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A Last Hooray

She came back one last time to say goodbye.  Dwarf Priest has left us with a very amusing last hooray with 100 rules of Warcraft.  Little did I expect to get a response from the priest herself,  but I am glad that her commenter that delivered the extreme bad news was just a troll.

Where is Dwarf Priest?

I decided this deserved a post on its own, because I was talking about Dwarf Priest in vent last night with a guildy, and wondering where they went.   I found her mentioned in a Guild application  on another guilds forum as a reference site today and that prompted me to go have a look and see.

Her last post had 70 comments, and most of them are people asking her to come back,  but scrolling down to the bottom….

A commenter on her last post in identified themselves as the Dwarf Priests friend by the name of Kelly on September 1st 2009  and said that she had died.

She did end up her posting quite suddenly,  but this is the internets, and people do leave for all sorts of reasons,  has anyone else heard anything?  I can’t remember if someone else asked the same question recently..

I mean that yes bloggers have walked away, but surely you do not put the amount of work, and effort that she did into her posts, and care about the people who read you, without saying something – anything unless something tragic happened?

I hope that somewhere out there she is well,  a lot of bloggers looked to her for inspiration, and just from the amount of people wanting her back, shows that she is being missed.

If – it is worse case It took 8 months for someone from her real life to remember how important this blog was to her though – I don’t mean to be critical  – I am sure people are grateful to know, and with the anonymity  of the net, however  I at least would want people to know.

 This blog is important to me, and while my family may not understand the desire to play games, and then to want to write about it,   I think the detail and care that went into each of Dwarf priests work  shows it was important to her, What happens when if something terrible has happened,  her domain registeration runs out – and all her work disappears?

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