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5 (Not 6) reasons not to kill someone in a BG

In a Battleground, you see the enemy, the red tag indicating a target, and the hunter in you unfurls,  your animalistic instinct to fight rises, nostrils flare, adrenalin pumps through your body, pupils dilate, and your hand grips your mouse in fevour, your focus becomes narrow.

You want to chase them down –   You want to feel the last dregs of their health taken away by your spell, your weapon swipe – and hear their final cry as their pixels collapse at your feet in a heap.


That was the sound of the elastic from your BG Blinkers smacking into the back of your head 

Sometimes not killing someone is strategically better.

So here are some reasons not to kill someone in a BG – Ignore them, or CC them instead.

1. They will rez full health and mana – quite possibly in several seconds and only a few feet away.

2. Your’re paying attention to them rather than doing what you should be doing. Look! your flag just ran past, or the tower just capped under your nose.

3.  They have no mana anyways. ( doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous,  just that another target could be more deserving of your attention)

4. They are actually AFK standing in the flag room.  Killing them might wake them up that something important has been going on, and that they need to pay attention. An afk enemy is one less person you have to deal with, and one more than for the enemy to get frustrated over.

5. CC pee’s people off more – encourages them to play irrationally.   Sheeped, Turtled, Catted,  Slowed,  Frozen.

6. You stop getting decent honor on kills if they keep dying so much and you try to farm them.

Edited as per below comment about DR.  I would swear..  that I read something about Hk’s getting DR

I tried to come up with 8   – didn’t quite work.

Us v Us : The Real battle in a BG

It’s been coming all the more clearer with the amount of Pvping I am doing,  that the biggest battle in a BG is not with the opposite faction,  it’s with your own team.

It’s not just the people who are unsure what they are doing, don’t know how to play.  It’s the semi premades   doing their own thing,  the afkers,  the whiners,  the hecklers.    I have been all of the above except the Afker.  It’s a battle to find that synergy between your needs and wants and that of the BG, and this can be more so seen in a 10 man per side WSG then the other Bg’s

There was a semi premade in a Bg this weekend – afking in the enemy flag room – I get there to see them all standing round,  doing nothing.  Sighing I grab the flag and try and run back failing – I die. Rez and go back again.   Pick up the flag amongst a group of three still standing there and start running again.

Bring it back” – I get a whisper from one of the afkers.
The flag bring it back – we are doing achievement
Tough” I say and keep running
F&*^K you

The little group of premades started abusing us – the rest of the Bg for not helping them in doing their achievement. At no time did they ask or inform us of their plan, or try and get the rest of the Bg in on it – Co-operation would have been better. They didn’t even try.

“It’s my thing” said one when we quizzed him how his self interest was helping the bg – and that affectively they were being as bad as the Afker we had already reported, and was a red dot following random people all over WSG
“Making sure you fail is going to be my thing” I say.

Well they failed, and we lost the BG. I didn’t feel satisfied. I wasted a BG – no rep – bare honor. I was being snarky – My goal is 19k more rep. My Armory may not show it, but I’m into the Revered bracket, and now 19k away from exalted. ( yeah for WSG holiday weekend) My goal is my ultimate thing. My thing goes along with the general consensus of the BG thing. Win. We win – we get rep – I am happy.
Their thing went against the general consensus of the BG thing. They interfered with the goals of the 7 other players in the Bg, and there was enough of them to affectively throw the match in the pursuit of their goal. If there were 8 or 9 of them going after the achievement – sucks to be the other players – majority rules – but when they weren’t a signficant part of the group I think they were unfairly affecting the goals and purpose of the other players.

If everyone did their own thing in a BG – there is no team work – and a massive decrease in the chances of winning.

If your going to do achievements that involve ruining the game of the other players.  Stop and consider going to the effort of getting up a proper premade group to do it. 

Cheers to the people who read this – and who suffered through some of those WSG’s with me this weekend.

BG raging.


What are the chances that the people who pee me off in Bg’s read blogs?

So if your in Bloodlust – Yes you!  You might have pee’d me off at some point,  ( maybe I pee’d you off too)

If you tell people to give up.   If you go standing in a corner afk because “you have done your bit” and now you can’t be bothered. If you let the healer go get the flag, ( on her own)   and let her run it almost all the way back to the the tunnel ( still on her own)  in WSG all the while 9 other people are still fighting in the middle.  Make racist comments in chat because you think people fail.  Don’t wear Pvp gear and think it’s ok, and then complain why you die so fast. follow someone so no one notices that your Afk. Tell someone to drop the flag so you can pick it up in the middle of a group of horde players and then wonder why we lose it! Don’t cap lets honor farm them.  

^^ Yes that unsightly mess is intentional.  It’s all been said before,  nothing I will say or post will change peoples attitudes – I just needed to vent. 

I got to Bg with my friend from my old realm – (but same battlegroup ) last night,  in the same manner that the x realm premades are doing.  Entering next available at the same time, and checking to make sure we both got it. It was easy with two,  I wonder if it could be done with 3 or 4 people cross realms. 

He was a Pally  flag runner, and I was his healer.  It worked quite well  some of the time.  

I do think however  there needs to be a Bg add on that like a  ” Your standing in the fire” message  instead making it  ” Your fighting in the middle for longer then 30 secs” and a big MOVE!!!

One of the things that is drummed into people in these AV premades that I have been doing is the importance of being in the right place.  Not stopping to help people who chose to fight in the roads. ( Even Lol at them as we ride past)  They are distractions to keep us from the main objective.  The leaders voice is a constant reminder not to get stuck in tunnel vision.

I guess it’s easy to be caught in tunnel vision in a bg,   Rez jump off the cliff into the waiting horde. Die,  and do it all again.   As a healer your more likely to follow that crowd off the cliff because that’s where the people who need healing are, as a holy priest healer in a Bg the times I have gone off on my own breaking from this tunnel vision  I have failed to accomplish anything but another futile attempt at trying to get to their flag room without help. Appeals for people to get out of the middle, or for help fall on deaf ears. 

I have not forsaken my Shadow Spec, but I don’t seem to be putting out the damage in Bg’s as Shadow,  I am also chasing the 50k kill count achievement because it looks possible ( 8k left to go) and I am working on the theory that healers near the action get more Hk’s 

Also of note:  – I am guilded again,  only as a casual – I get to do my own thing – it works for me now, but I am feeling a little itchy at the idea of not having a raiding committment.  I am also blogging more – I guess that means I am happier – and or have more stuff to say..  


Premade- X realm Av’s: Resistance is futile

While waiting for a friend to finish a fail Toc 25 Run I logged into the vent of the premade AV group that we are seeing being organised a fair bit in trade channel.  Getting people from our Battlegroup, Bloodlust into a vent, and organising a premade by all getting into the same AV Queue.

I had never done it before,  and I was getting a little confused.

“If it doesnt pop for you get into  vent chat”  ?  Huh ?  Why?  and I see some peoples  name change on vent to ( C) in front..    Oh 

“Afk Check – Change your note to   ”

“Que in 1, 2, 3”

I managed to follow them for one BG – and then failed by not understanding the bit about not entering untill we checked how many people didnt get it,  and  me  hitting enter BG when the wrong number popped for most people. So I left the vent, and  spent the next half hour in a fail AV.

I had another go later and it all made so much more sence.  I now knew what standing on the lamp post meant  ( to identify how many in the BG were pugs)  The strat was getting familiar and the premade raid leader shooting off commands like a machine gun.  The best leader was a Woman who I swear had the battle map engraved in her brain in real time.

These people were professionals.

    “Groups 1 & 2 go..   Recallers go now…   Get back on the choke point.  Don’t stand on fail hill  ( you know that hill outside drek that people always bounce around on while waiting to go into Drek – well that is fail hill and I will never stand on it again)   “Go left of Belinda its the fastest way Do not stop for anyone,  do not help anyone,  do not stand near the edge of a tower you will get pulled off and die ect.  ”

It wasn’t about achievements, it was about maximizing honor, and was still a lot of fun  ( it’s always fun to win)

Does the fun of a BG change when it’s organised? – It was awesome to be involved in such a well orchestrated premade of that scale, and yes by being ‘lead’  we succeeded in every BG we went into,  firstly because we had firm leadership or more so a ‘leader’  that didn’t just post a strat on start up, and then not maintain control and also  that everyone in that channel was there to win, and willing and open to being lead.   If you didn’t do what you were told,  there was the threat of being kicked, and rightly so.  You are doing this premade to take instructions and contribute to the success of the group.    Any  gung ho – I’m gonna do what I want thing is a threat to that sucess.

On the down side the premade was imposing itself on the randoms that managed to slip in with us, and the sheer number of us,  meant that we were really playing our own game and they could either go along for the ride and win,  or they could try and fight against the maelstrom of our army.  Might this affect the enjoyment of their game?  It could.  Did we care?   Nope.



Tight with a Bike.

They were fighting who was going to get in my bikes passenger seat while we were waiting for the Bg to begin in Eye of the Storm.

“My Turn! – I want to have a go…”

Me: Right click Eject passenger..

“Lame  – I’ve never seen someone being tight with a bike before”

I got the bike for my fun… and yes I have slight twinges of  fun kicking people out when they aren’t guildys or friends,  Ew! strangers and ones in bad pvp gear at that  soiling the plush Artic Fur interior  of my sidecar,   TBH  – that they  were fighting over who got to ride in my bike  irked me.

Achievements I would like.  ( I would have made the banner but I didn’t want to register for something I’d only use once.)

See how they Fly

Jump over a cliff and eject your Passenger before levitating to safety

Sleeping with the fishies

Successfully Drown your passenger

I will say – It took some minor adjustments in learning to jump off the Rock in EOS again on a bike, my poor passengers would lose half their health too when I failed.  ( Serves them right… hehehehe)

Healing in BG’s = More Hk’s

After another Arathi Basin watching people QQing in the Bg and  using conflicting tactics  – Zerg after Zerg V Capping and defending.  It was usually me who ended up baby sitting a flag – hoping that I would be able to survive till help arrived. 

Tired of being the one who does the right thing I swapped into my healing tree, and some better +spirit Pve items – and I was healer –  hear me Flash!

  No healing mod activated, but with the default Party bars on my screen with the fade activated when they went out of range, and I healed up a storm.

Why I like Bging as a healer  ( now)

1. Healers don’t babysit flags/towers.  ( Or Shouldn’t  – the best use of your 1 healer in AB is not standing at Stables. )

2. You get to hang out with all the action.  ( if they Zerg I zerg with them  – I go wherever people need healing. 

3. It adds a little variety to what can be a repetitive fight. ( I mean how many times can you do AB before getting bored of the scenery )

4. You get more HK’s <—-   Yeah!  Babysitting flags = no HK’s

5. Its fun healing someone when 6 people are having a go at them and your spaming heals keeping them up, and you can imaging the 6 people screaming at their moniters Die ! Die ! Die! 

6. Not many people complain about healers in BG’s ;  they are grateful to get heals, full stop.

I ran a fair few Ab’s and  then some AV’s for the Tokens as healer – and when our offence was being pushed hard back to base in AV , I was standing at the back trying to keep them up.  Healing my little heart out. It was alot of fun.

In Defence of the Non Twinks in BG’s

I have twinked my Priest Wickedminx.
with 115+ healing It’s Ok, and  level 19  but I have to get 3 more enchants, the spellpower ones to gloves/bracer and weapon, that are hard to get, so I am working on them

But so far I am performing well in the Bg’s on my Twink – Top or 2nd top healer. Some of the WSG’s I was the only healer,
My Stamina is still a little low – I have no ‘while casting’ Mana regen, which is a painful on my 1225 mana pool.

Doing some BG’s this weekend I came dangerously close to being one of those people that make a bg experience bad / worse …. its hard to bite the tounge when
when level 10’s are in there, with 200 health in whites and greys,
when level 15’s Warrior or a level 13 Rogue with 300 health want to be flag carriers,and blame the Bg for Sucking when they die because they don’t have support,
That Same level 15 at the start of every BG would tell everyone, he was going for the flag and to cover him.

Untwinked lobie V Twinked 19  – No competition.

Is there a polite way of saying ” Your not worth the mana it would take to try and heal you?”.

The power of being a healer who can heal and sheild, is you decide who has a better chance of surviving. Having to sheild that level 10 thats going to die anyway can be a waste of resources that can go to someone who is actually doing damage/carrying a flag.



The thing is, they have as much right to be in that Bg as I do. Its my choice that I’ve decided to optimise my character and you have to start somewhere and it takes serious gold to twink somtimes.  – but ideally you want as fewer of the non twinks as possible in a bg to increase the odds of winning

  While I’m sure twinks or BG Veterns would like to have Bg’s where their teammates are equally geared and experienced – thats not going to happen. There will always be the level 10/20/40/50/ect  in a Bg who just wants a look, or doesn’t know that you don’t have to run to your body on the battlefield to rez, or doesn’t know what LM is, or MT is,  or falls off the rock.

I started my Shadow Priest in Bg’s at 69 without a scrap of resilience gear. She now has 495  I took my Twink to be in at 16,  my 70 mage has no resilence gear and bad Pve Gear. I healed alot more when I 1st started Bging as a shadow Priest,  ideally trying to be the most useful.  My 16 ( now 19  twink) healed, and the several Bgs she was in was rarely outhealed.  My Mage puts down a table everytime and buffs arcane brilliance.

My point is that while  I was/am  undergeared for that particular BG I tried to be as useful as possible. ( less people complain when you are top of charts in healing,  or when you put a table down..   even if they do laugh at you and say ” You must die often” )

If you know your undergeared/underleveled…..   you will cop some flack.   Be prepared to take it on the chin, and prove them wrong.  You can still be a contributing member of the team, and by contributing  I don’t mean rushing to get the flag/take on a node all by yourself.  Be realistic – you are Best and should often be used as a supporting team member,  however its not measurable,  you will have the chance at glory  – and can sucessfully carry the flag at level 13 home, ( I’ve seen it – Yes.. it was with me sheilding, fearing attackers and healing the carrier..  but they did it!) but be prepared to be supportive rather then an glory hound.

But seriously to those level 10’s who go into BG’s – When your deaths outnumber your damage output you know there is something wrong. When your spells are resisted by level 19’s, your dots are for 4 damage a tick, and if an member of the oposing faction even looks your way and you die.

How are you having fun?

Level..   just a little bit more…..  then come back.



Learn2JUMP ( off the Rock on EOS )

When you go into Eye of the Storm battle ground you start on a rock.

Now this rock is high enough up that if you fall you lose half your health or more.  I go from about 11k health to 4k odd.

There is  a trick to jumping off so you don’t lose any health at all.  Im speaking from Alliance Starting point,  but It looks like the Horde Rock is of similar structure.

Firstly you don’t need to take the jump ‘slow’  as long as your riding at ‘normal’ riding speed you shouldn’t overshoot.

However..   If you are wearing your riding crop, or have a pally with crusader on you will go too fast and will most likely overshoot  unless you are very careful as to the angle you jump at. .

The Trick to Jumping sucessfully is that as soon as your mounts feet hits the Base rock you reverse your direction and jump backward in the direction of the main rock.  The best Place I find to jump is the right hand corner of the rock, its slighly lower and the angle is more friendly if you happen to be fast.  


While getting off the rock first won’t win you any prizes, and there is fun to be had just to sail off  flying towards the ground..  ( and people do like to fall..   just check out the Aldor Lift in Shatt for all the bones.. ) If you can get off the rock with full health your more likely to be of use to the rest of the team.  There is no point charging at Fel Reaver Ruins when your only half health, 

How to tell if someone is AFKing in your BG

Afkers are getting smarter.

Blizzard has gradually been introducing some checks and balances for players who AFK,  reporting features – no honor debuffs ect ect.  

But Afkers are getting sneakier.  They no longer stand on the  Starting Rock ( like in EOS) or Stay in the Flag Room in WSG.  They move to a quite little place that is close enough to the action  for people to think that they are involved in the battle.

Untill you realise that yellow dot is Still in the water in AB.

I did a couple of EOS’s tonight and because its a tuesday and less people do BG’s (because they expect the servers to be offline for most Tues night but they are doing restarts at AEST 5am..  Woot Australian 5am) ,  I kept seeing some of the same people in my  Bg’s.

One BG we had taken MT and DR and were pushing onward  to try take FRR and BEF and I noticed that there were 2 yellow dots still on the rock.  We had had no one enter the BG from the start, and their buffs confirmed that they had been up there for the same time the rest of us where before the start.  So I say in BG chat. ” Report the AFKers”

One of the dots jumps off the rock, and goes somewhere..  I think nothing of it but remember the name. Then the next BG  I notice one of the names I had assumed where AFK, think nothing of it,   untill I look at the score board.   See 0 damage and 2 heals, and then I couldnt find her yellow dot at any of the towers, or on the battle map.

The final score shows that she was indeed AFK for the entire battle.  Or only moving every now and then so that she didn’t get the Auto AFK Debuff.

So Using the Scoreboard below, what can we tell.


Our AFK’er at the top of the list

The Obvious 0 damage,  2 heals. – but now she could have been gaurding a tower or a flag so low damage doesn’t automatically mean that your not ‘there’

0 killing blows –  She might have been a healer so that doesn’t necessarily means shes AFK – But healers normally don’t guard towers,  ( or shouldn’t)

2 deaths – now for a participating squishy – let alone a healer participating in a 23 min BG thats low,  but  it could have been luck,  the screenshot shows others at 2 deaths as well with damage and or healing.

But there is one telling factor that something is amiss. Even if the above points aren’t making you suspicious

She was there for the entire battle. You can tell this by the bonus honor she has.  Its the same as  most of the rest of the Alliance team.    The 2nd person on the list was probably only in that battle for less then half of the total time as you can see by his reduced bonus honor, and his flag carry shows active participation)

Now there is two other horde who maybe didn’t do as well as they could have, The druid at number 5 and the Hunter from Barth at  7th last,  they seems to have the least participation by looking at their kills, deaths, and damage/healing , but their bonus honor shows again that they were there for the whole battle. They both could have been guarding a tower and from memory I don’t think at any point in that BG we sucessfully took  FRR  and they could have been on gaurd.  But their Honorable Kills show that not many allies died around them either so we either didn’t try too hard to take the tower, or they weren’t as active as they could have been.  . 

The bonus honor also tells you that both sides had significant points up on the board at the finish.  From memory we were about 500 ahead.

I can also see that the horde  didn’t have any healers…   whereas we had 3 over 100k healing 

It was a good fight that one, and I’m sure if they had, had healers they would have done alot better.

/targetfriendplayer and /targetenemyplayer Macros & BG’s

I’ve been playing with a couple of macro variations using the new commands bliz gave us in the latest patch

The only useful macro So far has been
/cast Power Word: Sheild(Rank 12)

this targets the closest friendly player and sheilds them. Because sheild has a Weakened soul debuff if you cast that macro again, it will target the closest friend again, but it then goes – “Spell not ready yet” and you will need to click it again to make it skip to another nearby friend who doesn’t have the debuff.
I find this useful because in bgs throwing a shield up on someone is useful when they are under attack. Especially good for a healer who is busy trying to heal you. It also doesn’t stop you from Dpsing your own target.

A Priest healer could use it to cast Prayer of mending but they seem to cast it at their current healing target which may not be the closest.

I tried the /targetenemyplayer one with a
/cast Shadow Word: Pain

but it kept casting SWP on the same target, I couldn’t get it to skip to another player .

I’ve also just discovered uses for the /castsequence Command the Beauty of that one is you just keep pressing the same button and it casts a whole sequence of actions 1 after the other. If it gets interrupted though it starts again.


/castsequence Shadow Word: Pain(Rank 10),Vampiric Embrace
as general 1st time casting on a enemy player in a BG. SWP is 1st in case I get interrupted, at least the dot will stick tick.

However because Vampiric embrace has a different cooldown then SWP its not useful for tab targeting.

It could be useful for self buffing when you have alot of self buffs eg I wrote this one for when 1st rezing in a BG, you want to buff yourself as quickly and as efficiently as possible to make use of the ‘free mana’ Buff you get when you 1st rez. The following macro is for a Shadow Priest using the most mana expensive buffs 1st.
It makes sence to use the ones that ‘cost’ the most 1st. However. Do not press the button too many times, or the macro starts again I tried doing /target self and that didn’t work. I also tried holding down the Shift Key when pressing the macro, but the only thing that worked was
inserting /target and my Characters name.

/target (insert name)
/castsequence Shadowform, Power Word: Fortitude(Rank 7),Shadow Protection(Rank 4),Inner Fire(Rank 7)

that will put you in shadowform, give you fort shad and inner fire. You could also add fear ward and probably even your mount.

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