing both!  They are a lot of fun.

We get plate at 40, but I don’t think that’s our strongest armor.  I’m not sure what the real armor is called, I’ve tried to come up with some names,   maybe thick skin, silent resolve, Patience, Seething rage, disparagement, it’s an armor against behaviour though,  not damage.

It’s good to be back in dungeons that I am familiar with  – and as a 2nd round of lobie tanking I have more confidence then when I first started.  I am also a little more assertive, and possibly  bordering on terse, and unfriendly on occasion.

I am saying don’t a lot. I am now zoning into each instance with a ” Too fast – Too Slow – Let me know :  but Let me pull.

Tanking adventures include

Dps pulls as we zone in.  I say ” Really…”     eg HINT HINT  Dps starts chain pulling. “oh well you don’t need me”  /leave instance

A Mage rolling need on mail greens. When asked why ”  I’ve only played this toon 3 times”  “Would you like me to explain the difference between need and greed?”  I ask trying to be helpful “Please do”  and as I am explaining in 3 lines. The Healer goes ” Just..  Pull”   

Shammy pulls, and then proceeds to tank Boss the second I zone in to party standing near the Turtle boss in BFD.  Seeing him cast I ask “What did you do to your last tank?”  “He was a retard”  they respond.   Shammy still tanking away. “Well it looks like you don’t need a tank anyway – Cya” /leave instance

“What did you do to your last tank?” I asked to a party in a WC in progress ” He had enough”  I then get whispers from the dps about the behaviour of the hunter.

”  why haven’t you done any damage in this run at all?” In Stockades,   Rogue was nearby, doing nothing, and we were working our way down a side wing, having already cleared the rooms in the front. Party goes ?    I link Metres.  Rogue hits one mob.  ‘I have too!  See!” Then proceeds to try to pull half the instance.   We survive.   He then rolls a level one on my realm to tell me to “cry more”   /ignore rogue  /ignore level 1

Perhaps I am being a little prima donna on occasion still.  If you pee me off in the first few pulls, and show me that I am going to have to fight you the whole instance for agro,  for planning, for pulling – for control – then I will leave. It’s worth the debuff. Especially since I do not have to wait for the debuff to cool down to queue up another specific instance – the extra xp and gold from completing a random  and the satchel of helpful goods is crap. Spell power mail,  4 x the same cloak or belt. Crap.Crap. Crap.

Just please, pretttttty please let me do the pulling

This tanks unladylike crime,  is not cow crack like my Tauren Warrior,  more like Human Cheek.  /shows cloak / Dons tabard  I almost changed pants when I saw the front, very glad I am not a blue haired Female Night Elf Warrior. Armor FAIL

My Baby Warlock.

I am not converted.
But I wanted to level another DPS Caster.  The idea of leveling my 2 other 70’s to 80 bores me, partly because its been so long, and their gear is crap that  the idea of relearning to play a fire mage, or muddle through leveling my other priest holy doesn’t interest me.

So I rolled a cute little warlock .  She has the account bindable Tattered Dreadmist mantle –  with its 10% xp bonus and some other twinked out gear like the tux pants with +35 spellpower and 20+ stam thread, and the Swift Hand of justice trinket giving me back 2% of my health.  It all makes leveling alot easier.

she is 19 now,  I think I will see how much i like her at 30 when she can get a mount.  She is Skinning/Mining purely for revenue making.  I’m finding the market has slowed down on the things I would sell for money. No I don’t play the  Auctionhouse :p


I’m running out of things to do on my Main. I still enjoy playing her,  we are still trying for sarth 3d  ( 18 wipes tonite)  with a druid tank. Now we try a DK tank.  But at the end of the wiping everyone was still in good spirits,  no one was peeved off, everyone was talking, trying to work out what we could do with the classes we had.   It was neither boring, or tedious,  it was all about improving.  Main issue is getting the tank to survive the extra damage when the 2nd and 3rd drakes are still up.

  I maxed out my Hodir rep,  and I really don’t want to be desperate enough to do all the achievements so I will play my little warlock for a while too.

I miss my shield, and my inner fire, and my healing,  but its an interesting class to play the warlock.  I know why its always.. more dots more dots..


And because I now have a ‘little person’
It brings to mind the lyrics for Little people in Les Mis
“be careful as you go
cos little people grow
and little people know
when little people fight,
we may look easy pickings
but we got some bite!
so never kick a dog
because it’s just a pup
you’d better run for cover when the pup grows up”

She might be little but shes packing one huge mutha of a shadow bolt.

Security Authors Foot
If you are not reading this through – then they have yoinked my feed. Tell them they are bad! and come vist me, rather then reading regurgitated RSS guzzlers only looking to steal other peoples work to increase ad revenue

A real Life Raid, and a Pally called Dili

We had a real life Raid on my local City Sat night, and so a few people have flown in for the weekend so we weren’t online as much. We had an awesome dinner.. and lots of silliness and they are a great bunch of people, I feel sorry for the guild officer who was with us till after 3am listening to our concerns.. but everyone had a great time – Still trying to sort out the feelings of meeting relative strangers – that aren’t strangers- Spent more time in their company then I have with family and RL friends… and 17 other guildies to meet at once was overwelming I know their voices.. and we all kept calling each other by our toons names.. but I did learn alot of their real names, and Dinner and drinking with them was so much fun! – I recommend having a real meet up ….. and we have the pictures and memories to laugh about for a long time..

I’m a little bored playing my shadow priest besides farming and Raiding- I log in, and run around Shatt for a while, I even deliberatly dismounted in flight outside the scryer bank to add to the pile of two bodys already outside. I am over dailys.. and will only do the ‘fun’ ones

So I’ve been leveling a Pally on another server. An old flatmate has just rolled a toon on Aman’thal and her Hubby to be has been playing since December, so He already has a 70. I broke my tradition in playing with friends because I needed a challange. My Mage Alt is level 55 and Stuck in Winterspring and EPL – am finding her a little soft to play but when she fire crits its a 2 shot on any mob near her level with her +203 fire damage. ( Its amazing howmany greens have +firedamge if you look, and I think I’ve collected everything. I will list it sometime.) So I rolled a pally, and needed a name that was Pally like, so after a few tries to see what was available I got Diligence. This was all good untill I got invited into my friends guild – ( and I accepted – Im not sure I want to be guilded.. and If I really like Diligence her I will server transfer her to my home if she levels high.. ) but then they abbreviate my name.. and its welcome dili! and Welcome Dil.. I’m thinking do I really want to be a dili? or a Dil?
Must remember.. Names get abbrieviated….

She’s level 17 now, and Im really enjoying playing the pally – I’m leveling as Holy with the idea of probably being a healer. Its interesting to have the mix of Strength and holy damage.
The challange was to level her without financial assistance.. just like i did Zah – but this time with the knowledge I learnt the hardway.

She has also earned upwards of 25 gold already. How? Skinning and Mining.
Skin everything, Mine and Smelt everything.. they are selling well , I am also in good greens for my level – Some people will tell you to avoid the AH when buying when u start, but there are always pieces on there cheaper then a white, and better then what you will get questing, you just need to buy smart. I figure by being reasonably geared my toon will survive better.
So I’m saving and bargin shoping on the Ah.
I want to be able to afford my mount at 40 – I don’t have a 70 on this server to be my sugar mummy – I’m also leveling up her cooking – fishing – Firstaid as close to her level as possible, with the idea of being as self sufficient as possible to reduce costs.

Zah leveled all of those after 70 – and its easier at a lower level and cheaper to do bits and pieces here and there.

I am finding that I have difficulty handling more then 1 mob at a time if they are higher then me and It takes longer to kill – I’m using a sheild and a one-handed mace for survivability but I will be trying a 2handed for the dps.. it certainly takes a bit to get used to the getting up close in them mobs face..

Buying a Guild for its bank slots..

So my alt brought a a guild for 60 gold from someone in the trade channel. Its called Blood dragons – with wait for it.. a dragon on the tabard.. so I paid 10gold for a redesign.. kept the dragon and made the tabard a garish teal and pink…
No one but my characters will ever wear it.. and for 60 gold +10 g redesign, i now have a cheaper lot of slots then I would get then by buying bags and bag space in an alts bank. Win!

I dont have any intention of making it a real guild.. if anything I’d only invite my friends alts who need a tag and don’t want to be bugged by the random noobs that need to fill in numbers for guilds. – those annoying people who don’t even ask you if you want to sign.. at least when I tried ( and failed.. ) to get 10 people to sign and stay unguilded for te time it took me to run back to the guild dude. I tried.. I paid good money for them to sign.. and they joined a guild before I could even speak to the Guild start er uperer..

I should buy 2 – I was a bit apprehensive about buying a guild.. I mean what happens if they kicked everyone and stole all the loot… but everything seemed to be above board…. and it does happen all the time – starter guilds fail and then disappear.

There was nothing of worth in the bank, and o one online but the guy who sold it.

next tab is 250 gold.. with more space… and the more alts I want to have basically will mean more basic mats i could save with my newfound space to ease the leveling transistion..

Looking For Guild for Alt

For someone who  Gquit only twice on any toon in just 12 months I’ve sure been doing it alot lately.

I removed my Alt  Zoph now a 48 Level  Fire Mage from the random guild that signed me up when they were looking for signatures and offering gold. They were never on,  I couldn’t recruit – didnt have invite access, and anyone else who wanted to join had to be refered to the officers.  However the officers where never on and neither where any members. Their approach is fair enough if your in an established guild, and officers are on regularily   but unless your guild has an endgame purpose if you want to survive the start up – Be a bit less picky as to who comes.   Keep your bank controls tight, and promotion ability tight – and remember you can boot people from the guild if they cause issues,  but I believe that if you want member ‘padding’ don’t be picky about recruitment to start with or established people like me will gquit.  I seriously would rather be solo.

Besides the name of the Guild was silly –

What I want for Zoph my Alchemist is a Fun friendly guild that wants to Level – gradually – and may aim for end game content but they are a fair way off.  I’m hoping that she will be able to skip Kara completly, and get decent enough gear from BG’s – Herorics and Level  70-80 and the tailoring sets I will make after the Expansion comes out.  I’m looking for I guess a Leveling Guild – I’m not after a Nanna guild where their 70’s run lobies through ( that would be hypercrital..  ) But Im after a guild where I can go about my business,   do some Guild quest/instance runs with like leveled characters – Have some friendly competition as to who got to outlands 1st and plently of inane non serious chat in the Guild chat. ( I can deal with some kiddies – but not a whole guild full )

Thats effectively the definition of Z ( my Mains)  1st Guild, Im still in contact with the GM from that guild,  but I worry that I would be called upon to use my main ( like I was when I was in there when things got too hard) – and when i play my Alt I do it because I want to play her – level her up abit – She might reach a leveling slump when she hits level 50 as I can max out her Alchemy further past 300.

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