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Hidden places no more.

I went to this bar recently – one of those trendy – yuppy bar places, hidden down a dark ally, with no signage out the front, except a tacky 18 and over piece of paper sign,  stuck in the window.  Now that can mean a few things; doors in dark alleys. Who knows what you’re walking into?

So you get the courage to open up the door,  and the wall of noise and dark meets you, and  you see candles, and tables and this mutha of a cow head on the wall. You’re surprised, delighted,  feel a little naughty perhaps,  opening up this strange door to a secret den.

Unless you were looking for this place,  or someone told you how to find it,  or took you there – you would never find it, half of us walked past it several times not even knowing where the entrance was, and that makes it kind of magical, a mystery, a secret place.

There were a few places like that in Wow. Found by trial and error,  investigating weird places,  following rumors,  or half baked directions..  “I’m sure it’s here someplace.. ”

The secret village and airstrip between Ironforge and Menethil.  The night me and some guildies at the time went out our little pilgrimage via Loch Modan hills,  over the snows near Ironforge,  jumped and fell, and healed our way through the secret valleys, and we explored the village and all the sights, I had a lot of fun that night.

Another time we went to the dancing troll village and killed all the trolls until we got bored,  again climbing over hills, and through the snows of winterspring this time,  falling down hills,  levitating, and so on ( including rezing,  and summoning people that couldn’t quite make it)

There was a spot above stormwind a friend took me once, took a while to work out way through up the hills behind stormwind  and above thunderfalls,  it used to be one of his thinking places and I felt a little special that he shared it with me.

Half the fun of these places was the Journey,  the adventure,  the ” maybe we are somewhere where we shouldn’t be”

While there is certainly more to see by flying around places,  the details on the roofs in the city,   the little hatches,  the little alcoves you could never get to before,  things like blowing up Tekton ( and half of Agree Tylers sheep) and visiting what I think is the prettiest waterfall in all of Azeroth.

I couldn’t do that when I couldn’t fly in Azeroth, but now that I can now perch on the tallest flag pole in Stormwind and look down at the city in its entirety, and go wow, what a spectacular view from up here, it’s not so magical anymore.

If I want to see something I can fly there, there’s no mystery anymore, no more magical hidden places.  Heck they even put a tunnel in the Dancing troll village so you can get there easier,  From darkshore to Shatterspear vale.

I think being able to fly in Azeroth is great,  but it’s also makes me a little sad for the adventures I once had.

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