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Things that make you go…

A Thing that make me go LOL

Another one of Looking for More’s Corporate Raider¬† Comics

A thing that made me go ūüė¶

Skeleton Jack advised that he was kicked out of Cataclysm Friends and Family because of his blog.

He says

“Apparently there is some internal policy at Blizzard that prohibits people from participating in NDA content who have some form of media interaction and/or publication dealing with Blizzard games on any level.¬† IE., I have a blog about WoW so I‚Äôm out”

If I were to be involved in something wow related that required non disclosure, I don’t doubt my ability to keep quite about the details,¬† but I do conceded¬†that I would be influenced by the content.¬†¬† While I don’t necessarily believe that I am a Wow investigative journalist with a moral duty to expose all.¬† I would be tempted to at least mull over the new thoughts that my experience would give me,¬† and that it may come out in my writing about wow regardless.

The missing out on something because you write about Wow is¬†a disappointment, it becomes a cost –¬† and one I had not thought about much.¬† But certainly a price¬† worth paying for the¬†freedom to speak my own mind. ¬†

A thing that made me go GRRRRRRRR

Warcraft Widow Deletes Boyfriend’s Toons ¬†as per A Geek Girl Diva

Fool him for trusting his girlfriend by not logging his account out,¬† and as¬† Geek Girl Diva¬† points out, she not only deletes characters,¬† but she destroys the¬†gear on¬†‘his favourite’ by deleting them one¬†by one.¬†¬†

I’ve watched a few ” I’m tired of my Boyfriend playing his¬†¬† *insert game console here*¬†¬† on youtube,¬†and girls smashing¬†it up, and posting it on youtube,¬†¬† theres videos of Girlfriends raging, and ¬†deleting Beta Key code emails their boyfriends received¬† ect.

It not funny.

His reaction  Рthe smashing of his computer screen was also not funny  Рand quite scary. 

Yes there are extremes to gaming addictions, and something like that could be seen as ‘staging an intervention’ ,¬† and I am sure there are so many Significant¬†others that have issues with the time spent on a game¬† – but there has to¬†be other ways of opening up a conversation about the issue the relationship is having then destroying their game/console.

I read I kept Playing РA happy ending about the writers struggle with an Everquest addiction  a follow up to I kept playing Рthe cost of my gaming addiction    for some perspective, and as an example of what I never want my life to come to.

If you ever destroyed something dear to me out of spite – I wouldn’t smash my screen – or rage around my¬†apartment¬†– I would look at you with sad eyes,¬† and tell you to remove yourself from my presence.¬†¬†¬†That goes for my writing,¬† my notebooks,¬† my pictures, any creative project –¬†¬†but I will say – that like the¬†person with the everquest¬†addiction¬†¬† – If I’m ignoring an naked Girl boy ( in my case) in my bed for the sake of one more level.¬† I have bigger problems.

Beauty Blogging and WOW

This is the 1st of 3 posts I am ‘releasing to the wild’ today

What does Make up and Wow have to do with each other?¬† Sorry boys…¬† Nothing to see here!¬† only a short one¬† – back to normal blogging shortly.

There are at least two Beauty Bloggers I know of  that play WOW.

Phyrra from Phyrra


Wendi from Makeup Zombie

and one that keeps dropping hints that they might play.

Grey from Legothique

One of my Favourite Mineral Make up Companies¬† Fyrinnae has an Eye Shadow shade called Damn Paladins – which describes¬† how I¬†feel about Pallys sometimes.¬† I don’t own it¬†but its a gorgeous color.¬† Must fix that not owning part¬†.

There is also Warrior-Mage Druid-Werewolf¬†–¬† but oh their purples. I Like purple – not strictly Wow only relatable, but geeks wear makeup too!

I follow a few more make up blogs,¬†¬† but I guess this is not the place to share them – my readers would revolt,¬† but I do¬†love the colors you can get from mineral make up, and Fyrinnae¬†has some wonderful colours.¬† The bloggers mentioned above do awesome reviews – and have opened my mind ( and my pocket) to some pretty neat mineral make up company’s¬†and etsy stores.

What’s in your note.

I’ve had some funny things written in my Guild notes,¬† back in the day when I earned the ire¬† of the daughter of the GM¬† in a guild back on dath – she loved to change my Guild notes.¬† I had to ask either her father, who also deleted¬† her posts off the forums, or her mother to change it back¬† ( yes I kept a screen shot of one change ) I think she was 19 – so she had no excuse for her behavior.

Just because I am a shadow priest, doesn’t make me Emo.¬†¬† Sif

I have no idea what my Officer notes say on my Mains guild says –¬† I hope it says nice things.¬† Or nothing – or something practical even.

Calling me an emo Рbesides meant as an insult  (And goths where there before emos!)   the eating babies thing..  no idea where that came from.

My Public note had my Join date in my Main Zahraah’s¬† guild, and guess what !¬† It’s gone now!¬† why…

Cause I’m a raider now.¬† I made it past trial

I guess I havent sucked too badly.

The whole apping Рtrialing  process is not something I like doing, and this is my first raider position in a raiding guild since the guild I considered a home  blew up last year.

So  step one I guess Рmake it past trial is done.

I can now spend my DKP!  РWoot.  Guild is awesome enough to let trials accumulate DKP  Рand I like shopping for shiny things.

I wonder if they will let me hoard it for DFO.

Shiva was worrying that my lack of posts this week was because I was trying to prove I wasn’t addicted – I’m sorry if I have been a little slack¬† – I attended a course for work this week,¬† so brain was full¬† of so many other things, like¬† detecting fake signatures.

It was pretty awesome though because I had to catch a ferry – and the trip back to the city on the way home was this kinda of view.¬†¬† Aint she pretty ūüėõ¬† – Next week will be more consistent – and I have a few half posts done,¬†¬† I also picked up some new readers,¬†¬† /wave to my guildies who have not been scared away

Blog Awards

I follow a few indie / Mineral Make up review blogs  and noticed  Рin their own very supportive circles that they have their own awards, and give out badges. Reminds me of those old webrings for fan sites and the such.

There are also Tech Blogs that get ‘awards’ from things all the time – but¬†usually they are more serious things, and such¬†things like the Weblog¬†Awards¬† ( I don’t even think a Gaming blog so wow specific would even qualify for a nomination¬†in the Tech section) maybe the internet doesn’t take our little corner of the blogging world seriously enough to merit notice,¬† and besides¬† we do blog about a very centric topic.

I’m also¬†not really an appropriate authority to be handing out awards of any merit, and besides happy feel good awards like ” best blog,¬† Funny of the week” – “up and coming” – “drama” of the week¬† the only ones I can think of worth handing out are

  FIRST!  commenter award ( going to Klep)

and a Google Fu award to a particular reader  with good google fu.

oh and every one who mentions how awesome Shadow Priests are gets a special ”¬†Best in Game” award.

I guess to give out ‘awards’ we would have to have a recognised central body that has the reputation and the authority to hand out these ‘awards’ then of course we can start wars over who is considered the ultimate authority¬† – and then what qualifies as a blog,¬† does it fit into a theorycrafting¬†category – a screenie¬†blog, a blog with odd posts that go off topic¬† and disqualification¬†if 50% of your content is not actually useful in anyway.

We have had a¬† Bloggers List of 2009 ‘awards’ list which was well thought out and presented for things like Design, content, ,¬† but no badges!

Since we are too serious to be handing out badges like ” I love your blog”¬† Can I just say I LOVE ALL YOUR BLOGS – and no you don’t get a badge because my love should be enough.

and this post is partially¬†¬†because I am annoyed with a comment this weekend ”¬† why would you actually read a blog”¬†

Though to qualify their opinion – I asked ” Do you read anything?” with which they responded “No”

Edit – I was thinking more about this,¬† not sure if this will update your feed readers as well¬† but¬† – I mean I reckon I have more readers and google hits then some of the blogs that get nominated,¬† so what about about the bigger people¬† – that thousands find entertaining / informative¬†¬† why aren’t WOW bloggers trying to legitimise our writing – Find some Blog awards and nominate the people you love reading.


It’s an idea.

I Blograge.

Partially inspired by Tamarind from Righteous Orbs post Don’t¬† go wasting your emotion because

“……… the only emotion you‚Äôre allowed to have / express in WoW is rage”

Bloggers aren’t really respected. Our writing is rarely legitimized. Sure bloggers entertain / inform /provide slants on the world/ can get more hits then a journalists news article but the general impression is that we blog to rage in a forum where the niceties of journalism isn’t really necessary and mostly we do it for free to anyone who will listen.

Maybe if more ‘serious’ media decides to push the paying for content business, then bloggers will get more legitimacy as leatherbacked swivel chair reporters.

I like raging about public transport. I mean people put the puh in public, but human interaction with people who aren’t those we choose or care about is part of daily life.¬†¬† I also see nice things on public transport¬†– sweet things – in those times people dare to make eye contact – offer seats,¬† move out of the way without being asked or poked¬†– give someone their newspaper – pick someone up¬†off the floor when they fall – insist¬† a tired pregnant women sit down when she looked like she was about to collapse, but I don’t want to talk about them.

We chose how to live and interact – we chose how we blog.

I don’t want my blog to be a pile of seething rage over the bad things that happen to me in WOW – as I type I can think of several ‘moans’ I would like to make.


Suppression successful.

But one day I will stop playing Рand somewhere in google cache I am sure my words Рmy record of my experience in Wow will  remain.

One of my first web comments is still viewable as cache.  Back when I started using the internet in earnest Рand I had regular access  via Uni,  and also back when websites liked you commenting to say that you had been by in guestbooks..  remember them?  I was 18! Forgive me for my language.

^^ Me!

Stuff I wrote ,  Well that comment has survived for more then  a decade.  A Decade let that sink in.  I am sure there is more out there if I looked.

We play a MMORPG : a public game – and nice people or the people who just go about their game aren’t worthy of being talked about much – but I guess that’s the same in real life as well

Everytime someone does or says something nasty – I am thinking I should SS that comment and blog about it.

I’m blogging this panties because they don’t have the tshirt anymore via Thinkgeek

.¬† Mumbles at fail druid in WSG that complained that I should shut up and stop Rp’ing because I said ” I love the smell of WSG in the evening.. ”

It was supposed to be a “I’m a nice person – lets play together- and have fun¬† because I have just broken the ice and tried to establish some sort of comradery¬† with a bunch of strangers”

But he stunned the rest of the BG into their little shells and no one else said a word bar screaming over Bg Chat. ALLIANCE NOOBS

I don’t write about many things that make me feel all gooey inside. Random strangers can’t really do that. I don’t have¬†many¬†moments where another random player has made made me feel like¬† squeeing or think that was a¬† gooey and good experience”

Sure I have good experiences – funnily most of them haven’t been by actually playing the game as intended – its been sneaking into places –¬† spending time with someone ingame – Role playing superheros in Gnomeraddon,¬†working out how to get ¬†into the horde inn in Dalaran and dancing on their tables, and flirting with their waitresses. Going on road trips through the barrens on our bikes killing flightmasters¬† ( hehe) – Guild events like our Guild Tauren Race, Ive talked about them.¬† But not so much good moments of playing the content.

I think I balance my rages out with things like silly posts on chickens and putting pictures of panties in my blog.

But I must start documenting good stuff – happy stuff.

Toddles off to find some.

Musings on Blogging / Writing

No Wow.   This be about blogging.

I’m edging closer and closer to 500 posts.¬† Think there is about 14 more to go.¬† Maybe 13 after this one.¬†

I’m a paid and published writer ya know –¬† When I was writing more back at Uni¬† – I remember sending out some work to places for publishing – and as part of the submission you sent a self-addressed envelope so they could send you back rejection letters and your submitted¬†work.

I kept a pile of those rejection letters  on a spike.  The spike filled up. 

I threw the spike out when 3 of my poems got accepted on a radio show, and they paid me $80 Рwhich at the time,  and for a Uni student was a nice little bonus. Over the years I have had small pieces published in random places, poems, stories for various sums, entered some competitions that required writing something for a prize and won them.

I write mainly short stories now, Sci fic, Spec fic, fantasy, I got in a local small press book published last year of short stories¬† – and even attended¬†the semi¬†swanky book launch.¬†¬†¬† Poetry¬† was mainly about feeling, and I’ve not been feeling much lately so haven’t written poetry lately, and of course I blog.

But the best thing anyone said to me was ” I want to know what happens next”

You also don’t get rejection letters when you blog.¬†

I do have a personal journal – It’s not worth sharing the link – Mostly¬† loads of dribble –¬† It’s not meant to entertain/inform.¬† It’s more of a brain dump then a brain sorter.¬†¬†For example todays entry was

Feb. 25th, 2010

She unplugs herself to listen for her coffee order. Plugs herself back in, and walks off papercup warm in her hands.

Doesn’t remember when her middle part in her hair become a side part, falling slightly over the eyes

It’s a little droll .

I started Pugnacious priest because  I had found something I loved and wanted to write about it. Never expected people to read it.

I am still surprised¬†people read me – some of you I have forced my link upon you –¬†¬†others found me – and It’s awesome to get random people and people I didn’t know¬† – knew I blogged say¬† in game saying ‘ Hi.. by the way I read you’


I really appreciate that you read me – and keep reading me.

I’m the only one of my real life friends thats writes.¬† I used to go to writers meetings for motivation but never connected with anyone enough to ever become friends.¬†¬† The meetings were either too ” lets destroy each other”¬† or¬†lets just pat¬† each other on the back”¬†¬†Dating a writer didn’t work out either, ¬†but I get a lot out of reading other bloggers – makes me feel like the need to communicate as I do – is not so strange and lonely.

My gaming is very much tied up into this blog.¬† I write therefore I play – I play therefore I blog. If one where to stop then so would the other.¬† No this isn’t a goodbye I guess just brain drivel and me formulating where my head is at.¬†

¬†I NEED to write.¬†¬† Some people who know me might get that –¬†¬† some don’t – that I have a respectable job – and have been grown up enough to get a mortgage¬† still doesn’t negate that I won’t let go of something like my writing – and that I hope one day to make a living off it.

I don’t think I am a particularly good writer but It’s like¬†how I feel about¬†music. I breath because I sing,¬† because I write.¬† Writing to me is as essential as breathing.

I don’t leave home without a notebook, and if I find myself without one,¬† I end up buying one at a news agency and a black felt tipped pen – because I love the feel of that type of¬†pen on paper.¬† Some of my best stories have been written standing up on¬† a packed train notebook in hand scribbling furiously.

But I am¬† proud of this blog – and it’s almost¬†been 500 entries – hence this sentimental drivel that has been slopped onto the white space above.

So yeah – I might forget to mark my 500th – but it doesn’t matter cause it matters to me now – and its been slow, two years of blogging but I’ve stayed motivated, think I only skipped a week once. Wish I could apply the same motivation to other things.

A Gevlon Imposter

I got some spam in my inbox. My 1st response was to delete it,  give it the attention it deserves РI mean they have done it for the purpose of attention, and here I am giving them exactly that.

However the owner of the imposter site has me on their blogroll. You can’t pick who has you on their blog roll,¬† but I take offense to the Fake Gevlon having me on their list.

I’m amazed at the effort – and the hate behind the production of such a site –¬† it makes a mockery of why I love blogging – the ability to communicate my opinion, and my own ideas freely.¬† YOU¬† choose to read them.¬† I have no influence over the decisions that¬† you face while living your life. What I say is not¬†that important.¬† It will not start or end wars,¬† it will not feed or stave people – I write and you read for entertainment.¬†

If you don’t agree with Gevlon / Can’t look at what he writes as a perspective / even be entertained¬† – then choose to not read it.

That someone would do this – speaks volumes of their own values – all the while they criticise¬†Gevlon’s values.

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