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Characters Theme Song. Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.

This weeks shared topic on Blog Azeroth – Your Characters Theme Song

What – Just one? –

My Music Tastes are very ecclectic, as someone who sings, and is currently practising  a Song from the 30’s – Anthing Goes, Cole Porter,   the 70’s – Cresent Noon- Karen Carpenter,  the  80’s Love will tear us apart – Joy Division –  the 90’s Nothing else matters – Mellalica – and Reckless -Australian Crawl – and various 2000 artists like Dido,  Snow Patrol   – ( I can’t find much sheet music for the Bands I LOVE  like Lucuna Coil, Nightwish, Withintempation, In this moment – mainly Deathmetal/Goth Opera type stuff… )  But Im buying a guitar soon so I can learn the Tab for them…. ( Payday was today – so maybe this arvo !! …  )

But I do listen to music a lot in Battlegrounds,  When racing across the fields in AV the hooves of my mount  thudding in the powdered snow, clouds of white in my wake.   I streak across the battlefield a dark shadow hunched on my Talbuk Icy wind blowing in my face –  

 I am “Pet”  By A Perfect Circle…

“Lay your head down child
I won’t let the boogeyman come

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums ”

I just love the rythm of the chorus..

Battlegrounds call for Metal/Hard Rock – and lots of it..

and Within Temptations  – Stand my Ground ( for those  holding the base type fights)

” Stand my ground, i wont give in
no more denying, i got to face it
wont close my eyes and hide the truth inside
if i dont make it, someone else will stand my ground ”

But there is one song… that touches upon the duality that is me

Black Bullet by Kidneythieves

Deal with the hallucination
Can you deal with the hallucination
When I’m walking on the line, I am
When I think that I could kill, I am
When I think that I am love, I am
I am a black bullet

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