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BG raging.


What are the chances that the people who pee me off in Bg’s read blogs?

So if your in Bloodlust – Yes you!  You might have pee’d me off at some point,  ( maybe I pee’d you off too)

If you tell people to give up.   If you go standing in a corner afk because “you have done your bit” and now you can’t be bothered. If you let the healer go get the flag, ( on her own)   and let her run it almost all the way back to the the tunnel ( still on her own)  in WSG all the while 9 other people are still fighting in the middle.  Make racist comments in chat because you think people fail.  Don’t wear Pvp gear and think it’s ok, and then complain why you die so fast. follow someone so no one notices that your Afk. Tell someone to drop the flag so you can pick it up in the middle of a group of horde players and then wonder why we lose it! Don’t cap lets honor farm them.  

^^ Yes that unsightly mess is intentional.  It’s all been said before,  nothing I will say or post will change peoples attitudes – I just needed to vent. 

I got to Bg with my friend from my old realm – (but same battlegroup ) last night,  in the same manner that the x realm premades are doing.  Entering next available at the same time, and checking to make sure we both got it. It was easy with two,  I wonder if it could be done with 3 or 4 people cross realms. 

He was a Pally  flag runner, and I was his healer.  It worked quite well  some of the time.  

I do think however  there needs to be a Bg add on that like a  ” Your standing in the fire” message  instead making it  ” Your fighting in the middle for longer then 30 secs” and a big MOVE!!!

One of the things that is drummed into people in these AV premades that I have been doing is the importance of being in the right place.  Not stopping to help people who chose to fight in the roads. ( Even Lol at them as we ride past)  They are distractions to keep us from the main objective.  The leaders voice is a constant reminder not to get stuck in tunnel vision.

I guess it’s easy to be caught in tunnel vision in a bg,   Rez jump off the cliff into the waiting horde. Die,  and do it all again.   As a healer your more likely to follow that crowd off the cliff because that’s where the people who need healing are, as a holy priest healer in a Bg the times I have gone off on my own breaking from this tunnel vision  I have failed to accomplish anything but another futile attempt at trying to get to their flag room without help. Appeals for people to get out of the middle, or for help fall on deaf ears. 

I have not forsaken my Shadow Spec, but I don’t seem to be putting out the damage in Bg’s as Shadow,  I am also chasing the 50k kill count achievement because it looks possible ( 8k left to go) and I am working on the theory that healers near the action get more Hk’s 

Also of note:  – I am guilded again,  only as a casual – I get to do my own thing – it works for me now, but I am feeling a little itchy at the idea of not having a raiding committment.  I am also blogging more – I guess that means I am happier – and or have more stuff to say..  


Av after 2.4

So this weekend was a little bit of raiding, a little bit of dailys and gear upgrades,  My Mage Leveled to 51 and got her Alchemy to 341  ( im paying for ports to Shatt to fly to honor hold and train. ) and alot of PVP.

It was the Alterac Valley weekend, this weekend, so Because there was no sceduled raids on unday I did a fair few Av’s  ( after sunwell dailys of  course..  )  It was a good mix of Win / Lose / Win Win/ Lose Lose.   I didnt mind.  It certainly isnt the alliance honour farm it was before 2.3, and we are actually winning some so I don’t mind playing.  I’m going to concentrate on saving more honour for when the next season gear comes out, when ever that it.

Our tactics are now back to zerging…  Which the 1st point of the game is to win,   2nd point, win with as much honour.   So what ever it takes to win right? – as much as I love melting face,  running great distances across a map ALL the time – just isn’t fun.  If you’ve managed to survive the gauntlet to reach Relief Hut,  and kill the GY gaurds( who aren’t all elites now so I can take one flag on with my fear…  ) you then need to wait for everyone else to survive the gaunlet as you have people screaming. Yes.. in Raid chat.  “Don’t dismount! – Keep riding. ” So I gets there and then am  killing the dudes in the towers while waiting for people.

I am usually round the top for Damage on most Av’s and Yeah for decent resist gear.  I am still squishy, but with just under 300 resilence I’m doing ok. I should really find an arena team to upgrade more of my gear in the interim. 

 I worked out how someone can get top in Damage but 4 kills to their name.  ( like I saw in one fight..  )   You take on the individual elites in Av – they hit for crap all like 100 a hit on me with minimal armour.. and then you dps them down. They don’t have stuns or interrupts so its  a survivability race, but you can stand there and slog away and rack up their entire health as Damage, top the charts,  but not necessarily contribute to the battle much.  ( I killed the horde quatermaster once while waiting for reinforcements.. )

So leveling up my Mages Alchemy she gets the training for the health pots, and I’m like ‘Super’ I can make them cheaper then I need to buy, Nope. The Mats to make 10 pots are around 453ish Gold to make.   A massive influx on Ah this weekend meant they were selling for 10 G a stack of 5.   Ow.  How do you make money – admitably doing my sunwell dailys I had 4 healing pots drop for me so that might be driving price down.

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