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These Shoes were not made for healing.

These feet here are the shoes on my Human Priestess: Sister Benedron Action Figure. Yes I bought one from think geek because they were on sale, and I had to get myself a Tetris Icecube tray and some other stuff, and there are no Shadow Priest figurines so I thought as I do have a holy priest  ( my level 70 2nd priest)  I can still lay claim to a holy action figurine. 

 I finally took my camera to work where my figurine is sitting mocking me so I could take a pic of her shoes.


So if you ever wonder why your not getting any heals…….


Blisters wasn’t my problem in an AV that I took my Alt  priest to,  a player  complained about our healers  in an AV, and thus ended up on my no heals list for the length of that fight.  She was healing the 61-70 Av Bracket, and is often the highest, or 2nd highest healing this weekend, not because I’m a specially good healer,  but because usually there is only 1 or 2 a side.  Its not hard to get top healing lists if your the only one.  So yeah if you are getting any heals.  Feel lucky, and bagging out the one or two healers you actually have is not going to get you more heals.  no heals

Farewell to my Twink.

I’ve decided that my baby priest Wickedminx  is going to level to 20 so she can learn the next level of engineering, and what better way to do it  then bging her way out of her Twink bracket,

Do I really need 3 priests?  No,  I turned my 70 Priest that was going to be my healer –  Shadow, and she basically is on rescue duty for any Alts that need an area cleared for questing ease,   I’m not interested in leveling her  past 70 – but I cannot bring myself  to delete her.  I don’t want to level yet another priest,  but I have found my Twinks 19 priest  Engineering skill somewhat useful – making bullets for an Alt,  mechanical squirrels ( and fun – I LOVE using exploding Sheep in Bg’s )  so to try and get some more toys and useful stuff I need to level her  to learn the next level of engineering. Shes not quite geared right for real twinking anyway,  she lost her leg enchant when they nerfed some of the twink chants, and I really don’t like just playing WG – and with  no mounts running up and down gets a little tedious at 19 so I’m not turning xp off.  

She uses the spell oil, and has borrowed some of her older sisters Heirloom items ( must remember to send back!) so she is still twinkishly geared and kicks butt on the healing metres in the BG, but the overpowered fun is almost at an end – shes almost 20 now.

 I stopped leveling her the second she hit 19 so she has had a whole level of being a pretend twink in a bg.

I hope that the change to xp to Bg’s have brought some people into Pvp that wouldn’t have normally tried it,  there are still level 10’s and 11’s in there now,  and as a healing twink, still a pain to keep alive, but there does seem to be more Bg’s available more of the time.

Did you know you can still put +6 stats on a Lovely black dress… they must have missed that in the nerf…

Leveling in Bg’s

As soon as my new Hunter turned 38 I decided to level her to  40 in Bg’s.

I’m currently a couple of bars into level 39 with about 6 hours of play time at level 38 in between Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch.  I had expected  it to be a little faster,  but at level 38 I was getting about 580 odd  xp for a base cap done by my side in AB , its 599 at level 39 and  double that for a flag  in WG  I also seem to get the odd bit of Xp for various stuff for which nothing in particular really happens,  maybe at a resource gathering  point goal in AB

 I’ve already brought one AB badge belt that was a level 28 but better then the green I was wearing anyway , and will have enough badges and then some for a level  40 belt  ( why aren’t there level 38’s pieces anymore? – There are level 48 pieces)  It’s a break from leveling,  but I am not sure I will make it to level 40 bging  when I can quest a lot faster.  

One thing I don’t like about it is while I may be leveling, my Pet is not, I picked up a level 37 Gorilla in STV and called  it Bambam ( though I might rename it Tubthumper)  and he is not getting any xp which disadvantages hunters a little. .

Its good to not have to play with the more serious twinks  – there are still people like me, slightly twinked out in heirloom items, or up and coming twinks, there is also a fair few level 33’s .  So I win some,  I lose some,   it’s still the typical BG experience,  people saying Alliance are %$*&  – people afking ect ect . I like Pvp but I don’t think I would ever want to completely level a  toon in a BG  I think its great for a break from the quest grind, and I think if you at least get to level 10, and are willing to cop flack from everyone else moaning about your hp if your a lower level then you could practically level completely to 80 – if thats the way you really wanted to do it.   However, in most cases you would be quicker leveling questing.

Someone laughed at me in Stormwind  because I was a female dwarf  “No offence” he said  There aren’t too many of us around and I keep forgetting to use her racial, stoneform,  but its been fun playing a hunter so far again.

BG Tards.

We had been doing semi guild premade Ab’s, and had about 7-9 people playing at various times,  we were winning most of the time,  I even brought out my trusty Ab Strat Macro 

/bg G1 gm G2 bs G3 lm then to farm. Cap what you keep, and have fun!

So its not going to be lauded as  the best  military strat, but it gives people a start to focus on – and because winning a bg is a team effort – its good to have everyone on the same page.

We started losing one BG, and two non guild member players started bagging out our realm and our guild – and that  we were fail ect ect..  They pointed to  their Hk’s and damage on the metres where they were the top 2.

I pointed out to them that it meant that they were HK farming.

They tried to explain it meant that they were good Pvpers in less then pleasant tones.

Firstly they disregarded the Strat Macro which weakened what ever Group they were in and decreased the likelyhood of a cap early on,    their kill counts, and damage showed that they were not babysitting nodes,  they were just chasing kills.

Now a Mobile attack Zerg type team with a high damage output could be quite useful as a strat, but what ever they thought they were accomplishing,  they were only able to do it because other people  were their support troops, and stayed behind being babysitters on the nodes we were managing to defend  while they merrily disregarded working as a team   and did their own thing.

Being half a premade doesn’t make us the ultimate authority, but we obviously have a communication advantage as we are more likely to be on vent, if they had worked with us, and not against us then our success could have been much like our other wins. 

They also got personal, and went beyond the “Alliance sucks” that you often hear in Bgs – (  its quite funny playing on Horde side while BGing because they go through the whole ” Horde sucks”  line of chat too) They started to attack my arena rating.  I was Loling because I have never seriously done arena but this was the lengths they were going to – to attack us – I Don’t think the others had ever done arena so they had no rating to pick on.

I thought their attitude stunk but they weren’t affected too badley because of their kills they had earned more honor

Healing in BG’s = More Hk’s

After another Arathi Basin watching people QQing in the Bg and  using conflicting tactics  – Zerg after Zerg V Capping and defending.  It was usually me who ended up baby sitting a flag – hoping that I would be able to survive till help arrived. 

Tired of being the one who does the right thing I swapped into my healing tree, and some better +spirit Pve items – and I was healer –  hear me Flash!

  No healing mod activated, but with the default Party bars on my screen with the fade activated when they went out of range, and I healed up a storm.

Why I like Bging as a healer  ( now)

1. Healers don’t babysit flags/towers.  ( Or Shouldn’t  – the best use of your 1 healer in AB is not standing at Stables. )

2. You get to hang out with all the action.  ( if they Zerg I zerg with them  – I go wherever people need healing. 

3. It adds a little variety to what can be a repetitive fight. ( I mean how many times can you do AB before getting bored of the scenery )

4. You get more HK’s <—-   Yeah!  Babysitting flags = no HK’s

5. Its fun healing someone when 6 people are having a go at them and your spaming heals keeping them up, and you can imaging the 6 people screaming at their moniters Die ! Die ! Die! 

6. Not many people complain about healers in BG’s ;  they are grateful to get heals, full stop.

I ran a fair few Ab’s and  then some AV’s for the Tokens as healer – and when our offence was being pushed hard back to base in AV , I was standing at the back trying to keep them up.  Healing my little heart out. It was alot of fun.

I want my HK’s – and the Honor – I want my PVP FU BACK

There is not alot of Honor in defending the base.  Your standing there in your 497 Resilence Set, that you worked your butt off for, and a strumpet that jumps off the rock and dies, is out there getting all your Hk’s –  But someone has to do it, and it can mean the difference between a loss and a win. 

“Call Incomming”

It’s become more of an issue now, because that strumpet is now blaring out to everyone via battleground chat ” Lol… I’m getting as much honor as they are  and we  lost..   Nooobs… ”

I only noticed the other day, your bonus honor now for your HK’s is on the Battleground board.  You can now see who is doing the most damage, healing, and how much more honor then you he/she is getting because you did the right things and stayed guarding mage tower, so for the people who are doing the right things, regardless of the win or loss,  babysitting a flag/base will not get the same honor as the people doing base zergs. Its always been the case, but its never been made public before – and it pee’s me off.

So do I guard the base or not? – I’m leaning now towards NOT.  I’m going to ignore the mage that left DR undefended and died as soon as he even got over the bridge, rezzed ran past an empty DR and did it all over again. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that DR now has no blue dots on it.

The better team player would have gaurded DR.  I’d like to think that I am that better team player because I do guard nodes, but untll WOTLK I’m a little bit over PVPing now as a Shadow Priest.  My Holy priest is one bar off 66 ( which I will hit once I get my 1667 words done when I get home from work) 

 I have done a couple of Bg’s with her…  apprehensively because she was a lobie, but she got top allie healer in both of those BG’s. I am really looking forward to healing with her in BGs, and I’m hoping to have enough time before the expansion to get her to 70 and get her some Pvp gear  so she is more leveling ready for Wrath.

No – I haven’t been converted to the lightside – but I have given up trying to compete for damage in BG’s – Lets compete for heals.

Another thing.  Night Elves cannot sit and drink  in shadow Meld now. Darn!


I’m noticing how quick people die now in BG’s.  Resilience means squat.  peoples new abilities are cutting through armor like its paper,  and the clothies are dieing quicker then ever.  Its like a damage crecendo, dot dot smack smack BOOM!   I don’t have time to use my Audacity trinket/healthstone/Dispersion/ because a Boomkin of a Pally has swiped me for 4k damage, and they do so on regular occurance.

/Cheers at Pally nerf to be.

Bounty on your head: How much is your carcass worth in a BG?

While Bging on the weekend, I started ‘looting’ the corpses of the Horde in the BG – Its not something I normally do. I prefer to pew pew instead of pilfering coin from dead things in PVP – Its a pain and not worth alot of coin, especially when it gets shared with nearby group members.

I was trying to look at it by seeing if just by using the coin earned from dead bodies could you cover basic things like food and repairs – and hence how much silver you actually got.  Then I started noticing a difference in the amounts ‘tendered’

So in a 70 BG in Arathi Basin  (In Silver, Copper)

8,56 undead mage
8,94 Tauren warrior
8,39 Undead rogue
10,30 BE Holy priest
10,34 T warrior
9,17 T druid

and It got difficult recording it and fighting so I stopped,  but then later in a WSG

I got 11.30 off a Pally, and then a couple of minutes later 3.30 odd off a Mage.

so I can’t work out why some players are worth more money then others, it doesnt seem to be a race or a class thing,   Ranks don’t exists anymore so it shouldnt be by rank, even though Rank Titles still show when you kill something ( still after they were removed. – also refer to a 2006 WOW insider post More Honor Points Answers

The honor you get is still supposed to be tied up with dimishing returns for depending on how many times they die, Maybe my mage with its 3,30 Silver died alot, whereas the Pally hadn’t.

Is there an add on that records trivial things like that?
EG a record of their name and how much was looted off them, then I could compare that with the # of deaths on the final scoreboard,

To Twink my Baby Priest or not..

Wickedminx is now 16 – and is the only Wickedminx on the Armory..  SHHHHHHH  don’t tell anyone else or I will find next week there will be 100!  She is a unique snowflake.

I never was much for twinking. Whats the point of twinking a level 19 – or even Bging at that level? you earn the least honor, and have not alot to spend it on,

But as I was doing errands for my questing in stormwind.. I thought why not have a go at healing in a bg for practice. ( I am serious about this learning to heal properly on a priest – too used to melting faces. )  Even though I was below the desired level for that bracket, I figured as a healer I would be welcome, and I was slightly twinked out.. +58 healing FTW!

So I did some WSG’s and was instantly hooked! – I was outhealing 19’s! and getting top alliance healer in all bg’s.

It certainly was a change in mentality, as a healer in a BG I had to stop myself from being out the gate first, or chasing the enemies flag carrier as I do as dps. I often found myself wandering aimlessly looking for someone to heal.

Follow the little blue dots….  follow the little blue dots…  Follow follow, heal and follow.. follow the little blue dots”

It was also frustrating standing there healing and waiting for the people I was healing to move on, out of the middle, and try and accomplish something like picking up the flag.
When I did manage to attach myself to our flag carrier and there was no horde offence yet, instead of finding a good defensive spot they would run back back half way down the field to get into the action, only to die when they tried to run back up the tunnel a 2nd time with the flag on their back.
I can’t heal though stupidity…

I miss my mount. I hate having to run everywhere, and It was annoying seeing level 11’s in there with less then 300 health. and given that WSG is the only 10-19 bracket BG around I think I would go insane just doing WSG forever on that toon.

But despite all that , I liked it! Loved it. I want to be the best healer in the 19  BG bracket ever..  Um not really..  but I would certainly like to be decent.

I am going to get her to 19 and keep her there, give her some more appropriate clothing for her level,  spend a silly fortune on enchants and best gear available.

…..and level up another baby priest who will inherit Wickedminx’s clothes as wickedminx is still wearing her Tuxedo Pants and her Lovely Black dress.

Stop Being Bullys in BG’s

Bullying is the best word to describe some of the behaviour that goes on in a battleground, and this WSG long weekend was the worst I have seen in a long time.

Hidden behind the saftey of a computer, and  L33t speak Learn2play noob  – the disparaging comments and the unsportsmanship like behaviour that has gone on, in just the BG’s I have been in on my Shadow Priest this weekend has angered and annoyed me, and what makes it worse is that

It’s to your own team!

So much for the Spirit of Competition

“Honoring the spirits” – Uh uh
“do your best to help your team win” – You mean B*tch and Moan and complain and yell, and annoy and grind the BG down so that its no longer fun.

Blizzard have a strict harrassment policy,  but  not all bullying behaviour in a BG is reportable,  There is no T & C for Snide, or sarcastic comments, 

Buff Plz  in How to be Nice points out that Blizzard has a “how to be nice” page. I wish more people would follow it.

 So what does a Bully do?


Any of these behaviours sound familar?

one example from this weekend was
“such and Such has reported you afk type /afk to remove” while we were waiting in the flag room.

How is this bullying?

Someone is trying to manipulate through fear for you to perform an action. You are afraid that you have been reported Afk.  You know that Bliz have been cracking down on Afker’s in BGs,   your not expecting your teammate  to try and scare you into making yourself AFK.

If you do as they say and type /afk, yes you are being niave and you may learn the hard way, or someone else will make a comment in chat and you realise that its not an official message, and that the person who did it was being stupid – even if you know the so called joke – It doesn’t do good things for your competitive spirit.

Professional sportspeople will tell you that winning and losing is often in your head. Its Will, its spirit, its determination, its prevailing against all odds. Its skill, its care, If you are causing your teamates to lose their will and you haven’t even got out the gate, there is no way your going to win the game.

We lost 0/3 flags in that BG.

Other examples this weekend were.. 
“You people are S***””
“You all suck”
“Your Gear sucks”
“I really Like your weapon… Its great for a BG – and your trinkets suck too.. ”
“Maybe the flag should be carried by someone not wearing cloth”  yaddi da dah……

Besides the flag comment the rest were’t directed at me personally. ( 1. I have more Hp and survival abilities and skills that I’ve seen some tanks have. 2. If the druid is busy fighting in the middle, and no one else is there to grab it having a picnic while waiting for someone else is not practical. 3 If a squishy has support – they aren’t so squishy… Even a tank or druid will die without heals. 4. I’ve seen too many Bg’s where we hall butt to get to the opposing factions Flag room and 6 people won’t pick the flag up because they are too afraid of dropping it – cloth leather plate or mail….

“Stop being a Carebear,  People need to develop thick skin,  the world is a mean place, Its only a game,  who cares, Its not my fault they get upset. Body camping is fun!”

Yeah I know…

Im not suggesting that any of the behaviour I have seen has/would drive someone or me to self harm, but when there are real people, there are real feelings.

You don’t HAVE to be a bully. Some of its just delivery, telling people to stop fighting in the middle can be important,  but you have no idea about that individuals players battle circumstance.  Maybe they were sheeped, stunned, sapped and really have no choice.  Running away gets you killed,  , and people do get caught in a battle fever…  where there is an all out brawl on the battleground, so for everyone else its  better to run past and focus on the goal. Insulting your team is not going to make them play better/more strategically..

How do I deal with an ingame bully? – Sometimes I will call them on it,  eg. ” Stop being a bully”  If its something directed at me  in Bg chat.   /s ❤  If they are on a rant   /ignore

Feeding them will only encourage them. ( bit like forum or trade channel trolls)

Try and be nice to your fellow players…… try and offer encouragement,  and not  /bg GJ when someone has dropped a flag.

and if your really that agro. Breath, Leave the battle and take the 15 min deserter buff .

How to use Warcraft Realms to investigate a Guild Application

There enough tools at your disposal to do some basic investigation as to a players application for your guild. It really depends on how much detail and how serious a guild is in filtering their applications beyond an written app, a interview and a trial period.
One tool is Warcraft Realms. If anything it can give you specific questions you can ask someone. Eg You have been in 10 guilds since turning 70 – what were your reasons for leaving? An application may not list all the guilds they have been in, some guilds start and fall and disband, and rename ect ect so it shouldn’t be used as an indicator on its own as to a undesirable person for your guild… but it can be useful to find inconsistencies or give you questions to ask

All you need is the player name and realm.
Using Warcraft Realms It Gives you a complete guild history- with standard disclaimers as to the reliability of the armory..

Do a search on the character’s name, and it will give you a list of all realms that Name appears on.
Find the relevant realm, class and race and click on the toon.

My Profile shows
First Seen Dec 31, 06 ( When I hit level 9 for the 1st time)
Last Seen Aug 02, 08 ( most recent Armory refresh)

and then it gives you the guild history

70 P V Mar 03, 08
70 C D Jan 31, 08
70 Aof L Aug 06, 07
70 Unguilded Jul 20, 07
69 C M Jul 11, 07
68 C M Jul 04, 07
67 C M Jun 28, 07
66 C M May 31, 07
65 w and h Apr 30, 07
64 w and h Apr 24, 07
15 w and h Jan 08, 07
15 Unguilded Jan 06, 07

What does that say about my toon?
I was in the same guild from level 15 – 65 – so a leveling guild
I didn’t raid before Burning crusade.. I wasn’t high enough
at 66 I left my home guild and stayed in one guild for just over a month
at 70 I was in a guild for 6 months
I left them for a guild I stayed with for over 1 month
and I’ve been in my current guild since March this year

Ignoring pre 70 hence only looking at post BC raiding content.
I have been over 70 for a year, and have had time to have seen Kara, ZA, TK, SSC, BT Hjyal, and Sunwell. Doesn’t mean I actually have though .
I have a relative stable guild history in that I am not jumping guilds since 70 every month. I’ve been in 3 raiding guilds. ( a Wow Jutsu Search would tell you about individual progression for each of the guilds and hence give weight to some of my raiding experience as stated on application)
I left one guild after just over a month – and been in 2 guilds for a couple of months periods.
If those three guilds weren’t on my application as previous guilds I would ask why?

I recently looked up someone who had left our guild and had seen that over a short period of time he had guild hopped through all the top end raiding guilds on our server. He didn’t leave our guild on the best of terms, not sure as to the rest but to any future guilds he applies for , his instability shows that he doesnthave a good history of sticking around.. while maybe its not enough to reject him, its a point to consider, and weigh up with the rest of your assessment.

A tell tale sign that a toon is a server transfer is the lack of guild history on warcraft realms – that they suddenly appeared on the server at level 70
Its quite easy for a person with a bad reputation to change servers, and change their name, this makes it harder to track,  but a tool /armory crawler called Wow Progress have a detective feature that allow you to track server transfers and name changes. It only goes back to May 11th this year but its another place to look if things just don’t add up.

Another interesting feature in Warcraft Realms is that by clicking on the a guild name you can then track ex members, and see where they went. 
It also has other interesting things like tracking Battlegroup PVP stats BG Stats a census, Player, class activity…

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