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Gurtogg Bloodboil – and Shadow Priesting

Got pulled into a raid again last night…
I could have said no. I should have said no. I have stopped raiding. I dont want to. I am currently Disliking 25 mans for a variety of reasons. But I said Yes.. It Peeves me off that all these people are not available for learning fights ( hence why I got called in ) /end rant

But now back to Gurtogg Bloodboil – Its a complicated fight, Boss killers has a Strat Bloodboil Strat

I guess we did our own variation which we worked out when we got there.. We didnt use the lines as we relied on markings in the three groups and placement so that you knew you had to be infront of ‘Moon’ group. Then you had to be back ect ect..

We tried a couple of times before calling it – the fight requires three groups to co-ordinate moving back and forth on a line to swap being the furtherest away from him to get the bloodboil debuff during phase 1 we got that bit right. It just got a bit messy after that .. we made to it the beginning of phase 1 again, but Bloodboil was in the wrong spot so our lines were a mess and we all died again…

But its a start…
I didnt feel like my DPS was restricted a whole lot, being that Shadow priests needs to worry about range. When we were the furtherest group I was out of range for Mindflay, but thats only for 10 seconds so it didnt bother me

I got Felraged the first time – and the second time.. Must have been the agro from the Ve / VT / Its supposed to be a random target
As per Bosskillers if you get selected…
Fel Rage
Places this 30 second debuff on a seemingly random raid member every 90 seconds, and on Gurtogg himself. Gives the following effects:

– increases armour by 15,000 (not applicable to Gurtogg)
– increases health by 30,000 (not applicable to Gurtogg)
– increases healing done by 100%
– increases damage done by 300%
– decreases cost of spells and abilities by 50%
– increases size by 100%

My shadow Word pain was ticking for over 3k Boooyyyyeah!

Now I think I remembered to sheild during fel rage- it didnt help. It’s benifit doesn’t seem to be increased by the felrage and I would image inner fire also.. ( which is a shame.. ) and you need alot of healing no matter what your class to take the damage
I was getting hit for 8k Damage each swipe he took at me – and yeah I didnt survive…

But as a shadow Priest Forget any cast sequences because of the movements in phase 1 – watch your threat – keep sheild up to reduce aoe damage. stam up – be mindful of the spells you cast and that it is more important that you move then getting that spell off. You need to be quick or you get double debuffs

Highwarlord Naj’entus Is dead!

We killed after several attempts ( ok 9 but it was a learning fight and we didn’t use the Illdari Flasks) tonight Naj’entus the 1st Boss in Black Temple. I never thought I would see this content, but WOOT!

No Loots for casters and a decent repair bill later and even though raid consumables are guild supplied, I and alot of other people provide their own.. ( so include the cost of each death for the non “through death flasks” ) its alot easier to have on you – you know what you want and it saves on who needs what – ect ect…

and WWS stats are released and I’m 11th Overall , and 11th on the Final Boss Kill, Considering that when the Bosses Bubble bursts he deals EVERYONE 8.5 K damage. So I was in most of my PVP and hence less shadow damage gear because I needed Stam When I lamented over my Shadoweave set Stats several weeks ago everyone said ” Shadow Priests don’t need stam!” It should only be for this fight, Overall – the better geared and more raid experienced Shadow priest did 200k more damange then me and 40k more on the final Boss fight then me, and I’m happy with that… I is getting better, I’m also getting more raids, weather it be because they need the VT of a Shadowpriest, or that I’ve signed up and seem to be not fracking up.

So I’m out Dpsing the tanks.. Booooyah…

so thats 2 progression Raids I’ve been in this week, do I cross my fingers incase it ends…


We are getting there!

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