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How Networked do you want me to be?

I have twitter – but it’s mainly used for listening to other people tweet, I might make an inane comment every now  and then, but people filling up an entire page with crap sorta turned me off using it more than I already do.

With Battlenet moving to facebook connect-ability – it seems to have encouraged a few people to  head that direction with the blogging community.  I claimed  a Pugnacious Priest ‘ fan’ page a while ago, but never published it,   (One of the keeping your internets secure principles I’ve read – and think make sence, is owning,  or claiming your online identity – and it was a just in case the community moved onto Facebook)

I hestitate in activating it,  because  it will be something else I need to maintain, and I don’t think I am ‘like’ /’fan’ worthy

You read me.   /cheer   I like that you read me – do you really want the Pugnacious Priest on your facebook too?

Should there be a poll?

I honestly would rather google take over the internets.  Not facebook.

( RSS rocks!  If you read me and like me  and don’t have RSS  use RSS!  Google reader <3)

Does the page become  the ‘me’ the blogger/avatar or me me.

Do I want to be anything other than me me  on facebook.

Is there anything having a Facebook ‘Like’ page  will add to the quality of my blog  / sence of community / feedback / audience

What happens if no one likes me!

Is it being egotistical to have a fan page – when I am not even a d grade celebrity.

I was hoping it would be less necessary to ‘function’  / socialise with friends  – not seek to connect every part of my existence.

Must get rid of emo photos.

Now in case your interested I am cooking Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight,  and my cat slept on my head last night,  and I was yawning all day today.  I can’t find my matching bed socks, so one is bright pink, and the other one is black and white checked.  I am currently reading Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison, and am listening to Mumford & Sons on my Iphone

or would you rather

I cooked a stack of Fish Feasts for raid,  my Shadow Fiend  slept on my head last night,    I couldn’t stop bouncing all day, and my Gear is not colour color coordinated so I had to get a tabard to match,  I am currently reading   “A Steam romance Novel” and Listening to I am Murloc playing Live in the  Tavern.

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