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Arena is the new ‘ Oh Shiney’

Since we had already done our progression Kill for the week – now the Armory updates – we had one attempt at Lich King Hardmode,  just to see,  and then killed him normal before calling the raid early. My Arena team decided we would try to fit some more games  while we could.

While the rest of the guild was trying to organise 25’s and 10’s for VOA ( because on BR you need to grab that opportunity – or it’s gone for the week)   I was getting my Wrathful Healing Chest,  enchanting/gemming, and respecing Disc.

I do not think I have ever spec’d disc before.  I had to learn all my penance ranks,  fill in the holes in my spell bars – shove extra things like  Pain suppression, Power Infusion, and Penance  – check my VuhDu keybindings so I didn’t have to change anything,  got Major Glyphs I wanted off the AH  and then I went into a BG on my own to test out my new healing spec , of course I got Strand of the Ancients  where everyone is so spread out that healing is real pain.  Arena peeps had come out of VOA by that stage so we did the BG daily, and we got AB and  I got extra practise.

We got a few more games in, by a few like 20 more, and got all our ratings up to 1400 – which I believe means I can buy a belt.

I’m having some issues with the concept of being allowed to use all these new cooldowns like PI and Pain suppression  on myself.  The only time I deliberately use GS on myself in holy form is healing Saurfang and I get a mark   ( especially now its back to it’s unglyphed cool down of 3 min)

I don’t think I am doing particularly badly.  This is my first attempt in arena,  in the PVP spec as heals while geared, and talented right, and I guess this means I am trying to take it seriously.

My fear of abandonment comes from being deserted in my BC arena teams. (Kidding)  but through circumstances including,  changing  guilds, people leaving the game,them getting bored, ect ect  I’ve never had a decent shot at arena before.   Oh 5v5 in BC – I left because I was sick of dying the 1st every single fight.

I used to think it was just an insane pvp friend grinding arena for hours to get a better rating, but no,  gone are the days of just doing 10 games a week, with maybe a few extras to try and improve your win/loss ratio.  Our total games are 49 with a 45% win rate for me.  Ew  That doesn’t sound impressive.

Guys..  you might need  a more experienced healer – I wont be offended.

Wednesday: The Raiding Monday

Wednesdays are our first raid night in the new raiding week after a raid ID reset in our our Time Zone.  A guildy was saying last night how Wednesday is the raiding Monday, and I say ”  But I look forward to Wednesdays”  and I do.  It is the raiding monday,  but unlike an office monday – Wednesdays are fun!   The fresh start to a raiding week,  free raid ID’s and a world of possibilities for plums.

Last night saw us down Sindragossa Hardmode on 25  – I can’t show you my achievement because for what ever strange reason,  my activity feed stopped at Dreamwalker but it’s on my Iphone Wow armory(  I shall update and boast further when it pops up)

I have been healing our Heroic Sin attempts,  and feeling a little down about the metres.   I recently replaced my Gylph of Guardian spirit with Circle of healing on both my priests,  and its making  a massive difference, so while I may not have the all the gear – now with 4 piece healing offset sanc on my Main, and urh..  a better glyph –  I did ok. 

The GS Gylph  with its 1 min cool down was awesome for bonus healing when I was an unconfident 5 man healer, but that’s long past now. The additional pressure in  2 healing 10 mans, and omg having to be somewhat important  as a healer on Sin 25 heroic attempts  (when three of your healers get unchained magic at a time – some of my heals count)  means that my hodged podged usual faceroll healing style isn’t going to cut it. 

I heal most of my Random Dungeons unless I get a run with a tank because the DPS queues at around 13 min is just not acceptable, and I find myself now having to mute myself in my eagerness to heal sometimes.  I officially no longer hate healing.

To add to my healing experience,  I healed 25 games of Arena  3v3 last night  ( really.. ) as holy.  *Shock *horror* awe*  I’ve told them if they are serious about doing this then I am happy to heal, and also to go Pvp Disc. So I shall be practising my  Disc healing this week.  * bites nails nervously

“I got bubbles.. pretty bubbles..  who could ask for anything more”

It was only yesterday I said I should say no more often,  but all the cool kids are doing arena now  – and it will be  chance to play disc and try for a pvp weapon.

I felt like a Piñata  most of the time, if they ignored me we did ok, disc will give me better survivability so I am looking forward to less lock downs – and it was fun.  When I died, as holy  I have enough time to do a Divine Hymn  POM, COH and sometimes a renew on both  before I make that dreadful  urghhhhh sound  as I lose spirit form, and become a huddled mess on the arena floor.

Arena, has never been part of the game I ever explored seriously – who knows I might get dumped 😛  but I wouldn’t mind giving it a decent shot.

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