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Real beta invite V Fake one.

Over the last week or so, I got these two emails, and I thought it would be interesting to have a look at them. One is a real invite, and the other is a fake, but what are the differences.

The from emails  are potentially believable v

Say it’s from Blizzard and we will believe it right? The top one is the real one ( and yes did check my account)

Titles of the emails are the same, the name of the “From” is the same  but it’s only the email address that is different. ( and Sif bliz  would use a .net

Images are identical.  The Text is same font,  writing is same color. (different wording though )  but the biggest difference is that one tells you ” Play free now”  with a clickable button and the other one tells you to log into your battlenet account and get the installer.

But as they have pretty much copied the images and the text from the real beta invite,  what things give you an indication that it’s a fake?

Because of similar scams – not just wow ones,  I am now naturally suspicious of any email that asks me to log into their site via a link in their email.

The “Play free” selling point also – I guess irks me.  Of course the beta is free, but the free point of the Beta is already an assumption.  They don’t need to use that it’s free to convince me more to play it.

The .net at the end of the email instead of .com

I was expecting to get a fake one at some point.  I expect it, and therefore are  forewarned.

and of course the ultimate test to see if it is attached to my battlenet account.


First step I would have taken if I got the fake one first, would have been to check  my battlenet.

But caution is no longer paranoia – at least think before you click on things like this. Be suspicious, find other ways to verify stuff if you can ect….

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