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Iron man and PVP Mussings.

The Irony is I got Ironman yesterday.  The achievement where you cap the three flags in one wsg  – I’ve done 2 flags a few times, but never tried for the 3rd

I really wasn’t trying – I just wanted to win the Bg, and if no one else was gonna try,   I was.

No one else was trying for the flag,   not sure where  most of the horde were,  but I managed to survive the trip down their tunnel, cross midfield, and to cap the flag 3 times – just had to fear the horde guarding the flag room,   survive  to the speed buff in the alcove,  and go for gold – Fear, disperse, Health pot, trinket, fear.

A few people had their orphans out,   I’m assuming their lack of direction, and confusion as to what to do with an enemy nicking their flag contributed to the win.

I also feel as prompted  by a commenter on my last post to remind you in full disclosure  – that I am going after Justicar,  Exalted Rep with the three Pvp Factions.  Yes that’s an achievement – and I think probably  the only title I want to wear where I get it.

It’s been a slow journey – Counted by flags.

I’m sitting on 100 flags to go. 17472/21000 as I write this.

I enjoy Pvp – I didn’t pvp on my priest untill I was 70 – and then it was only done because I worked out I could get my first purple that way – it scared me – I was confused,  pvpers were a different breed of player,   then back in BC  there were Raiders,  Pvpers, and everyone else.

I was thinking about why I enjoy pvp,  and why there are times I don’t.

Each battleground opens up to a new random set of possibilities,  personalities,  goals,   loves, hates, frustrations,  ulterior motives and unique sets of goals.

The one thing that usually binds all of those people together is the desire to win.   Winning satisfies  all those goals – the person after a daily, after honor, or in the old days badges , the pvp achievements  they all follow the natural desire and need to win, and accomplish the goals of the BG.

Perhaps my pursuit of the 35 rep that each flag brings when capped,  requiring me to win as many WSG’s as possible to obtain  could be compared to the needs of  the School of Hard knocks – it is only an achievement after all.  Lolpoints.  My ‘need’ to win a bg is an important  as those who don’t care about winning the Bg.

Doing premades might be good for honor farming  – it might get me my single goal quicker – but then I miss out on most of the randomness – and the rising above the people who afk,  honor farm,  to accomplish,  and achieve that win.   That’s what  I love and hate  about pvp the challenge.  Even though there are been bg’s and people that have massively p’d me off – I still go back.

Maybe its hypercritical to be so vocal against the pursuit of an achievement and still chase one of my own but it’s never been the chasing of the achievement that’s the problem – just how its done so I can live with that hypocrisy.

Get the heck out of my BG

“Just let ME get my achievement “ says one person.

But it’s not just you I explain,  it’s every single person queuing for WSG this week.

If this achievement means so much to you – do it in a premade,  where you are not inflicting your decision to stuff up a game of pvp  because you have to have that  point. It’s not like you stick around for after you get the achievement – you’re the first to leave the bg because you came for what you wanted.

Don’t blame me,  it’s blizzards fault”

No. It’s your fault for not taking your achievements serious enough to actually think ahead and plan for this.   Its easier done when you have a whole team wanting to achieve what you do – or shock horror you can actually earn it as intended!

The Horde are not your friends.   Alliance if your horde are not your Allies.  We are opposing factions.  We kill each other.  Yes?

I am not going to be nice,  and say sure.  Mr 1067 player for this week so far.  You are special.  Im going to wait patiently for 25 min to win a game of WSG because your playing lets see who can drop the flag for the hordies.

Can I stop playing WSG this week because my game has been interfered with to the extent that its impossible to play a game – sure,  but it’s more fun to try and round up the people who actually care about winning,  care enough to try, care enough to play, and do it as it should be done.

If you are collaborating with the enemy so you can get another 10 points then do you even deserve to call it an achievement. Your cheating.

Yes you are.  You are cheating

You haven’t achieved anything – your kidding your self if you think you have.  You’ve not chased down an enemy flag carrier  and killed him – and if that’s how you got your achievement then you have earned, and played it as it should be.

Yes I’m Mad.

A premade of 5 does not equal team work

On entering the BG, in the flag room we were told  5 man ‘premade in vent – clear the middle we are going for flag

5 people in tandem went and got the flag – protected the flag on the way and then turtled the flag in the flag room and as far as they were concerned were doing their job by sticking unfailing to each other and the flag.

It still took us till the timer  25 min  to win with only 2 flags.  Did we win – sure.  But they were so stuck in their little group that they didn’t try to prevent our flag being taken on their way back down.  Their only goal was to get the flag.  Not kill the horde flag carrier who ran just a little to the left of their group because it wasn’t their self designation job.

When I asked was anyone trying to  go for our flag the leader said

“My Team is with me and the flag”

2 people as soon as they saw premade went and  started honor farming at the horde graveyard.  Died, and went back and did it again – so there was me going for the flag,   one person who got reported for AFK – and the last person was alternating between suicide runs and trying to hang out with the 5 to protect the flag,

Horde decided to turtle,  so getting back our flag was proving to be impossible.

The Fabulous five were being so narrow minded in their strat – and even claimed the reason for victory as being all thanks to them.

The biggest advantage that a premade on vent has over a group of pugs is that they can communicate a lot faster.  Offer reports on flag status,  incommings,  outgoing,  Yet there was no communication necessary for them.  they were like drones. It was kind of funny watching their little yellow dots on the BG map sticking so close to each other  – any information they had wasn’t communicated to the BG  – they didn’t care about what else was going on – didn’t ask who was going for the flag – or get involved in our discussion about how to get around the turtle with two people going for a flag.  They had done their job,  and that was it.

I don’t understand why  they are willing to wait 25 min a bg to win,  when they have a premade advantage and could have used that  better than having tea party’s in the flag room.

Weekend round up.

and then..  and then.. and then…

I did stuff.

Got kicked out of HOR

Got Glory of the Hero   ( Finally)  and a red proto drake.  Apparently you can roll need  on orbs if your group is  5 premade.  We had to pug the 5th spot for a couple of the achieves we had left, and in telling them we were doing *blah*  one pug was like ” Do I have a choice?”  and nope – 1/2 an hour wait – or a  instance run with massively overgeared people and an achievement to boot.  What do you think he picked ?  He stayed of course.

Got that little bit closer to Justicar–  248 flags to go and I keep running into an ex flatmate/friend in WSG from another server. It’s kind of funny because I don’t see them them for months and months, and thenI run into them at the supermarket after work, and then I keep seeing them in WSG. If you were a believer in the Celestine prophesy then you would say that they have a ‘message for me,  or I them’ and fate shall keep throwing us at each other untill we work out what piece of information we need to pass on.    Or it could just be that we both like/have to do WSG. 

I won more then lost  – alternating between heals and Dps as I got bored of one.   Sometimes ended up healing as shadow as required anyway – I know healers are important in a Bg, but I love to Pvp, and chasing  flag  carriers like a obedient puppy dog is not fun.  The Grind to Justicar is long and hard, would rather lose  more ( does not mean camped)  and play – then grind, and never want to set foot in a Bg again.  I’m not big on achievements,  but this one means / will mean a lot to me – it’s supposed to represent something I love to do- rather than an achievement for the sake of an extra few points.

Pugged a 10 man ICC on main. 

Got told ” It’s good that girls play wow” by a pug rogue in one of the chattiest Pugs 10 man ICC’s I have ever been in.  ( I listened mostly – promise!  except adding suggestions for strats  – Like get on Marrowgars Hitbox)  I ended up putting down a few fish feasts just to get them to eat ( I find it amazing the amount of people still who ‘raid’ without food and flasks.)  

We got the first 4 bosses, and we did Heroic Gunship, Rot, fester, and Princes. Heroic Midnight Sun dropped on gunship – it went to the Shammy healer.  Better for him..  but it still would have been an 100 sp upgrade for me, and they has asked me to go 3rd healer after the first wing – so technically I probably could have called at least a fair shot on it because  a) it was a pug,  b) they did want me to heal c)  it was a significant upgrade . I didn’t kick up a fuss bar – I’ll have it if he doesn’t want it.  Mp5 is a wasted stat,  but 100 sp!  – I am allowed to lust after it – but I would have been upset if I were the Shammy.  

I might be getting a regular Gdkp 25 – and there is a pug 10’s group forming  every 5 min  ( ok not that often) but almost! – So there is no lack of opportunity.  Just need to work on making some more gold so I can bid the stupid amounts some of the things are going for in GDKP.

Thats the most exciting of the Wow stuff for the weekend – Hope yours was as fun

5 (Not 6) reasons not to kill someone in a BG

In a Battleground, you see the enemy, the red tag indicating a target, and the hunter in you unfurls,  your animalistic instinct to fight rises, nostrils flare, adrenalin pumps through your body, pupils dilate, and your hand grips your mouse in fevour, your focus becomes narrow.

You want to chase them down –   You want to feel the last dregs of their health taken away by your spell, your weapon swipe – and hear their final cry as their pixels collapse at your feet in a heap.


That was the sound of the elastic from your BG Blinkers smacking into the back of your head 

Sometimes not killing someone is strategically better.

So here are some reasons not to kill someone in a BG – Ignore them, or CC them instead.

1. They will rez full health and mana – quite possibly in several seconds and only a few feet away.

2. Your’re paying attention to them rather than doing what you should be doing. Look! your flag just ran past, or the tower just capped under your nose.

3.  They have no mana anyways. ( doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous,  just that another target could be more deserving of your attention)

4. They are actually AFK standing in the flag room.  Killing them might wake them up that something important has been going on, and that they need to pay attention. An afk enemy is one less person you have to deal with, and one more than for the enemy to get frustrated over.

5. CC pee’s people off more – encourages them to play irrationally.   Sheeped, Turtled, Catted,  Slowed,  Frozen.

6. You stop getting decent honor on kills if they keep dying so much and you try to farm them.

Edited as per below comment about DR.  I would swear..  that I read something about Hk’s getting DR

I tried to come up with 8   – didn’t quite work.

Who’s Watching you – Me! ( only in Bg’s though… )

I love Mind Visioning people in BG’s ( As long as I don’t get too distracted at my flag Babysitting post.)  I also use it to find the flag carrier in WSG – my DBM shows the name of the FC and I can click on it.  So If I am quick enough I can Vision – and say.. he is hiding/running   *blah*

When people notice they have been mind visioned they often stop what they are doing,  hesitating when they are fighting or riding, as if to look around over their shoulder, thinking, who’s looking at me?

The mind vision stays there,  like a bad fly hovering.  They know I can see them, and are watching through their eyes.

Often they will jump, as if physically trying to shake the mind vision off – or they will do something silly like dance .  Thank – you to the Tauren warriors who provide me with much entertainment.

Sometimes I linger.  A voyeur – watching them partly to annoy those who can’t get rid of it,  sometimes I only peek  because I use them to bounce to another player out of my personal range to see whats happening over there.  Awesome to use in AV

When someone Mind Visions me,  I automatically shadow meld, and it drops. A rogues Vanish, or A Ne’s Meld will make  me lose my vision.

I must admit it’s kind of creepy, being watched.  Knowing what you are doing in game is being watched – and I can imagine the frustration  those who have MV on them feel because they  can’t get rid of it.

Mr GM she’s watching me…   tell her to stop. *whine* 

Priests don’t use it often though,   I imagine hunters would use their eagle eye, or eyes of the beast less, as with  Warlocks their Eye  – There doesn’t seem to be a mass use of long distance vision in the game, and even then the DBM thing with the WSG flag carriers might even be misusing the ability – by dbm making them easier to target.

Getting Dressed now takes 6 Buffs.

Shadow Form in the Victorian times

Firstly there will always be something to complain about.  Nerf – Buff – Change  you will never please everyone  all the time.

One of the changes to Shadow Priests in  3.3  was making Vampiric Embrace a buff.

  • Vampiric Embrace: This talent now provides a 30-minute buff that cannot be dispelled, instead of a target debuff and only generates healing for single-target shadow damage spells.
  • I now had a justification to set up Power aura’s for my priest.  I could set it for inner fire, and now the Vampiric Embrace buff. To make sure I had it on me all the time.

    Remember in Bg’s in the good old days before they had the mana-free buff period. I would lose half my mana before stepping out of the graveyard – sure  I can fit in the more mana expensive ones when rebuffing after a death in a bg,  however,

    Now It takes 6 buffs with global cooldowns to get out of that graveyard.

    Fort,  Spirit, Shadow Protection, Shadow Form, Inner fire, and now Vampiric embrace.  This seems like an excessive lot of time to get dressed after dying.

    Of course I don’t need to wear all those buffs  I am sure I could neglect a few layers of ‘clothing’  but the buffs are what give us that little extra survivability – they make up our identity as a spec and a class.

    Mages have the issue somewhat – but what other class and spec has  6 buffs to put on before doing anything?

    Playing with your food: HK farming.

    What PVP  Cat are you?

    The Battle-scarred Pvp veteran  ( Aka my Parents Cat Matilda- and yes she has no ears ) 

    The Lay – In – Wait – I’m gonna gank you as often as possible just to pee you off – evil sorta cat. ( Aka my Lil Sisters cat Tally)


    The I’m -gonna – lay in the Sun- and let you do all the work cat  ( Aka My cat Willow)

     One of the many things that frustrate me in a BG is the Honor Kill Farmer.

    I liken Honor Kill farming to that of a predator playing with its food.   Cat’s like doing that – ( hence all the cat pictures)   The mouse runs – the cat chases down the mouse ( Sprint ) , and bats at it.   Mouse squeals ( Trinkets) and will try to escape  – and the game repeats it’s self.  In a BG the Cat will get to kill the mouse,  but because of resurrections gets to do it again, and again.  Each kill a bat with their paw.

    I don’t think Honor Kill farming is honorable in any way. 

    There is a difference between farming, and strategically keeping them in their place, like as a friend suggested last night when I was running this idea by him.   Keeping them on the rock on Eye of the Storm,  or back within the gate on AB is allowing  for  another event – namely time to occur so that a  tower/node  can cap.  If you let them escape from this containment your objective – to win could be in  jeopardy – and I have even conceded ( with some contention) that distracting people in the middle of WSG can be useful,  as long as it’s not being done by the whole Bg,  that the people doing it are doing it for the purpose to distract or control, and are not being nubs,  and that you have your flag carrier protected and healed up – the main objective to win is never forgotten. 

    Warsong Gulch is the one game where you can control with the utmost precision as to when the misery of a losing battleground  will end for the opposition.

    I’m sure any WSG veteran will have at some point suffered through  being camped at your graveyard  and your enemy are one flag away from capping a win – only to look down forlornly to see the enemy down below,  with your flag on their back laughing at you.  All the while you bitterly think “Just end it..  please..”

    It is within their power to play the game out – you haven’t given up and you have been jumping off that Graveyard at all angles – trying the ramp – jumping over the tunnel exit and high tailing it down the other end,  but its hard for enough of you to get over to make a difference,  and out on the open field the flag carrier might be exposed enough for you to have a decent attempt at killing them, but no they stand there, and help farm you.  Maybe they get too cocky – and lose the flag,  then the real battle is back on, but I don’t think I have ever seen a graveyard camp fail for the oppressors.

    If they can contain you in your graveyard while the flag carrier runs off to cap – it works – if they succeed ,  flag  gets capped – game over – que for next one.

    I know there are times where the situation seems hopeless, I am a massive advocate  especially vocal  in BG chat – on not giving up.  Jump off the side of the rock – go round the ramp side ect THINK! Because I would really be rather trying and dying then standing there  being slaughted – that makes for lazy pvpers.  How are you supposed to learn to think strategically if you can’t think out of the graveyard.

    The fault in HK farming not only lies with the people doing the farming – but also the people being farmed.   So please don’t be the flag carrier mocking the enemy – and please don’t be the person that lets the flag carrier mock you.

    Yes I have been playing a lot of WSG . 




    Us v Us : The Real battle in a BG

    It’s been coming all the more clearer with the amount of Pvping I am doing,  that the biggest battle in a BG is not with the opposite faction,  it’s with your own team.

    It’s not just the people who are unsure what they are doing, don’t know how to play.  It’s the semi premades   doing their own thing,  the afkers,  the whiners,  the hecklers.    I have been all of the above except the Afker.  It’s a battle to find that synergy between your needs and wants and that of the BG, and this can be more so seen in a 10 man per side WSG then the other Bg’s

    There was a semi premade in a Bg this weekend – afking in the enemy flag room – I get there to see them all standing round,  doing nothing.  Sighing I grab the flag and try and run back failing – I die. Rez and go back again.   Pick up the flag amongst a group of three still standing there and start running again.

    Bring it back” – I get a whisper from one of the afkers.
    The flag bring it back – we are doing achievement
    Tough” I say and keep running
    F&*^K you

    The little group of premades started abusing us – the rest of the Bg for not helping them in doing their achievement. At no time did they ask or inform us of their plan, or try and get the rest of the Bg in on it – Co-operation would have been better. They didn’t even try.

    “It’s my thing” said one when we quizzed him how his self interest was helping the bg – and that affectively they were being as bad as the Afker we had already reported, and was a red dot following random people all over WSG
    “Making sure you fail is going to be my thing” I say.

    Well they failed, and we lost the BG. I didn’t feel satisfied. I wasted a BG – no rep – bare honor. I was being snarky – My goal is 19k more rep. My Armory may not show it, but I’m into the Revered bracket, and now 19k away from exalted. ( yeah for WSG holiday weekend) My goal is my ultimate thing. My thing goes along with the general consensus of the BG thing. Win. We win – we get rep – I am happy.
    Their thing went against the general consensus of the BG thing. They interfered with the goals of the 7 other players in the Bg, and there was enough of them to affectively throw the match in the pursuit of their goal. If there were 8 or 9 of them going after the achievement – sucks to be the other players – majority rules – but when they weren’t a signficant part of the group I think they were unfairly affecting the goals and purpose of the other players.

    If everyone did their own thing in a BG – there is no team work – and a massive decrease in the chances of winning.

    If your going to do achievements that involve ruining the game of the other players.  Stop and consider going to the effort of getting up a proper premade group to do it. 

    Cheers to the people who read this – and who suffered through some of those WSG’s with me this weekend.

    BG raging.


    What are the chances that the people who pee me off in Bg’s read blogs?

    So if your in Bloodlust – Yes you!  You might have pee’d me off at some point,  ( maybe I pee’d you off too)

    If you tell people to give up.   If you go standing in a corner afk because “you have done your bit” and now you can’t be bothered. If you let the healer go get the flag, ( on her own)   and let her run it almost all the way back to the the tunnel ( still on her own)  in WSG all the while 9 other people are still fighting in the middle.  Make racist comments in chat because you think people fail.  Don’t wear Pvp gear and think it’s ok, and then complain why you die so fast. follow someone so no one notices that your Afk. Tell someone to drop the flag so you can pick it up in the middle of a group of horde players and then wonder why we lose it! Don’t cap lets honor farm them.  

    ^^ Yes that unsightly mess is intentional.  It’s all been said before,  nothing I will say or post will change peoples attitudes – I just needed to vent. 

    I got to Bg with my friend from my old realm – (but same battlegroup ) last night,  in the same manner that the x realm premades are doing.  Entering next available at the same time, and checking to make sure we both got it. It was easy with two,  I wonder if it could be done with 3 or 4 people cross realms. 

    He was a Pally  flag runner, and I was his healer.  It worked quite well  some of the time.  

    I do think however  there needs to be a Bg add on that like a  ” Your standing in the fire” message  instead making it  ” Your fighting in the middle for longer then 30 secs” and a big MOVE!!!

    One of the things that is drummed into people in these AV premades that I have been doing is the importance of being in the right place.  Not stopping to help people who chose to fight in the roads. ( Even Lol at them as we ride past)  They are distractions to keep us from the main objective.  The leaders voice is a constant reminder not to get stuck in tunnel vision.

    I guess it’s easy to be caught in tunnel vision in a bg,   Rez jump off the cliff into the waiting horde. Die,  and do it all again.   As a healer your more likely to follow that crowd off the cliff because that’s where the people who need healing are, as a holy priest healer in a Bg the times I have gone off on my own breaking from this tunnel vision  I have failed to accomplish anything but another futile attempt at trying to get to their flag room without help. Appeals for people to get out of the middle, or for help fall on deaf ears. 

    I have not forsaken my Shadow Spec, but I don’t seem to be putting out the damage in Bg’s as Shadow,  I am also chasing the 50k kill count achievement because it looks possible ( 8k left to go) and I am working on the theory that healers near the action get more Hk’s 

    Also of note:  – I am guilded again,  only as a casual – I get to do my own thing – it works for me now, but I am feeling a little itchy at the idea of not having a raiding committment.  I am also blogging more – I guess that means I am happier – and or have more stuff to say..  


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